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Translated by: Taffy, FatChinee

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Chapter 145 – Such Power Pt. 1

Even if one directly made the leather from a Frost Wyrm’s wings into boots, they’d still have the ability to walk on unrestrained. However, the current issue was that these boots were a pair of magic equipment, and it was even part of an Epic-ranked magic equipment set. Thus, it most likely did not only possess this function.

Besides the unique ability to walk unrestrained, this pair of combat boots also had a magic destruction capability. Regardless of whether it was a fireball or wind blade, it would dissipate upon contact with these boots. This was attributed to the formidable power of the Diamond Dragon, and although it did not have the Black Dragon’s immunity to magic, it still possessed the ability to destroy magic. In other words, it could subdue magic. As long as they were used appropriately, Suo Jia could depend on the boots to destroy any offensive spell.

In addition, the Diamond Dragon’s skin was undoubtedly tough and durable. If the Black Dragon’s attack could not even remotely scratch it, then there was practically no other power in this world that could damage it. Also, due to its toughness, once one utilized these boots to attack, there was a high probability that one could directly shatter the enemy’s bodies and bones purely by relying on its hardness.

Moreover, the Great Frost Wyrm was originally the pinnacle existence of the ice element. It possessed auxiliary effects that aided ice magics, and could improve the might of the World of Ice and Snow!

If the effects were explained according to government standards, then this pair of battle boots had the ability to increase one’s movement speed by 100, and the fixed increase effect of the World of Ice and Snow. For its supplementary power, it had the ‘Unrivaled Wave Walking’, ‘Magic Destruction’, and gave physical attacks a shattering power. Basically, putting on this pair of boots was equivalent to Suo Jia utilizing the feet of a ten thousand year old Giant Frost Wyrm, and was only missing out on a bit of its power.

Also, what made Suo Jia the most excited was that after linking up these battle shoes with the rest of the set, he would be able to instantly cast the World of Ice and Snow. Although the expenditure of magic and spirit power was not any lower, being able to instantly cast the World of Ice and Snow was simply too important for Suo Jia. He would be able to cast the cold stream at any time to push back any approaching enemies, as well as freeze them!

Putting aside the fact that Suo Jia had his noble title increased by four ranks, these combat boots alone were something that Suo Jia definitely couldn’t refuse. Actually, even if the opposite party had handed Suo Jia only the leather from the 10,000 year old Frost Wyrm’s wings, Suo Jia still would’ve agreed. Such treasures could only be described as unrivaled, and there was no way Suo Jia could ever turn down such an offer.

However, as Suo Jia was currently beyond joyous, the mysterious woman standing next to him was anxious to death. What exactly was going on? She had clearly just given Suo Jia the treasure he desired the most, yet his expression was still downcast. His eyebrows were even furrowed? Could it be that he still wasn’t satisfied?

“Pa!” Harshly biting down, the mysterious woman suddenly pulled out a small embroidered case and loudly slammed it onto the table. She said in a low voice, “Forget it, forget it…..since you’re still not satisfied, I’ll add something else!”

“This!” Suo Jia couldn’t help but lift his head in amazement as he heard the noise and the mysterious woman’s words accompanying it. He looked at her, then looked back at the small embroidered case. Just as he was about to say something, Wen Ya chimed in, “Suo Jia, no matter what, you have to give your sister Wen Ya some face. Trust me, as long as you properly help this older sister here, you’ll definitely benefit from it. The things you’ll gain won’t be much different from these things in front of you right now.”

The mysterious woman couldn’t help but shoot Wen Ya a grateful look. She knew that she was currently in dire straits; because she was no longer favored by the Emperor, she couldn’t do much. If she had asked during the times when the Emperor had pampered her, then even giving Suo Jia 4-5 Epic-ranked equipment sets wouldn’t be a big deal. Although they couldn’t possibly be complete sets, any piece of an Epic-ranked equipment set was considered a priceless treasure.

Hearing Wen Ya’s words, Suo Jia was startled for a moment. He originally wanted to say that just these shoes were more than enough. There was no need for this embroidered case, however, Wen Ya already made herself very clear that he had to accept this embroidered case. They wanted the mysterious lady to misinterpret the situation, and make her think that he did not want to accept the current situation, and that Suo Jia agreed only for the purpose of giving Wen Ya face.

With a smile, Suo Jia shook his head. For the sake of pulling the perfect act, Suo Jia pocketed the embroidered box without even glancing at it and nodded, “Alright…..because Sister Wen Ya has been taking such good care of me this whole time, I can’t not give her face. I’ll help you!”

