CCM 031

Translated by: SilvaLau, Taffy
Edited by: Based Jessica, PMBL, M2T5, buniquename

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Chapter 31 – The Six Sisters

“What is going on?” All the girls from the training floors gathered to find out what the ruckus was about. They all looked in confusion at the girl who had sunk into the floor, asking each other about what had happened.

Suo Jia sat back in his chair dumbfounded, staring in disbelief at the floor that had collapsed. Could it be? Had he really successfully casted a Swamp Technique using the experimental method that he had developed?

Suo Jia didn’t dare make a sound and shut his mouth tightly. Seeing the chubby girl’s crying state, Suo Jia could not help feel guilty.But how could he claim that he had made the swamp If he couldn’t explain how he had created it?

After hesitating for a while, Suo Jia slowly stood up and walked towards the crowd. Seeing Suo Jia moving toward them, the girls moved out of the way and let Suo Jia successfully reach the girl who was suffering in front of him.

Suo Jia apologized to the girl while looking at her dirty feet: “Please don’t cry, I will buy a new pair of shoes for you tomorrow!”

Upon hearing Suo Jia’s words, the girl asked in a surprised and excited voice, “Is what you said true? Will you really buy me a new pair of shoes?”

“Yes!” Suo Jia promised immediately while confidently nodding his head. After all, since he was the one who caused this situation then he had to resolve it himself. He wasn’t like all those other irresponsible men who didn’t clean up their own messes.

Even though Suo Jia acted out of a sense of guilt, to the other girls, it seemed that he had feelings for the girl; taking the initiative to give a present meant that he obviously had some feelings for the girl. Although these girls were barely nine years old, they could not help but feel jealous.

All the girls looked at the joyous chubby girl with envy in their eyes. How they wished that they could be in her shoes! But they were unfortunate, and could only wait for the next opportunity.

After he ate his dinner, Suo Jia took out a pen and paper, and started to study. He thought very carefully; even though the new method he invented required more strokes, as long as he practiced the basic formation until he was familiar with it, he could shorten the amount of time required to draw the formation and still be able to get close to the casting time of the traditional method.

It was fine even if the water symbol was drawn in a reversed position. This was no shortcut, but the basic formation did not follow the traditional drawing sequence. Suo Jia had to experiment by himself to find out the fastest and easiest drawing sequence.

On top of the white paper, Suo Jia repeatedly drew the Six Pointed Star Array in many different variations in order to find the fastest and simplest method. But no matter how many times he drew it, it still required almost the same amount of time and number of strokes.

“Knock knock knock…” Just when Suo Jia was feeling extremely anxious, a sharp and clear knocking sound was heard from the door.

Letting out a long sigh, Suo Jia casually put down the pen that he was holding and leaned on the luxurious chair with his back while lightly kneading the space between his eyebrows, “Come in, the door is not locked!”

After hearing Suo Jia speak, one of the six maids, the pretty maid who was in charge of the family’s diet, pushed a trolley that was gilded with a thin layer of gold inside the room: “Master, I see you haven’t slept yet. Being as it’s this late at night, I made some midnight snacks for you.”

After hearing the girl, Suo Jia really did feel a little hungry. Nodding his head, Suo Jia momentarily gave up his research. He turned around to look at the girl who took out the fragrant food and said: “Next time don’t call me Master, it sounds very awkward. Next time calling me Young Master is fine.”

TL: He doesn’t want to be referred to as the head of the house but rather as a Young Master (a less formal way).

“Yes, Young Master!” The maid cleverly replied immediately.

Suo Jia slightly glanced at the maid in high regards, and turned his attention to his midnight snacks. After a single glance, he praised: “Such a bountiful supper! Oh my god! Isn’t this a bit too luxurious?”

“Hehe….” The maid giggled and said: “I don’t know if it’s luxurious or extravagant but this is the standard of living set by the Young Master. If Young Master still thinks that this is too luxurious, Young Master can lower the standard of living….. ““

“It’s fine, it’s fine…… “ Captivated by the four-colored dishes as well as the small bowl of porridge and steamed buns, Suo Jia happily said, “No need to lower the living standard; if spending 1,000 gold per month can give us such an extravagant life, it’s still worth it. What is the reason for making money? So we can spend it!”

