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Translated by: Taffy, FatChinee
Edited by: Totokk, PMBL, buniquename

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Chapter 27 – The Achieved Objective

Over the course of the month, Suo Jia completed the nine sequences of the body slimming treatment. Gently wiping the sweat off of his forehead, he said in satisfaction, “Okay Miss Wen Ya, look at yourself in the mirror now; you might shock the people you meet.”

Slowly opening her eyes, Wen Ya carefully sat up on the bed. She walked towards the mirror on the opposite side of the room and looked at the person within the mirror. Wen Ya abruptly covered her mouth, big drops of tears cascading from her eyes.

Seeing the crying Wen Ya, Suo Jia said with a bitter smile, “The only flaw of my Weight Loss Technique is that it’s too perfect. The women that I use my Weight Loss Technique on become natural and perfect; even the pickiest people would not be able to find a single flaw!”

Nodding her head with effort, Wen Ya choked with emotion as tears flew down her face, and could not make a single sound. Seeing the divine-class beauty reflected within the mirror with soft body curves throughout her entire body, she really could not find a single blemish.

Silently turning around, Wen Ya grabbed Suo Jia to hug him into her embrace. After a bit over a month’s interactions, Wen Ya had already thought of the kindhearted Suo Jia as her own little brother. This embrace did not include any elements of ** (TL: ** here means sexual implications).

Lightly letting go of Suo Jia, Wen Ya’s tears were overflowing, yet she smiled and said: “Please let me properly thank you! Please say it, as long as I can do it, I will definitely agree. Money, status, power, which of these do you want?”

Seeing how moved Wen Ya was, Suo Jia firmly shook his head. “No! Miss Wen Ya, the only reason I did this was only because I wanted to return the favor. Right now, we are even, and neither of us owe each other anything anymore. Therefore, I will not take anything from you!”

Even though Wen Ya had already anticipated Suo Jia’s reply, she still showed an expression of admiration. A child as sincere and kindhearted as Suo Jia was really too rare nowadays. Even adults were rarely so loyal and righteous.

Seeing how serious Suo Jia was, Wen Ya knew that he was currently in a difficult situation. Despite his circumstances, however, he still refused to accept her help. This gave Wen Ya a feeling of admiration and a slight heartache, making her even more determined to help Suo Jia.

Rolling her eyes slightly, Wen Ya laughed: “Suo Jia, in other words, since I gave you and your mother new lives and now you also gave me a new life, the favors between us are completely even right?”

Slightly nodding, Suo Jia replied, “Right. If I had been arrested and incarcerated, Mother would definitely not have lived much longer. I owed you a life, and I have now returned it to you!”

Nodding her head in agreement, Wen Ya continued. “I can’t help but feel that you are on the losing end, but if you continue to think that way, then I will not continue to argue.”

While speaking, Wen Ya turned to the mirror. While enjoying her beautiful appearance and body, she casually said, “Suo Jia, how long do you think my beauty can be maintained? Do you think it’s possible that I’ll grow fat again?”

“This…” Faced with Wen Ya’s question, Suo Jia was suddenly unable to answer. Wen Ya’s fat was very strange; it had an extremely fast growth speed. Even though she had been restored to her former glory, it still had to be restored once a year. If not, Wen Ya would become fat again, as there would be nothing preventing it from happening again.

While thinking, Suo Jia replied with certainty: “If possible, it’s best to check it monthly. If that’s inconvenient, then you will need to be restored at least once a year. Otherwise…” Suo Jia stopped mid-sentence, however the meaning behind his words were already clearly expressed.

Originally, Wen Ya had only wanted to find a way to repay Suo Jia. She had not expected that casually asking a question would actually bring up such a situation. With a pale face, she looked at Suo Jia, and said while trembling, “Heavens! How could this be!”

Faced with Wen Ya’s question, Suo Jia bitterly laughed. “There’s no alternative, your lipid layers grow extremely quickly. If you do not experience a restoration after a long period of time, you will very quickly grow fat again. This is a problem that nobody can solve.”

Looking at her beautiful appearance in the mirror with dread, Wen Ya could not bear returning to her imbecilic, fat appearance. If that really happened, then she would rather die.

