So if anyone has anything they would want translated from Chinese to English, you can comment and I can see if I can do it, because I’m new to translating, and I do want to practice my Chinese. This can be either random excerpts (which would only take a few minutes) or a chapter of some series (although I want to avoid impeding on other’s projects and suffering from their wraths >.<)

Also, since I can no longer access my own chat (if anyone knows how to fix that tell me please!) you can contact me either by commenting or messaging me at my email on the About page.

I’m always willing to collaborate with others (either by editing or translating, preferably editing) so let me know 😀

Also constructive criticism and advice is always welcome~ (although I’ve only translated one thing so far O.o)

Thanks for all the wonderful views by the way! ❤

PS. This does not mean I plan on picking up an actual permanent translation project . I don’t think I can dedicate the time necessary, and I want to wait until my Chinese is good enough to do translate well. However, I am still open to suggestions, or random requests here and there.


17 thoughts on “Suggestions/Requests

  1. MartialBreeze says:

    Swallowed Star? There is a translation going on at Spcnet but its slow and the translator also changed a few times by the time its completed years would have passed……


    • taffygirl13 says:

      I actually haven’t read SS yet even though I’ve heard so much about it. I had thought the translations were fine though; I had no clue they were in such a situation. I’ll check it out next week after I finish exams and see how it goes. Don’t keep your hopes up though; SS is such a long series; I’m not sure I’m capable of finishing it >.<


  2. WHOOP WHOOP Like da sound of the chapters says:

    I will be selfish and ask if you want to translate the legendary novel Swallowed Star, more than 80 chapters have been translated on spcnet, got lots of followers from all over the world, everyone loves it and its a good IET novel.. just check it out and you will get hooked.. you can always use this exam week to check it out (everyone are busy with exams this week), then just ask the guy translating if you can help him translate (he will obviously say yes, since he´s been searching for guys to help him since 1899 lol, and he´s got exams so he won´t be able to translate in the next 2weeks… so a perfect chance for you to get popular while the SS readers are in disappear and i doubt anyone will be mad… and as i saw ur dd translation.. ur good and got nothing to worry about lol

    Link to the raws: (we have just finished volume 4)
    Link to Spcnet:


    • taffygirl13 says:

      I haven’t read Swallowed Star yet, although I had planned to eventually. I didn’t realize the translation situation was so…complicated though O.o

      I actually have exams this week too OTL But I can check it out next week after I’m done. I’m not completely sure I’m up to wuxia since the techniques might confuse me at my level of Chinese but I would assume the other translator would help 😀

      Thanks for the links. I’ll see next week (I probably should read what’s already out first), and I’ll get back to you. Don’t keep your hopes too high though; IET novels are really long and I’m not sure I could commit >.< Although if the translation is ongoing but slow/sporadic, I could probably talk to the translator and ask if I could upload translations here and there.

      Thanks for your comment about Douluo; it was a pretty quick and half-assed job for my first translation -.- But I'm glad people seemed ok with it anyways. Guess leechers will accept anything readable XD


      • josh says:

        Yes translate Swallowed Star i am also being selfish here i know but its an amazing series that deserves to be completely translated.


  3. totokkk says:

    Hello dear taffy. Please consider translating 诗经, Ren said more or less that it was a very very easy book to translate and I’m very interested in it so please consider trying and telling me how it went, but only if you have A LOT OF FREE TIME.

    If u translate the whole book, please marry me btw/but please reject me if you’re not asian, Chinese, below 20 yrs-old and kind.

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    • WHOOP WHOOP Like da sound of the chapters says:

      Hmm, 诗经?? The Classic of Poetry, also Shijing or Shih-ching, translated variously as the Book of Songs, Book of Odes, or simply known as the Odes or Poetry


  4. taffygirl13 says:

    HAHAHAHAHA your comment made my day 😀

    My interest is definitely peaked; do you have a link to the raws? I should have lots of free time over summer break, but probably not after it ends, unfortunately. But I do still want to look at it, and maybe I can start it while I can. If I ever end up running out of free time, you can take over the series 😛

    I’m confident your chinese/translating skills are better than mine though, so I’m not sure if I’d be the best reference for telling you how it is O.o

    But yes, if you have the link, I would like it. Even if I don’t end up translating it, I definitely want to go and read it now XD

    BTW I still haven’t started reading SYWZ, but I will soon!!!! I’m really anticipating the novel after reading the manhua raws 😛


    • totokkk says:

      You’re interested? *blush*.
      Its poems stuff though, I recommend you a pace of 1 poem/months, plus this way by the time you’ll be done I should have found a gf, -> would enable me to live a Rudeus-like life with several wives hey hey bro :p.

      Oh and actually I was kinda joking, I’m sorry, my humor becomes kinda strange when I’m tired/a-bit-drunk (in this case, tired, late night and al XD). Here are Ren’s precise words though:
      Post author
      May 2, 2015 at 11:44 pm
      HOLY FRIGGIN’ HELL DUDE!!! 诗经? That’s the ‘Classic of Poetry’! Of course it made no sense to you! That’s not just 文言文, that’s some of the oldest Chinese writing that still exists, stemming from 1100 BC, ie hundreds of years from before the Roman Empire even existed! The ‘Three Kingdoms’, while also using ‘literary Chinese’, can’t compare to 诗经 in terms of complexity and abstruseness. Even my head spins when I try to read that stuff! You are crazy! xD xD xD

      Reply ↓
      Post author
      May 2, 2015 at 11:47 pm
      I’m sorry, I’m laughing so hard right now. Many native Chinese speakers born in the 80’s and 90’s would have problems reading the 诗经 on their own. Haha…


  5. WHOOP WHOOP Like da sound of the chapters says:

    Umm, taffy my love… have yea checked out our secret yet (Swallowed Star, if you have forgotten, it´s completely fine if you have.. cry) and what did yea think about it… would love to hear anything from yea


    • TaffyGirl13 says:

      I’ve been really busy with translating CCM so I haven’t gotten the chance to read SS yet. But after translating Cun Mang Ch1, I don’t think I’m skill enough to translate wuxia yet >.< Sorry 😦


      • WHOOP WHOOP Like da sound of the chapters says:

        ooh, i understand… “cry in a corner, alone” hope u.. “sniff” will, “sob” read ss when you get the chance… “runs away crying”

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