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Translated by: Taffy

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Chapter 143 – Incomparable Force Pt. 1

Wen Ya couldn’t help but smile bitterly at the mysterious guest’s words, “Since he was young, Suo Jia had never met his father before. He grew up with his mother only. Nobody had ever helped the two of them before, so his belief is that one must pay a price for a gain. He would never serve someone for free!”

Wen Ya shot a respectful glance at the mysterious guest and said, “You should also know that if he does decide to help us, it wouldn’t only be a one-time thing only. He has to watch over us for his entire life. This price is too great; it’s equivalent to selling a portion of his life to us. To Suo Jia, one has to pay a price that would move him; otherwise, he definitely won’t help.”

“Oh?” Despite Wen Ya’s words, the mysterious guest wasn’t disappointed; on the contrary, she became even more interested. Her eyes glowed as she said, “Then tell me, how did you and Emma get him to agree?”

Wen Ya indifferently replied, “I saved the lives of him and his mother. I then granted him a direct promotion to a fourth ranked noble, and gave him the ability to have 100 official attendants, as well as the right to award 100 village paladin nobility titles, and I also gifted him the White Villa. Only then did he agree to help me for the rest of his life.”

“Heavens!” The mysterious masked guest couldn’t help but cry out in shock. Such a price was way too high!

Wen Ya continued, “As for Emma, I’m not quite sure how much money she paid him. At the very least, it must’ve been dozens of hundred millions. She also gifted him a few Legendary-ranked magic artifacts. And most importantly, she gave him a peak-grade part of an Epic-ranked equipment set — Atlantis’ Wisdom!”

“What!” The mysterious guest finally couldn’t help but stand up as she said in disbelief, “How is that possible? All he does is move his hands. How is that worth so much! Based on my calculations, giving him some tens of millions should be enough!”

“Tens of millions?” Wen Ya first stood there in shock for a bit, then she vigorously shook her head and said, “No, no, no….it’s best if you give up on that notion. Money is the last thing he lacks. For him to bestow his service requires over thousands of millions. Tens of millions is only enough for him to eat!”

“What! Did he steal a bank or something? How is he so wealthy?” The mysterious masked guest couldn’t hold back her cry of shock.

Wen Ya shook her head and bitterly laughed, “You’ve heard of the Vitality Medicine before, right? In reality, that medicine was produced and sold by Suo Jia. In addition, I can also tell you that although the money gained from a bottle of Vitality Medicine is merely a hundred gold, he can produce ten thousand of them per day.

The mysterious guest was completely speechless. The profits Suo Jia earned per day was already hundreds of millions, yet she had wanted to try to persuade him to help her with only ten million. What kind of joke was that?

Wen Ya smiled at the shocked mysterious guest and said, “You’ve taken Lord Suo Jia too lightly. You were once Holy Light’s number one, so you must know how important one’s beauty is. The thing is….as long as you can move Suo Jia, he can maintain the apex point of your beauty for the rest of your life. He can also make you Holy Light’s number one for your whole life. How could this possibly be measured by money?”

“Gulp….” Swallowing with difficulty, the mysterious customer shook her head incredulously and said, “I really cannot believe it. He’s only a child, can he really use methods that can pierce the heavens like that? That’s too unrealistic. It’s as if he’s going against the heavens!”

“Haha….” Wen Ya chuckled as she replied, “This isn’t something you need to doubt. I’m sure you remember how Emma and I looked before. You’ve also seen our current appearances. This is the solid evidence. In addition, no matter how audacious I am, I would never dare to trick Her Highness, the Empress!”

After muttering irresolutely to herself, the Empress’s eyes sharply lit up as she smiled and said, “Since money won’t move him, then I’ll have to use my status as the Empress to command him directly. If he dares to disobey, then I’ll condemn his entire family, making it so that he wouldn’t dare to not agree!”

“Heavens!” Wen Ya cried out in shock at the Empress’s words and said, “Please don’t do that, your Highness. If you use your royal name to command him, he will indeed be unable to disobey, but haven’t you thought about this? If he’s unwilling to help you, what would happen afterwards? Even if he doesn’t dare to hurt you, he can still hold back his abilities when helping you, and it wouldn’t be profitable for you. Even though you could’ve originally enjoyed 100% of the effects, it’s possible that he’d only put 80% of his efforts into helping you, and you wouldn’t even know!”

Wen Ya urgently stood up and continued, “This type of matter cannot be forced. If Suo Jia lost his noble rank, the one suffering the most wouldn’t be him, but rather your Highness!” Think about it carefully: Is your appearance more important, or the mere worldly possessions that are of monetary worth?”

The mysterious person listening to Wen Ya was indeed Holy Light Empire’s Empress. She couldn’t help but clench her teeth at this. As time passed, her appearance had gradually began to show her age. Although she was the Empress among all the concubines, she had already lost the Emperor’s love. The Emperor hadn’t cared for her for the past three years.

All women were like this. Their prime only lasted for a few years; once one passed the age of 30, their appearances would gradually age. At age 40, they wouldn’t be worth anything. But men were different; there was a saying that ‘Men at age 40 are budding flowers, but women at age 40 are leftover tea dregs’. There were many young seductresses by the Emperor’s side; how could she possibly prevail against them with her resources alone?

The Empress knew that everything she had was obtained with her appearance. Now….everything would also be lost because of her appearance. If she continued on this way, there would eventually come a day where she’d be disposed and lose everything. It could even be said that the one that would win would be a beautiful woman, and the loser would be a beautiful woman as well.

Noticing the Empress’s fluctuating emotions, Wen Ya softly said, “Your Highness, your appearance is definitely deserving of number one in Holy Light. As long as you can restore your appearance, there will be no need to fear that the Emperor will not return to your side. Moreover…once your appearance has been restored, the Emperor, who’s around 50 now, will surely feel inferior to you. At that point, how could he not pamper you? Would everything you gain be worth only ten million gold?”

“That’s right…..” The Empress’s eyes had a dreamy look as she thought, “If I can really regain my previous appearance, any price is worth it. After all, I will be obtaining the whole world as a result. But if Suo Jia holds back even a bit, the result will not be the same. Wen Ya is right; I have to completely move Suo Jia, and make it so that he’s willing to help me with all of his abilities!”

Wen Ya’s eyes glowed as she saw the Empress’s expression. Wen Ya knew that she had finally persuaded her Highness. The Empress would surely not bat an eyelid at any price. She’d be willing to pay millions and millions for what she’d gain in the future. This type of exchange was something only idiots wouldn’t partake in.

The reason Wen Ya was so enthusiastic about this while actively praising Suo Jia was for her own sake. As long as she continued on this ship, then the Empress would eventually join her side. After the Empress restored her appearance, she wouldn’t need to worry about the Emperor not being captivated by her. At that point, her affair with the Fourth Prince could pass smoothly with a single sentence. After all, Wen Ya wasn’t lacking in any way: she had appearance, status, and everything else that first class beautiful women had.

Most importantly, after 7-8 years when the Emperor had reached the age of 60, he would have to abdicate his throne per the empire’s regulations. When that time came around, the Fourth Prince would have a much higher chance of gaining the throne if they had the Empress’s support. That’s why, no matter what, Wen Ya had to pull the Empress onto her ship!

While thinking, the Empress finally came to a decision and firmly said, “Good, regardless of his age, since he has the ability to retain my youth, I am willing to pay no matter the price!”

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