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Translated by: Taffy and Deceptioning
Edited by: buniquename, M2t5, FatChinee

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Chapter 14 – Young Diamond Dragon

The values of different magical eggs were not the same, changing based on ranks. Low level magical pet eggs were split into exactly three classes: the prices being 100, 1000, 10,000.

By the same standard, middle level magical pet eggs were also split into three classes with their prices ranging from 100,000, 1,000,000, 10,000,000! Frost Wyrm eggs qualified to be within the highest class of the middle level, so they were more or less equivalent to the lowest class of the high level magical pet eggs. With such a high value, they can be sold for an astonishing 100 million gold coins! Thus, the girl could not understand why Suo Jia would transfuse his magic power with no hesitation.

As for high level magical pet eggs, their values are at least 100 million, with the highest being billions. Warriors with high level magical pets are said to be unrivalled. They can easily decimate a small city just by relying on their magical pet!

However, a high level magical pet’s power at maturity does not necessarily determine its rank; it is just as important for the magical pet to enter maturity within a human’s limited lifespan. For example, magical pets such as the Frost Wyrm, despite being extremely powerful, require a thousand years to mature. Thus, it can only be a middle level magical pet, for who would be able to live for a thousand years? Once the master dies, the magical pet becomes wild.

As of now, the strongest magical pets are of the lion, tiger, panther, and elephant types….since their lifespans are shorter, these magical pets reach maturity faster. Of course…not all of these magical pet types are high level; only kings of beasts like the King of Lions, the King of Tigers, and the King of Panthers are. A king-level magical pet can easily get rid of a few hundred of its non-king level kin.

Because of this, magical eggs were categorized with the lifespan of the creature inside of the egg taken into consideration. If it wasn’t for the fact that an individual had to personally imbue magic into the egg before a tamed pet could hatch, how could the Frost Wyrm— the strongest magical pet—be considered only a top middle level magical pet?

While the girl was trying to figure out what Suo Jia was thinking, he had already finished infusing his magical power into the egg. Letting out a breath of air, Suo Jia mumbled, “A thousand gold coins for a Frost Wyrm is worth it. Since this is what the heavens have decreed, I will not go against their wishes.”

“A thousand gold coins?” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the girl stared at Suo Jia in disbelief for a while. Soon…the girl laughed bitterly. She knew that Suo Jia still had not understood the situation clearly. 1000 gold coins was only the value of a lower middle level magical pet. Even though Frost Wyrm eggs were easy to obtain, this was only in comparison to high level magical pet eggs. After all, obtaining king level magical pets couldn’t be that easy.

All magical pet eggs were stolen by treasure hunters from the dens of magical beasts, and only expert-level treasure hunters could steal a king-level magical pet egg from a king-level magical beast’s lair. These expert-level treasure hunters also need the courage in the face of death to even attempt to enter a king-level beast’s territory. Otherwise, why would a high level magical pet egg be so expensive?

As everyone knew, every region had only one king. In comparison to the entire world, there were thousands of magical beast kings living amongst humans. If these eggs weren’t stolen, how else could there be so many of them?

Opening and closing her mouth, the girl gave up on explaining the truth of the circumstance to Suo Jia. The girl believed that if Suo Jia knew he had transfused magical power to a magical beast egg worth hundreds of millions of gold, he might go crazy. In general, even aristocratic nobles would not have such luxuries. Unless he was the successor of the family, any other person would not be willing to take care of such a good magical pet.

“Ai…” The girl sighed in envy as she looked at Suo Jia. She did not think that Suo Jia would have such good luck on his side. To have picked the Frost Wyrm from the thousands of magical beast eggs; if this was a common enough occurrence, then the whole store would have closed down from bankruptcy long ago.

In fact, this magical beast store was a part of the magical beast syndicate group which catered to thousands of stores around the world. Every store had at least a hundred thousand magical beast eggs, and this store was merely just another distribution store. To have an egg worth 100,000,000 gold, Suo Jia’s fortune was far too great to have landed a Frost Wyrm amongst the millions of other eggs. Although this wasn’t one of the top 10 ranked eggs, this was really a blessing in disguise; who would had thought this would have happened?

