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Chapter 9 – The First Deal

In theory, this was actually quite simple; Suo Jia would simply combine the magic and a stream of water together, and then use that mixture to sketch the spell array. With this combined magic power, the possibility of it fading midway was eliminated, and the water’s uses, as well as the Moisture Technique’s effects, were even more extraordinary. After all….the Moisture Technique was the water element’s more representative magic, and had a very deep relationship with it.

Other people normally utilized a magic crystal to help maintain their magic formations, but Suo Jia used his personal water stream to solve his staff problem. From today onwards, Suo Jia did not need a staff anymore. With just his bare hands, he could draw out any magic arrays of the water element.

Holy Light Academy’s education system comprises of 6 days of classes every week, with the last day of every week being a day of rest. During the day of rest, apart from being required to attend a religious service at a church, the rest of the time is free for students to use for themselves.

The Holy Light Empire’s faith is based on the God of Light. Every seventh day of the week, it is mandatory for everyone to attend church and pray. Because of this, the seventh day is the city’s liveliest day of the week. Everyone is required to attend service at the church, and pray for the God of Light’s blessings and protection.

At the crack of dawn, Suo Jia and his mother left the house. His mother wanted to finish her prayers quickly while the people were still few, so that she could return to continue working. Although her job was strenuous, it had been hard for her to find, so she treasured it dearly.

After the service ended, Suo Jia and his mother parted ways in front of the church. Seeing his mother’s figure rushing off into the distance, Suo Jia could not help but feel excited. Today, while the city was lively during the day of rest, he wanted to test his lecturer’s statements. At the liveliest area he could find, he would arrange his own vendor’s booth.

Quickly running home, Suo Jia took out a white cloth with some large words he had written on it, which he had prepared earlier. With this sign hung up, he would be able to start his own business.

On the large white cloth, Suo Jia had written: “Thank you for the God of Light’s blessings. Suo Jia, from Holy Light Academy, is volunteering to perform the Moisture Technique on any females’ skin for only a token of one gold for lunch money.”

Truthfully, seeing the words on the large white cloth, Suo Jia was a bit nervous. Going by his teacher’s words, a water mage normally demanded at least 100 gold for every person that is moisturized. However, to Suo Jia, it seemed that simply waving his hand could release the magic. How was that worth much money? Even receiving 1 gold felt a bit over the top. It must be pointed out that 1 gold was not just small change; it was enough to buy 5kg of meat! His mother worked hard every day, and only earned 1 gold from it.

“Che…” Gritting his teeth, Suo Jia decided to believe in his teacher’s words. If his teacher said that a mage was a noble profession, then receiving 1 gold would definitely count as a voluntary duty. There was the possibility that his teacher had been lying, but when he thought back, he decided that this was unlikely since he trusted his teacher a lot.

That afternoon, Suo Jia finally arrived at Holy Light’s main street. He pulled up his white cloth, taking up about 10 square meters of space. In the center of the empty space, Suo Jia sat on a wooden chair that he had brought from home. He wore a brand new uniform from Holy Light Academy; even though it was not high quality clothing, these clothes represented his identity and status in a public manner. Those qualified to wear these clothes would definitely not have low statuses in the future.

Nervously sitting on the chair, Suo Jia could not guarantee that any people would come. Unconsciously, he adjusted his clothes. Even though his clothes had already been ironed until there wasn’t a single crease on them, Suo Jia could not stop the action of fixing them. Without any action to occupy himself with, Suo Jia was afraid he would just run away.

The large white cloth quickly attracted a group of people’s attention, especially the content of the words written on it. The thing that made people ceaselessly curious was: would anyone actually voluntarily use the Moisture Technique on people?

The Moisture Technique is not a technique that can be easily scoffed at. Within the Holy Light Empire, there are many successful uses of the Moisture Technique. At most, only about 10,000 people can do it, and a majority of those people are wealthy and respectable. Wanting them to perform the Moisture Technique on you is only possible in your dreams!

The Holy Light Empire has about five hundred million females; however only around 100 of them are willing to perform the Moisture Technique on others. These masters at the Moisture Technique have all graduated from Holy Light Academy. Although their current positions are not high, once they get a bit older, and have built up rank and status, then they will definitely not be willing to perform the Moisture Technique on others. This is too shameful of an act, so if they do, they will not have the face to meet anyone anymore.

Suo Jia knew that if he had a rank and status, then he would undoubtedly not need to do this anymore. Even if he was willing to, the royal family giving him his privileges and his status would not allow such an act. If it was because of money, there were many other more honorable jobs that could do the same.

