CCM 003

Translated by: FatChinee and Taffy

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Chapter 3 – An Admirable, Strong and Wise Man

Perform? Hearing the examiner’s words, Suo Jia’s eyes lit up with excitement. Ever since he could remember, Suo Jia had been depending on his own ability to perform for his mother. And today, it was simply performing his water controlling techniques, giving him a lot of self confidence. For Suo Jia, controlling water was like breathing, a completely natural thing to do.

Looking at the examiners with confidence, Suo Jia’s casually waved his hand, and a stream of water as thick as an arm appeared out of nowhere, circling his hand. It formed a coiling water dragon, and from head to toe, Suo Jia was enveloped within that water dragon!

“What!” Seeing his performance, the three examiners stood up with dumbstruck expressions. It looked as if they had just seen a ghost. What was this supposed to be? Was it even possible for an eight year old child to be able to control water at this level? This was too unbelievable.

In order to watch this more clearly, the three examiners unconsciously moved from behind the table in turn towards Suo Jia’s side with concentrated admiration. Under their gazes, Suo Jia’s hands danced cleverly. Under Suo Jia’s commands, the clear water dragon moved as if it was alive, baring its fangs and brandishing its claws*, ready to wreak havoc.

Without knowing how much time had passed, Suo Jia’s performance eventually ended. Only after watching the obedient water dragon did the three examiners let out a deep breath. This was brilliant, truly too spectacular!

[The examiners] took a moment to look at each other, then… without hesitation revealed a red-colored scroll. Handing it over with a smile, they said, “Excellent, you were truly excellent, there is absolutely no need for you to take the second examination. Right now… take this scroll home, tell your mother and father to prepare 1000 gold, and report to Holy Light Academy in a month!”

Hearing the examiner’s words, Suo Jia began to laugh happily, accepting the red scroll. He hesitated for a bit, then asked the examiner tentatively,“Uncle, with this scroll, can I learn the skills of a warrior at the academy?”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the judge stared blankly for a moment, then laughed loudly. “Don’t be silly child, how could such a talented water control mage become a warrior? To warriors, controlling abilities are rarely used. Go home quickly, I trust that your father and mother would not want you to become a warrior either.”

Disappointed, Suo Jia closed his mouth and silently turned away, leaving the test room. Although he had already heard his mother say that [becoming a warrior] was impossible, after hearing an actual confirmation of this, Suo Jia knew that he couldn’t avoid this fact. Thus, he was once again hurt by hearing it.

As Suo Jia walked out of the testing area, he saw that all traces of the other parents and their children had disappeared. Only his mother alone, shivering from standing in the chilling winds for such a long time, was quietly waiting for Suo Jia. After seeing his frail mother, Suo Jia relinquished his regrets and quickly ran to meet her.

Seeing Suo Jia’s disheartened face, the woman thought that he had not passed the test. Even though she felt regret inside her heart, she still quickly held her son to her chest, gently consoling him, “Don’t worry if you didn’t pass this year Suo Jia, let’s go home and practice well. We can always take the test again next year. Mother believes that Suo Jia is the best, and there will definitely come a day where you pass.”

Hearing his mother’s words, Suo Jia stared blankly, then immediately shook his head, “No mother, I passed.” While speaking, Suo Jia pulled out the red scroll from his chest, handing it over to his mother.


Seeing that flaming red scroll, the woman opened her small mouth in shock. Although she had faith in her son, Holy Light Academy’s selection process was still considered very strict. She did not actually believe her son would be accepted, which was why she was having a hard time accepting this even with the official proof right in front of her.

Looking at his mother’s shocked expression, Suo Jia said in a low voice, “The examiner said to prepare 1000 gold, and to report back to Holy Light Academy in a month.”

“A thousand gold!” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the woman inhaled a cold breath. Even though she wanted her son to enter Holy Light Academy, she never thought the tuition would be so expensive, expensive to the point where the amount wasn’t something she could begin to fathom about.