While still in the middle of talking, Suo Jia impatiently grabbed the bowl and chopsticks, and started eating, almost accidentally biting his tongue due to the delicious dishes. Although the dishes his mother made were also delicious, compared to this girl who had trained since young, the differences were way too large. Moreover, the ingredients used were also different.

Seeing the Young Master enjoying the meal, the maid could not help but giggle. It was very important to her that her hard work had been recognized. If a maid is not up to standard, she is no longer necessary!

After a few glances, the maid cutely averted her gaze from Suo Jia. She had been taught since childhood that it was impolite to watch other people eat. Many maids got punished by their masters because of this!

Standing cutely on the side, the maid arbitrary looked over at the table. What entered her field of vision were the pieces of white paper completely covering the table. On every piece of paper, there was a similar drawing of the same strange pattern. The maid couldn’t help but giggle; the Young Master was still a child after all. It was so late already, yet he was still here drawing randomly and not going to bed earlier. He still needed to go to school tomorrow.

Suo Jia was eating happily, but he suddenly realized that the maid had gotten quiet. He felt puzzled and turned his head to look behind him. He only saw the maid who was on the verge of smiling while looking at the table. Following her gaze, Suo Jia saw that she was looking at the table covered with the drawings.

While eating, Suo Jia inquired casually: “Right, what are your names? I still don’t know what to call you six sisters.”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the maid hurriedly turned around, and said respectfully: “We six sisters have been raised by the Duke since we were young. We don’t have names, only numbers. If it is necessary, Young Master can give us names.”

“Gulp…” Smoothly swallowing down the food in his mouth, Suo Jia lifted his bowl of porridge and then quickly downed it in huge gulps. He then said in satisfaction, “I am not that skilled. You girls should decide your own names!”

Speaking up to here, Suo Jia tilted his head as he held a snow-white bun, and thought for a bit. Then he said resolutely: “You girls are all much older than me, so I will call you girls “Older Sisters”. Based on age, I will call the oldest “Eldest Sister”, call the second oldest “Second Sister”, etc.”

“Ah!” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the maids exclaimed in shock. “This is unacceptable Young Master, we cannot be called as such. Even though we are older than Young Master, we are still mere maids, how can we deserve…”

“Of course you deserve it!” Without waiting for the maid to finish her words, Suo Jia said resolutely, “I don’t have any power or riches, I only know you girls are taking care of me and my mother. You help us do a lot of things and made supper for me out of consideration, just like big sisters. It’s been decided, I will address you sisters as such. As for how mother addresses you six sisters, you can go ask her.”

Taking a big bite out of the steamed bun, Suo Jia said indistinctly, “Alright, you should be able to tell me now, which sister should I refer to you as?”

Opening her mouth with effort, just as she wanted to retort, the maid….at last gave up. Suo Jia’s expression was too firm. Moreover, for a maid, the master’s command was everything.

Smiling gently, the maid opened her mouth, “According to the Young Master’s statement, you can call me Third Sister. Elder Sister is in charge of overall management. Second Sister is in charge of sewing clothes and administration. I am the Third Sister in charge of food. Fourth Sister is in charge of housing management. Fifth Sister is in charge of daily products. As for Sixth Sister, she is responsible for receiving guests.

After listening to the maid, Suo Jia started thinking and laughed before saying, “This is easy to remember. Eldest Sister is in charge of general things, and then the Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Sisters are in charge of clothes, food, shelter and daily products respectively. Lastly, the Sixth Sister is responsible for the reception. Next time I won’t mix it up anymore.”

Listening to the Young Master’s playful words, and seeing the look on the Young Master’s face, the maid could not help but laugh. Young Master appeared to be one very cute, pure and easy-going master. Being able to serve such a master was also good fortune for the six sisters!

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