“Hey!” While in his wild thoughts, Suo Jia completely failed to notice that a fiery red figure had quietly entered his service area. Only after the figure had voiced its inquiry did Suo Jia arouse from his thoughts.

Suddenly raising his head, Suo Jia looked across from him. He noticed the figure addressing him was a girl with a head of long fiery red hair, wearing clothes of the same color, and was currently curiously looking at him.

While Suo Jia was inspecting her, the girl in red clothes asked skeptically: “How come you’re a male? Are you really from Holy Light? And can you actually use the Moisture Technique?”

Suo Jia awkwardly nodded his head; he knew what the girl was thinking. But despite his embarrassment, he needed to reply, or else how would he be able to start his business?

Trying hard to calm himself down, Suo Jia said serenely: “Does this really arouse suspicion? If I wasn’t from Holy Light, then how would I be able to use the Moisture Technique? And if I was unable to use the Moisture Technique, then why would I be here?”

“Nn….” Hesitating for a bit, the girl was finally unable to endure her desire, and lightly sat down on the chair opposite from him. She said impatiently: “Never mind, no matter what, just help me moisturize my skin quickly. This week, my training has been intense; my skin has gotten all coarse!”

Hearing the girl’s words, Suo Jia could not help but look at her face. After a glance, Suo Jia naturally furrowed his brows. The girl’s face was white, and it could be also said to be extremely beautiful. However the skin on her face was dry, and the chapped skin had begun to form lines on her tender face. Her head of red hair, even though the color was bright red, was also insipid, similar to a bunch of dying grass.

Judging from the color of the girl’s hair and clothes, she was most likely a warrior with an affinity for fire, or a fire elemental mage. Training all day would mean she was often exposed to flames. In other words, this girl with an affinity for fire was probably constantly ruining her skin, and needed moisturizing the most. No wonder she was the first one to come in; her desire to get someone to help her moisturize her skin was probably strong to begin with.

After inspecting her for a while, Suo Jia did not say anything and simply took in a deep breath. He raised his right finger, and a warm, pale blue light shone. It followed Suo Jia’s skilled hand movements, and a strange palm-sized magic array formed in front of him.

“Si…” With a soft, gentle sound, a fine mist formed and gently sprayed in the redhead’s direction. As the spray fell onto her, the girl’s hair that had been as dry as dust was gradually restored to its original luster. The skin on her face also gradually showed the benefits of Suo Jia’s Moisture Technique.

The Moisture Technique was actually not that complicated. Using it only took about 4-5 seconds and it only took around 4-5 seconds to take effect, making the time period a total of only 10 seconds. The results, however, were exactly like what how his lecturer had described: a miracle from God!

If the girl in red was described as a dried-up prairie in autumn before treatment, then after receiving treatment, she was like lush green plains after being moistened by the spring rain. She was a wild grass shining with a pearl-like radiance, appearing fresh and clean after the moisturization.

Seeing that the girl in red’s originally dry, chapped face turning a rosy tint, with her skin so delicate and tender it looked like it could fall to pieces with a single touch, Suo Jia could not help but stare blankly for a while. The difference between before and after the treatment was really too significant. The skin now gave off a satiny, tender feeling that could be seen without actually touching it. It could be clearly felt that this was really the main merit of the Moisture Technique!

The girl in red was an unquestionable beauty but….if before the treatment she was rated 80 points in beauty, she was definitely past 100 after the Moisture Technique, becoming a top emperor-level beauty. This type of shy, charming appearance was something that left even the 8-years-old Suo Jia secretly speechless.

Accepting the mirror Suo Jia passed to her, the girl trembled as she caressed her face, unable to believe that her own skin and hair could become so beautiful.

Seeing the girl’s excited expression, Suo Jia was secretly happy as well. Being able to help others was always pleasant. Smiling faintly, Suo Jia said gently: “I should first say clearly: my magic power is very low, so this Moisture Technique can only last for a week. After a week, the moisture’s power will fade away!”

Completely not paying attention to Suo Jia’s words, the girl casually pulled out a handful of gold, around 6-7 pieces. Not even looking at the money she handed to Suo Jia, she said eagerly: “Lasting for even one day is worth it. You continue working, I’m going back quickly to show my sisters and let them know exactly who is the prettiest girl of the fire element!” As soon as she finished talking, the girl leaped up off of the cloth in a flash and escaped into the distance.

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