That year when Suo Jia’s father had left, he had left some gold behind. As one of the strongest warriors, Soros had some assets, and left an entire 10,000 gold. However, nine years had passed, and most of the money had already been spent. Adding on the last three years, since [the woman] was sick in bed, their financial state was one disaster on top of another*.

Looking at the blazing red admissions certification in her hands, the woman trembled; right now….they could pay out 1000 gold, but from then after, what were they to eat?

Feeling his mother’s trembling frame, Suo Jia realized something. He slightly lifted his head, looking at his mother’s pained face, and asked in a low voice, “Mother, have we run out of money?”


Confronting Suo Jia’s question, the woman started, and shook her head. “No, no that isn’t a problem, don’t worry. We still have money; there’s no need for you to concern yourself with that. No matter what, let your mother handle financial issues. You just need to study well.” As she was speaking, the woman gently held Suo Jia in her arms and slowly headed towards home.

That evening, even though it was already deep into the night, the woman tossed about in her bed, unable to sleep. To not let her son attend school was out of the question, but if the school tuition was paid, how would they survive? Putting herself aside, Suo Jia still had to eat and wear clothes right?

Opening her eyes, the woman absentmindedly stared at the beautiful ceiling. Since the situation had already reached this stage, the only option left was to sell the house. This house was left behind by Suo Jia’s maternal grandfather. The area was large, gorgeous, and very cozy, but for the sake of Suo Jia, did she have any other options?

“Did you fall asleep mother?” asked Suo Jia in a quiet voice.

Turning towards the door, she sat up and said, “Mom didn’t sleep yet, come inside Suo Jia.”

Hearing his mother’s voice, Suo Jia gently pushed open the door and walked in wearing his pajamas. Standing near his mother’s bed, Suo Jia waited silently for a long time before saying resolutely, “I don’t want to attend school anymore. Let’s not go, okay?”

After listening to Suo Jia’s words, the woman’s eyes could not help but moisten. Shaking her head, she said with a smile, “Suo Jia, you don’t need to worry about these things. Your mother has already planned this out. In a few days, mother will follow you to Holy Light City. Regarding the tuition, you do not need to worry; mother has ways to resolve this.”

“What? Mother is going to go together with me?” Suo Jia excitedly shouted after hearing his mother’s words.

Nodding her head, the woman lovingly said, “That’s correct, Mother does not want to leave Suo Jia since I won’t be at ease if you are by yourself outside. Mother will accompany you. Don’t worry and go to sleep; everything will work out.”

Suo Jia nodded his head excitedly and didn’t say anything else. Right now…… he only wanted to grow up quickly, and quickly get stronger. Only after that happened could he help his mother.

“Mother…… I want to sleep together with you.” Suo Jia said spoiledly. (TL: Whoa Bic Boi)

Watching her son’s cute actions, the woman helplessly shook her head, and lifted her fragrant bed covers. At the same time, Suo Jia quickly snuggled inside. In the cold winter night, the two bodies warmed each other.

Within the next couple of days, Suo Jia’s mother sold their house at a suitable price. Soon after, she left the city with Suo Jia at her side, heading quickly towards Holy Light Academy.

Holy Light City was extremely busy, with a population of several millions. In such a big city, finding a place to live was very expensive. With the amount of money Suo Jia’s mother currently possessed, purchasing a house was impossible, even if it was the smallest one.

In this helpless situation, the woman could only rent a small, dark room near Holy Light Academy. This would be the mother and son’s home for several years.

Looking at the dark and shabby room, Suo Jia understood everything. It was obvious that their financial situation was terrible. Looking again at the dark and shabby room, which was not even 20 square meters in size, it could only fit only two run-down, wooden beds and a dinner table.

Within the cramped and dark room, the beautiful and gentle mother was currently occupied. She was thinking back to her original bright, spacious, gorgeous and comfortable home. At that moment, Suo Jia’s two eyes turned a bit red. Because of him, his mother had to deal with so much pressure. For the first time, Suo Jia began to feel hatred towards his father. Where did he go? Why didn’t he care about his wife’s and son’s lives?

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