“Yahoo!” The mysterious woman suddenly cried out jubilantly at Suo Jia’s words, and jumped up excitedly. With her hands tightly clenched into fists, she asked emotionally, “You agree?! You really agree? When do we start? I can’t wait any longer….”

Narrowing his eyes at the woman, Suo Jia turned around to look at Wen Ya and coldly said, “However, there’s some things that I need to say first. This is the last time I’ll help you. You can’t do this anymore in the future, otherwise it’ll be very difficult for me!”

Wen Ya nodded gratefully. She knew that Suo Jia had already understood her intention, to the point where he had pulled off the act perfectly. She really owed Suo Jia a huge favor this time.

To Suo Jia, this weight loss matter was nothing. It required no effort at all; with Suo Jia’s current control over water and his skill, the weight loss was absolutely no problem. However….the process of the weight loss was too tedious. It required refinement of the fat, piece by piece; only then could a beautiful appearance be sculpted. But this required way too much time.

While quietly mumbling, Suo Jia knew that although he could start the weight loss treatments right now, he had just received such an amazing treasure, and there was another treasure that he didn’t even look at yet. He wasn’t able to calm his mind, and under such a situation, it was impossible to do such meticulous work. If he even made a slight mistake, then he would be unworthy of the other party’s expensive gifts.

Suo Jia firmly said, “Alright, you should go back first and prepare yourself. Tomorrow night at 8, you can come here, and I’ll help perform the procedure for you.”

The mysterious woman didn’t say anything more, and left the White Villa together with Wen Ya. At the same time, Suo Jia raced back to the secret room like a rabbit. He really wanted to know what was inside the embroidered case!

“Fuck!” When Suo Jia finally opened up the little embroidered case and saw the contents, he couldn’t help but shout out loudly.

What kind of toy was this? Although it was magical equipment, it was an earring designed for women; how was he supposed to use this? Could it be that they wanted him, a boy, to wear this fiery red phoenix ear accessory? Even if others weren’t going to laugh at him, he still wouldn’t wear it. He was of the water system, and this earring was for the fire system!

Suo Jia suddenly noticed that the box’s lower layer was covered with a piece of white paper. After gently pulling it out and looking at it, Suo Jia couldn’t help but smile bitterly. … This thing really had quite an impact!

The Fire Phoenix Earrings were a part of the Fire Phoenix equipment set, something that was used exclusively by women. It was the highest grade Epic-ranked equipment set, and stood side by side with the Fire Dragon equipment set. Its value was high, something that couldn’t be measured. In terms of value alone, it was definitely ranked higher than the Atlantis equipment set. After all… the demand for fire elemental magic equipment in this world was really too high!

The Fire Phoenix Earrings came together as a pair. When he saw the two exquisite crystals embedded in the earrings that swayed with the ear, Suo Jia realized that the woman from before had really given away a lot of her assets. Giving away two Epic-ranked magic equipment parts at once was really too unbelievable!

Muttering for a bit, Suo Jia knew that it was definitely possible to exchange these earrings for another piece of the Atlantis’ equipment. However… these Fire Phoenix earrings’ value was definitely above any piece from the Atlantis set. To be able to obtain it really was his good fortune; who would be willing to trade it away…

These Fire Phoenix Earrings improved one’s affinity with the fire system, increased the fire system’s power, as well as increasing one’s control over the fire system. In addition, the Fire Phoenix was purely of the fire attribute, it was the fastest bird in the air. These Fire Phoenix Earrings could also increase one’s speed! To be able to increase one’s strength, as well as increase one’s cultivation speed, it is worthy of being called a top-level Epic-ranked item!

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3 thoughts on “CCM 145

  1. Tomas Senn says:

    I don’t have any problem with your translation, I acrually quite like it
    However, I can’t force myself to keep reading this novel anymore. I don’t really like the characters and the author just seems indecicive in almost everything. He keeps discarding and bringing back characters that I just can’t really care about them.
    There is almost no plot, and the mc is just unrelatable and pointlessly op (wheter it comes to intelligence or stength).


  2. Frederick e Walker says:

    yes because he knows what spells instantly case for each set. the author is starting to make things way to easy. kind of like how in dragon ball they are the strongest so a new strongest must just appear out of no where constantly but be well known as the strongest as soon as they appear.


  3. Andrew Galisin says:

    “To Suo Jia, this weight loss matter was nothing. It required no effort at all; with Suo Jia’s current control over water and his skill, the weight loss was absolutely no problem. However….” dude…. Jeez. the MC needs to stop being such a little bch and just do it as a favor, since it requires “no effort at all”. Karma, the more you sow good karma among people, the better off you’ll be. As it is, with his little bch antics… I REEEAALLLY hope that he gets his a** handed to him and all his assets taken away.
    Push the proverbial RESET button already…


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