A woman’s confidence originates from her appearance. This statement cannot be said to be an absolute truth, but it can be applied to a majority of the cases. After having such a beautiful appearance, Wen Ya could no longer return to her previous days of having an imbecilic and obese appearance.

Trembling as she looked at Suo Jia, Wen Ya suddenly realized the problem was no longer how she could repay him. In reality, right now she should be toiling over how to get Suo Jia to serve her for the rest of her life so that he could help her maintain her appearance. If Suo Jia ignored her, she would be completely doomed!

While thinking this, Wen Ya eagerly said: “Suo Jia, on account of us being friends, help me. That is what is called helping a person to the end. You can’t just shake me off and ignore me after giving me such a beautiful world.”

Suo Jia said without paying much mind to Wen Ya’s request, “No problem. Even if you did not request this of me, I would not have just left like that. From now on, I will help you touch up once a month and I will make sure you maintain this beautiful appearance for the rest of your life.”

Wen Ya had not expected that Suo Jia would so easily agree. She knew that Suo Jia could demand an exorbitant price for continuing the constant maintenance of her beauty; she would have been willing to pay any price. However, Suo Jia did not want anything in return. This naturally made Wen Ya feel that she really owed Suo Jia way too much.

Originally, it was only because she was in a good mood that she had casually said a word in Suo Jia’s defense. Now she felt that she had really received too much; moreover, in the unboundless future she would constantly remain in deficit. This was a horrible feeling!

After mulling over this for a long period of time, Wen Ya looked at Suo Jia with a serious expression. “Since you so happily agreed to help me, then I cannot be narrow-minded. I will not give you money, power, status, or anything like that. I believe that with your own ability, you will have the opportunity to become a Grand Duke, or even a Prince!”

“Nn!” Hearing Wen Ya’s words, Suo Jia’s eyes lit up with sharp radiance. “That’s right, there are many things that lose meaning when received from another person. Only by using your own ability to struggle for it will it be most precious. A person cannot spend his whole life looking at only results, the process is the most important!”

Looking at Suo Jia with admiration, Wen Ya nodded. “Therefore, Sister will not give you these things. How about this, I have a villa under my name in the city. I’ll just give it to you!”

After hearing Wen Ya’s words, Suo Jia was prepared to decline her offer. Just then, Wen Ya interrupted him. “Don’t reject me. Even if you don’t consider it for your own sake, shouldn’t you consider it for your mother’s sake? Her body is not well, and is unable to live in that narrow, dark, damp, and chilly house for long!”

Hearing Wen Ya’s words, Suo Jia slowly closed his mouth. It was true. He could endure any amount of suffering with no problem, but it was unacceptable for him to let his mother suffer continuously with him.

Looking at Suo Jia with appreciation, Wen Ya smiled and continued. “Tomorrow, I will bring you to the villa. Moreover, I’ll invite the best doctors to help look at your mother’s illness!”

“Thank you, thank you so much….” Seeing Wen Ya acting for his sake, Suo Jia was moved.

Seeing the teary Suo Jia, Wen Ya’s heart went warm. If she really had a younger brother like him, it would have been nice. However, even though Suo Jia was not her real brother, her feelings towards Suo Jia were even more intimate than those towards a brother related to her by blood.

Gently embracing Suo Jia, Wen Ya could not help but think of how her father had once told her that in this world, everything was exchanged. Friends, a wife and children, even a relative’s feelings, are all the same; if you treat someone well, then the other person will treat you well in return.

Wen Ya’s moment of kindness had been exchanged for Suo Jia’s generous reciprocation, which was once again exchanged for Wen Ya’s friendship. Even though these exchanges were not necessarily equivalent to each other, why was it necessary to calculate it closely? What was gained and what was lost, why was it necessary to count how much there was? Sometimes, being at a disadvantage could be an advantage.

Seeing Suo Jia currently in her embrace, Wen Ya suddenly had a premonition. This cute younger brother of hers would definitely not be simple in any way in the future. If that was so, then she wanted to properly witness exactly how Suo Jia would grow into a mighty figure!

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