CCM 023

Translated by: Taffy, Deceptioning
Edited by: buniquename, TwangyNewt, PMBL

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Author’s Note:

Damn, you all are really too much. Everyone in the comment section are saying that I wasn’t giving a single thought towards new and unique spells. People have said, “Use Divine Stream Pull,” or, “Use Wave Crash”, or “Use High Pressurized Water Flow”. There were just so many suggestions, it really makes me happy. I’ll definitely work hard; I’m not worthy of such creativity you all have given.

Other than that, I have to say, I am writing about a magician, not a warrior. In the future, he will not learn warrior battle skills either. However, as a mage, the future Suo Jia will solve the drawbacks of close combat, becoming a well-rounded mage that can attack from any distance.

Also, quite a few people made some suggestions, but I do not feel that these are problems. Suo Jia inherited his mother’s water affinity. As for the power to manipulate the element, all individuals with water affinity have it, there’s simply a difference in levels of control. Suo Jia’s mother was a normal girl, not a mage. Even though she could control water, what does that mean? In reality, manipulating water is practiced through concentration and hard work; doesn’t everyone know the importance of practicing since a young age? If you don’t start young, you will never reach your dream of the highest realm. Although Suo Jia is not the only one that started practicing at a young age, his level of concentration and hard efforts are higher than any other’s by 1000x. Thus, even though he’s only 8, he has already achieved an incomparable level of water manipulation.

Let’s use acrobatics as an example; if you start practicing at 3-5 years old, all the way until 8 years old, there are few people who can compete with you. In general, skill/technique related acrobatics have a lot of small kids performing it. Even though their ages are still young, the realm of achievement they have reached is already extremely high!

Suo Jia’s power of control over water is based off of this idea. Facts have proven that kids with ages ranging from 3-8 years old will eventually learn things without even thinking much about it, for example, their mother tongue. This point needs no further explanation, and people should also stop discussing this. This is not a BUG, it is something that is based off of scientific theories; it’s just something that not everyone completely understands.

Also to those who say 8 year olds are not that mature, I can only say you guys just have not seen them before. There are many 8 year olds that have sold things at vendor booths before. Also, if we’re talking about geniuses that enter college at 9 years old, wouldn’t that be even harder to comprehend? In reality, the maturity of a child is not strange. My second sister is 9.5 years old and she makes meals for the whole family; wouldn’t this be even harder to comprehend?

Of course, continuing onwards, there will be even more circumstances similar to this. However, I hope that people do not rush to criticize. Everyone will understand after waiting to see what will happen in the future. Everything has its reasons; it is definitely not impossible, and it is definitely persuasive enough to believe.

Also, the question of whether fire-wind warriors are poor or not, and why they don’t just run away. What I want to say to this is that the world is dark, and I have not yet explained the shadows within. Just continue reading; I’m sure everyone will soon understand that it’s not that they don’t want to run away, it’s that they can’t. Their own lives and their family’s lives, are all in their hands. Where would they run? In terms of rich/poor, I actually don’t have anything to address; it was just how I had decided it to be. Their parents are normal people, so why can’t they be poor? Fire-wind warriors are genetic mutations. I’ve already said that fire-wind warriors are a combination of both parents’ strong points in one body: God’s chosen favorites. Even if a wealthy family had a fire-wind warrior, they would just have to think of a way to not enter the school and that would be all, therefore this set up would not make any sense.

Also, the problem of being unable to understand books; Suo Jia is only 8 years old, so there is a possibility that he cannot understand them. However, is everyone completely sure that this also needs an explanation? Does everyone want me to write detailed nonsense about how because Suo Jia could not understand the words, he grabbed the book, found an old grandpa wearing glasses, then asked him to read it aloud? Is this necessary? If so, then I would be happy to death haha, this book would be too awesome to write.

Also, as to why other people have never looked for water mages to help recover female fire warriors, the question is who would be looking? The school? What kind of school would let a class freely volunteer to help another class, and help them for 10 years? Do such things happen?

Also, the fire-wind warriors are still tender. In the future, not being treated for a few hours would definitely make it impossible to mend their damages. Right now, everyone is still weak, so it’s fine. but in the future, who would look after another for their whole life? Thus, the school has no right to force water mages to do anything. Even if the school did pressure them to, in reality this would not be allowed. Even if the water mages were willing to treat, in the future, when the strength of a fire-wind warrior grows stronger and the wounds get more serious, the treatment time required would increase. Imagine, would a fire-wind warrior have the time to accept such long treatments? Even if they wanted to, their instructors would not give them this time. The following chapters will explain this further. If everyone continues to read, they will begin to understand that it definitely has persuasiveness behind it.

Chapter 23 – Weight Loss Treatment

The next morning, Suo Jia asked his mom to go to the market and pick up a few fresh Quack Chickens. His mom didn’t think twice about the request, she was only thinking that Suo Jia was hungry and wanted to eat a few tender chickens for dinner. Money for them was no longer an issue, so if his wish was some poultry then she would do her best to accommodate his wish.

