CCM 020

Translated by: Taffy, Totokk
Edited by: buniquename, TwangyNewt

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Chapter 20 – Extreme Enticement

Facing the crowd of people surging forward, Suo Jia hurriedly extended his hands, and shouted: “Everyone please don’t be so disorganized, at least allow me to first put down my tent before anything else!”

All the women dispersed unwillingly upon hearing Suo Jia’s words. Suo Jia gave a grateful smile before he lightly placed the bundle on the ground and gently pulled at the bag’s ropes.

“Peng!” A muffled sound rang out and the small bundle suddenly went through an explosive transformation. After a slew of changes, an enormous 30 square foot wide milky-white tent appeared in front of everyone.

Sighing in praise, Suo Jia nodded his head. He really admired the Earth Master’s handiwork. This truly was like magic, to have such a small bundle actually turn into a large and beautiful tent.

Impatiently, Suo Jia parted the cloth and entered the tent. The floor of the tent was covered with an unknown animal skin that was both soft and warm. There were no chairs, tables, or decorations, making the inside exceptionally empty and wide. Suo Jia looked at his surroundings and nodded in satisfaction. Soon after, he notified his mother outside the entrance to start letting people in.

As soon as Suo Jia’s voice dropped, that red-haired girl rushed in first. The girl did not pay much attention to the tent’s layout, most likely because she had seen such a thing before. As soon as she came in through the entrance, she immediately began urging Suo Jia to hurry up and help her moisturize her skin.

Suo Jia was naturally satisfied with the girl’s demands. This was profitable in two ways; the girl would be able to receive her moisturizing sooner and Suo Jia would be able to earn money a bit faster. What did he have to lose?

After so much practice, especially the packed practice he did the past week, Suo Jia was so familiar with the Moisture Technique spell that it naturally flowed without him thinking about it. The Moisture Technique was completed within seconds.

Very quickly, the strands of glowing mist gently appeared above the red-haired girl, similar to the autumn rain, and it sprayed down onto her hair and face.

Experiencing that refreshing feeling seeping through her from head to toe, the girl in red paused. Suddenly, she started moving again, and removed her clothing so that the sweet rain moisturized her white shoulder. The soft flower bud* had completely forgotten that at that moment, the one in front of her was a boy!

Of course, the girl had not been so bold to as to expose her chest area, only to the point where she had tore open her collar. However Suo Jia could already see all of her shoulders, and a very small portion of her soft, snow-white chest.

Only once the mist from the Moisture Technique had completely faded did the girl let out a refreshed sigh and slowly open her eyes. Only at this point did she suddenly realize that the cute little boy across from her was staring unblinkingly at her chest.

Charmingly sticking out her tongue, the girl began to wonder when she had become so bold. To have been so unconstrained that her chest had been exposed in front of a male, what else could happen next?

It was a good thing that Suo Jia was still young. He still could not count as a man, only as a little boy. Perhaps it was because of this fact that she did not really mind. If it was instead a matured male in front of her, she would never in her lifetime be so bold!

With her charming flushed face and fixed clothes, the girl slowly calmed down, thinking about the task her sisters entrusted to her. She raised her head towards Suo Jia: “Right, I’m the representative of our group. I’m here to invite you hoping you can become our personal moisturizer. I don’t know if….”

“Personal moisturizer?” Upon hearing the girl’s words, Suo Jia couldn’t help but furrow his brows. He indeed wanted to seize this opportunity to make money, but Suo Jia also had his own pride. He didn’t want to become the personal moisturizer of anyone unless the person was his own mother! The current Suo Jia only had his mother in his mind.

Seeing Suo Jia furrowing his brows, the red clad girl eagerly told him: “Don’t misunderstand, what I’m saying doesn’t seem very respectful, but nonetheless, I wish that you could frequently put some of your time aside to use your moisturizing technique on us. You know, as fire elemental warriors, our skin is constantly being roasted. If we don’t deal with that, even before hitting 30, we will already be full of wrinkles, and too ashamed to meet other people.”

“This….” Hearing the red clad girl’s words, Suo Jia furrowed his brows. Wanting him to be an personal moisturizer was impossible. However, Suo Jia was a very kindhearted person, and it was difficult for him to watch them in distress without caring.