Seeing Suo Jia leave the shop in high spirits, the girl hesitated for a bit, then secretly tore the card to pieces. She didn’t want to the news of the appearance of the Frost Wyrm to spread out. This was because by the assigned regulations, in order to increase the attraction of this event to customers, such results could not be released. Also, the girl did not wish for the boy to encounter any difficulties; since he was a completely innocent boy ignorant of his surroundings, and a person’s talent could arouse envy in others.*

Evening came once again. While his mother was already in deep sleep, Suo Jia was happily cupping the pale blue magical pet egg in his hands, constantly transfusing magic power into it. The magical pet egg that was releasing streams of cold air gradually began brightening as more magic power was transfused, emitted a pearl-like glow.

Gradually, the cold air became thicker and denser, and had unknowingly already enveloped Suo Jia completely. Strangely enough, it would not disperse, forming something similar to a cocoon, wrapped around Suo Jia and the magical pet egg.

“Katcha….katcha….katcha…..” Finally, after some time, the pale blue egg shell’s surface finally began to crack with clear breaking sounds. More and more cracks formed consecutively on the shell’s surface. Seeing this scene, Suo Jia knew that the Frost Wyrm was finally hatching.

“Para!” Finally, after a sharp sound rang out, the egg shell fell apart. At the same time a small worm-like creature as soft as cotton appeared in Suo Jia’s palm.

Suo Jia examined the small creature closely. It was a light blue color, with half its body exposed. Its back had two soft wings; however, since the whole body was still covered with fluids, its wings were stuck to its body, and were unrecognizable.

It had 4 small and skinny claws; the ones in the front were short and skinny, while the ones in the back were thicker, as well as much longer. It also had a long, newt-like tail. Awkwardly tangled in the fluids, from just appearance alone, it definitely had the form of a dragon.

However….seeing the delicate and weak little creature struggling in the fluids, Suo Jia was sure that he could turn it into a pulp with just his fingertip. This was a Frost Wyrm? The most powerful being? He hadn’t been scammed, had he?

Under Suo Jia’s gaze, the little pet had finally struggled to stand up. It reached out with its adorably small claws, grabbing the pale blue eggshell next to it, and began eating it heartily. Even though its body seemed so weak, it was devouring the eggshells ravenously.

After it finished eating the eggshell, the little pet looked a lot healthier. It managed to stand in a stable position after some difficulty. Shaking its head back and forth, it tried its best to unfold the wings on its back but….with the sticky fluids all over its body, even such a simple movement was impossible.

Seeing the little pet’s adorable actions, Suo Jia became beyond fond of it. No matter if it was strong or not, such an adorably small creature was definitely enough to satisfy Suo Jia to the point where he would even laugh about it in his dreams.

“Baji…” The sound of Suo Jia’s laugh unavoidably made his hand shake a bit. With only this sound, the little pet fell onto all fours, and could not climb back up for a long time. Seeing its confused eyes, Suo Jia knew that the creature had been knocked into a daze.

After a while, Suo Jia laughed heartily. It was really too adorable. Even though this creature would probably not become very powerful, Suo Jia decided its cuteness alone was reason enough for him to care for it well. From today onward, he had a new friend besides the water!

While Suo Jia was laughing, the little pet had pretty much recovered from the dizziness caused by its fall. It shook its head, and once again fought to climb back up, trying hard to use its strength to unfold its wings.

The little pet that had just hatched had a lot of dirt covering the surface of its body in the form of threads, hindering its movements. Since it had been a while since the little pet had hatched, the dirty stuff on its body had already begun to dry. After a while, it became completely unable to move.

Seeing the little pet gasping for breath, Suo Jia did not have the heart to see it continue to strain itself. His right hand smoothly danced through the air, and after a perfect completion of the Moisture Technique, a fine mist smoothly drizzled onto the little pet’s head, washing away all of the impurities on its body. At the same time, [the mist] repeatedly permeated the little pet’s body.

Feeling the effects of the Moisture Technique, the little pet stopped its struggling. It lazily laid down on Suo Jia’s hands, contentedly enjoying the feeling of the strands of mist from the Moisture Technique, too lazy to move at all.

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