Quack chickens are magical pets with very tender and delicious high quality meat. They are bred in cold climates, so they have a thick layers of fat under their skin to resist the cold. It was because of this fatty layer that Suo Jia wanted to eat a Quack Chicken.

Although chickens and humans were very different, their lipid layers were similar. Using this knowledge, Suo Jia devised a simple plan to experiment a bit. He wanted to see if he could get rid of the fat in a Quack Chicken without causing any harm to the chicken itself. If this was possible, then he would be able to develop something similar for use on humans.

Suo Jia didn’t dare experiment on people for that would be far too inhumane. Quack Chickens, on the other hand, were a different story. Now, while Suo Jia was a kindhearted person, he was not so kind to have pity on a Quack Chicken.

That night, Suo Jia sat down on his bed with a simple stool in front of him. On it a tied up Quack Chicken rested. To prevent any potential cries of pain the chicken may utter, its mouth was firmly bound with rope. Also, from far away, people wouldn’t see a Quack Chicken, but a fluffy dumpling instead!

Suo Jia silently lifted both hands. He then pressed both palms on the Quack Chicken. It began to tremble. How unfortunate it was, even though it wanted move, to have been bound with so much rope. Aside from shaking in its place, there was nothing else the poor chicken could do.

Putting all his concentration in feeling the Quack Chicken’s inner water streams, Suo Jia soon realized that the water streams leading to the lipid layers weren’t the body’s main streams, but rather the very tiny ends of them. Even if these ends were cut off, there would be no effect on the water stream pathway itself!

If his target was a person, Suo Jia would not dare to be so excited, but since his current target was only a Quack chicken, he directly controlled the water streams from within the lipid layers to leave, with no hesitation at all.

Very quickly, the streams of blood within the lipid layers being controlled by Suo Jia were swept out. However, this was still incomplete; Suo Jia could clearly feel that within the lipid layers, a large amount of water was still being contained!

Inhaling a deep breath, Suo Jia knew that whether or not all the water content within the lipid layers could be completely sucked out was the largest problem. Just pulling the blood away was useless; only by completely sucking out all the water content within the lipid layers would he achieve his goal!

Based on Suo Jia’s feeling, the inside of the lipid layers was comprised of at least 20% water content, all of it freely floating around within the lipid layers. Actually removing this water content was really difficult.

However, since he was already testing it, no matter how difficult it was he had to continue on. Closing his eyes, Suo Jia concentrated on manipulating the water content in the lipid layers of the Quack chicken. With his efforts, finally stream by stream of fluids slowly permeated out of the lipid layers. Even though the process was very slow, and the amount extracted was very little, it definitely had an effect!

Along with the decreasing amount of water content, Suo Jia’s senses discovered that the previously energetic lipid layers began to grow more sluggish. After a short while, once the contained water levels had decreased to a certain degree, the whole lipid layer suddenly began to wither. Moreover….the edges of the lipid layers had already begun to show signs of fading away.

Seeing this, Suo Jia could tell that the supply of fresh blood and nutrients had already been cut off by the act of Suo Jia’s controlling magic. Adding on the decreasing amount of water content, the fat cells didn’t have large enough power supplies. Basically, once that fat was cut off, besides necrosis, there was no other possible result.

To test if the lipid layers were completely dying and whether or not his actions had caused any harm to the target, Suo Jia did not stop and continued to cut off the supply of blood. Essentially, he had completely squeezed out every drop of water from the lipid layers.

After some time passed, finally… the piece of fat that was under Suo Jia’s control was finally completely withered by necrosis. At this very moment, beneath the Quack Chicken’s skin, those fatty lipid layers attached to the flesh had completely disappeared.

Excitedly relaxing his hand, Suo Jia knew that it had progressed just like he had expected. As long as he could control the organism’s water content then he could eradicate the lipid layers, making them thoroughly die out. The only thing he wasn’t sure of was whether or not doing so would have any major effects?

Contemplating this for a while but unable to reach a conclusion, Suo Jia could only helplessly continue experimenting. He once again covered the Quack Chicken’s body with his hands, and started to advance to the second lipid layer!

Currently, Suo Jia’s abilities still had limits. He was only able to manipulate a palm-sized chunk of the lipid layer every time; any larger and he would be unable to control it. However in terms of weight loss, this amount was already enough.

After an entire night’s worth of efforts, Suo Jia had made the originally plump Quack Chicken completely slim down. The layer of fat originally covering the surface of the Quack Chicken’s body had now completely disappeared without a trace.

The second morning, to celebrate the verification of his ideas, Suo Jia decided to reward himself with good food, and told his mother to stew the successfully slimmed down Quack Chicken. Of course….although said to be a type of reward, the more important reason was that Suo Jia wanted to see with his own eyes the state of the slimmed down Quack Chicken’s inner body.