Seeing Suo Jia’s expression soften, the girl hurriedly continued: “We really want you to help us moisturize every day to maintain our moist skin the whole time. However we also can’t just ask you as a favor to help us so…”

Hearing the red clad girl’s words, Suo Jia lightly let out a breath. He already understood the red clad girl’s meaning; they had invited him because they needed the moisturizing, and he was willing to help them anyways. Reasons are reasons, but saying them out loud sometimes made them seem less pleasing.

Most fire-type warriors are male. This is because apart from their greater innate abilities, the more important factor is that girls tend to stress their outer appearances more. Female fire-type warriors are constantly exposed to fire. Before the age of 30, the skin of their faces wrinkle up like old women. Like this, they don’t have the face to meet anyone. The most powerful fire-type warriors are bound to have the roughest skin; these two traits are unfortunately correlated.

Shooting a doubtful look at the girl clad in red that was in front of him, Suo Jia said in a puzzled tone, “Looking at your clothes, you girls are also from the Holy Light Academy. I don’t understand, wasn’t the fire-type section of the academy only accepting male warriors? When did they start recruiting female warriors? The innate talent of the fire attribute of females cannot compare at all to that of male warriors.”

“Aha!” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the female charmingly formed a gun with her finger: “This is the general idea for ordinary fire-type warriors, but in reality, we are not ordinary at all. We are individuals who inherited merits from both our parents, dual fire and wind elements warriors!”

“Heavens! “ Suo Jia looked full of admiration at the girl before her; he knew that the so-called dual elements was an extremely rare thing. It is said that the chances of being one is one person out of millions of people.

Use Suo Jia as an example. His father has an affinity for fire, and his mother has an affinity for water, however Suo Jia only has the water element. In reality, there is a chance for Suo Jia to be able to use both elements, but this chance is one out of millions!

However, Suo Jia was glad he did not have dual elements. If he did have both water and fire elements, then Suo Jia would most likely not have lived until today.

Perhaps by God’s decree, in this world, only wind and fire elements can co-exist inside of a person’s body. Any other mixtures of elements are definitely unable to exist!

Holy Light Empire’s population of a billion only had a lucky few that possed both wind and fire elements. Even though the red clad girl’s affinity with fire couldn’t be compared to that of a male’s, in terms of the wind element, she was stronger than any male.

The four major elements were water, earth, wind & fire. The elements in which males predominated were the earth and fire elements, with higher defense and power. Females were mostly of water and wind elements, with higher adaptability and speed. This is was an order decreed by the world!

Just think, being able to use the speed of wind to simultaneously use an explosive attack power, how can such people not be legends? The most difficult fact to process was that only a female’s body structure was compatible for the coexistence of both wind and fire elements. Males were unable to accomplish this.

Enviously looking at the red-haired girl, Suo Jia knew that even though this girl seemed cute and beautiful, as soon as she started fighting she would attack like a lunatic. Her speed would be fast like a whirlwind, and her attack power would be violent like a bomb. Their personalities were just like their elements, rushed and explosive. Just one small word that does not go well with them will cause them to strike and attack, enough to make any man witnessing the scene run away.

Swallowing his saliva with difficulty, Suo Jia sighed in admiration as he looked at the red clad girl. No wonder she had been the first to rush into the tent despite the fact that there were many people outside. With her speed and strength, who would be able to fight her?

“What do you think? Please help us. Even though we don’t have that much money, we can still give you 10 gold every day. Also, if anyone dares to bully you, we will definitely come to your aid. What do you think?” Seeing Suo Jia’s expression, the girl had evidently guessed Suo Jia’s thoughts, as she asked him enticingly.

“Eh!” Stunned, Suo Jia glanced at the girl. He hesitated for a long time before finally asked tentatively, “Is it possible for you to tell me, exactly how many of you girls there are in total?””

“Nn…” Quickly counting for a bit, the red clad girl charmingly extended three of her fingers: “There aren’t that many, only 35 of us sisters total.”

“My God…” Hearing the red clad girl’s words, Suo Jia weakly fell onto the ground. This counted as “not that many”? How many people would there have to be to count as “many”? He still had to go to school while his free time was extremely limited. That was definitely more work than he could possible handle!

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