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, his mother of course did not question it, and killed and plucked the chicken. Soon after….only a healthy Quack Chicken filled with lean flesh appeared in front of Suo Jia’s eyes!

“Ya!” Seeing the strange Quack Chicken in her hands, Suo Jia’s mother shouted in surprise: “What is this? Is this a Quack Chicken? I remember that Quack Chickens should be round and plump. When had it changed to become so sturdy; it’s pretty much comparable to a buff man!”

“A buff man!” Hearing his mother’s words, Suo Jia could not help but start sweating. Seeing the muscular, perfectly carved Quack Chicken, Suo Jia could even clearly see the muscles underneath the Quack Chicken’s skin!

Failure, it was definitely a failure. Suo Jia knew, even though the weight loss had succeeded, the results were a failure. Imagine, a large beauty turning into a buff woman after a successful weight loss; how could this count as a success?

The rest of the day passed in silence. That night, Suo Jia tied the second Quack Chicken in front of his bed. Suo Jia knew that he could not completely cut off the lipid layers. It was essential for the lipid layers to continue existing; especially to a woman, without fat to cover her bodyline, she would not have smooth and sleek curves! A woman can be ugly due to fat, but a woman’s beauty is also dependent on fat.

Now that he knew that the lipid layers had irreplaceable importance, the next thing to do was obvious. Once the lipid layers had withered to a certain degree at the critical point just before necrosis took over, the Moisture Technique had to be activated. This would maintain the shrunken lipid layers!

This concept was actually not difficult in theory, the main thing Suo Jia lacked was experience. If the moisturizing occurred too early, the effect would not be the most desired effect. Once that piece of fat entered necrosis, then it was game over. This was a procedure that definitely did not allow mistakes.

After another experiment, in order to insure the purpose was achieved, Suo Jia organized a plan to use as a model system. Instead of successfully completing the weight loss in one try, he would shrink a small bit of the lipid layer every time. Throughout the whole slimming process he would completely control it within the safe range, a range where Suo Jia was completely certain of the result.

After some general calculations, based off of his system, Suo Jia needed to carry out six courses of the treatment on one Quack Chicken. After consecutively slimming down the Quack Chicken in six minor treatments, its contained fat would fall to the theoretical level. Once it had lost a large amount of its fat, he could still maintain the Quack Chicken’s streaks of beauty.

Seeing the well-proportioned Quack Chicken with sensual curves in his mother’s hands, Suo Jia finally smiled. For the past two months, Suo Jia had been eating Quack Chickens every day. During these past few months, a total of around 60 Quack Chickens were subjected to a battery of weight loss treatments before being eaten. Suo Jia had already formulated a very systematic process by now.

The first step was to cut off the lipid layer’s blood supply, afterwards the water content within the lipid layers would be extracted out. Once the lipid layers had withered to a certain extent, he would activate the Moisture Technique to recover the lipid layer’s vitality. Even though this would only allow a small amount of weight loss every time, consecutively repeating this process would cause a significant amount of fat loss!

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11 thoughts on “CCM 023

  1. hibiscus says:

    pretty darn sure that necrotizing fat tissue is a bad idea and would have severe health repercussions. also, losing too much weight too fast brings about its own set of issues.
    the author would have been much better served to just say Jia could “magically” remove the fat instead of giving the details of a “quack” procedure.
    for that matter where did the fat go? or at least the materials the fat was made of.


  2. Martin says:

    I have a questionfor the author: how will the necrosed tissue be removed if there is no blood supply, moreover would’nt the large amount of tissue necrosis cause kidney failure?


  3. geekdivaherself says:

    About the following, there are places throughout this chapter where the C in chicken in Quack Chicken isn’t capitalized. There’s a comma splice before the first snip that should be replaced by a semicolon. Right after the second snip, the phrase should be either a thick layer or thick layers. Lastly. does he really want to eat chicken in the raws?

    The next morning, Suo Jia asked his mom to go to the market and pick up a few fresh Quack Chickens. His mom didn’t think twice about the request, she was only thinking [snip]

    Quack chickens are magical pets [snip]

    they have a thick layers of fat under their skin to resist the cold. It was because of this fatty layer that Suo Jia wanted to eat a Quack Chicken.


  4. blazalite says:

    Why wouldn’t the school let the water mages practice on the fire-wind mages? They have a hundred of girls (in the mc’s class alone) needing to practice until they can all can cast the moisturizing technique 100 times consectutively. That’s 10000+ casts (just to pass the “test” not including the 1000’s of hours put into practice) wasted on magic pets that have to be rented from the school. If it’s about money they school can just charge the same rental fee to the fire-wind mages. It just makes more sense for the school to actively pursue the good will of the soon to be strongest warriors.


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