CCM 035

Translated by: Taffy, Khh, FatChinee
Edited by: Based Jessica, buniquename, Silva

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Chapter 35 – A Ghost in Broad Daylight

Perhaps there are people who still do not understand the feeling of completely exhausting one’s spirit power. Basically, if you spend a whole night f*cking 20 girls in succession, or pull all-nighters for an entire week because of a game, you will understand the feeling of exhausting spirit or magic power.

Although using the Exhaustion Training Method allows one to advance by leaps and bounds within a short period of time, one must realize that like everything else in this world, there is a price that must be paid. The Exhaustion Training Method’s biggest deficit is that with each use, hellish torture must be endured for up to an hour.

After a long time, Suo Jia was finally able to regain feeling in his limbs and body again. It was in his state of extreme fatigue that thin streams of magical power began to diffuse from every pore throughout his body, gradually condensing and joining together.

Finally, after Suo Jia once again woke up with his entire body completely sore, he discovered that his inner magic and spirit power had been completely replenished. After closer inspection, Suo Jia discovered that his magic and spirit power had been increased by 20% after using the Exhaustion Training Method just once!

Suo Jia was shocked to feel the surging magical and spiritual power within his body. He was totally dumbfounded; what was this? According to the book, the first use of the Exhaustion Training Method should only have raised his powers by 10%. However, now it turned out that it had advanced by 20%?

Actually, this is perfectly normal. The main reason why Suo Jia managed to bring out a significant 20% increase in spirit and magic power is because he is still only 8 years old! He is currently at an age of rapid growth and has unmeasurable potential. At his age, it doesn’t matter what he practices, since the result will still be much greater than that of an adult’s. An even more extreme comparison can be represented with an old man; if both a child and an old man use the same training methods, the child will naturally improve more.

Doubling up one’s magic and spirit power is only applicable to adults and older individuals. However, Suo Jia’s case is definitely not as simple as just doubling his powers. Even if he were to increase his power by two folds, so what?

After contemplating for a while, Suo Jia still could not figure out the reasoning behind this. Not daring to think for too long, Suo Jia notified his mother to let the next person come in. Quickly… one after another guests walked in to accept the Moisture Technique and then went out with a full smile.

After repetitively using the Moisture Technique, Suo Jia subconsciously felt that something was missing. After thinking for a long time, Suo Jia suddenly remembered: ever since he had refused to help the girl in red and her sisters when they had visited three months ago, they hadn’t visited since. They couldn’t possible be angry, could they?

Recalling the girl in red as well as her pleasant sisters, Suo Jia could not help but furrow his brows. He could barely take care of himself three months ago, how could he have possibly considered taking care of those girls? Now, however, sister Wen Ya had already given him a big house, and he was no longer lacking in gold. Most importantly, his ability to make money at present had already become increasingly high.

He had already earned more than 300 gold coins just from this morning. Currently, money did not have much of an influence on Suo Jia’s life anymore.

Before he had grasped this new magic casting sequence, Suo Jia’s monthly earnings had already reached 2000 gold pieces. After mastering this new technique coupled with the Exhaustion Training Method, Suo Jia’s monthly income would only increase exponentially. After the wooden house finished its construction and the beautification center was completed, then income would no longer be a problem.

After half a year, Suo Jia had managed to ensure a stable lifestyle through hard work. Only now did he finally have the the privilege of helping out those that were pitiful. Previously, even if he wanted to, he couldn’t!

Moreover, Suo Jia did not believe that people of this world deserved such mercy. Nobody was required to help out another person, since everyone had to make a living. In his opinion, the only way of helping each other was through exchanges. Suo Jia did not want to help a person free of charge. The reason he had helped Wen Ya lose weight was because he had to return the favor!

Suo Jia had never owed anyone before; if he did he would pay it back as soon as possible. In the same way, he did not allow others to owe him either. Since birth, he had lived with his mother without any help from others. In Suo Jia’s mind, buying things required money. If so, then if someone took Suo Jia’s things, it was only correct that he/she paid. It didn’t make sense for Suo Jia to have to pay for things when others were able to get them for free, right?

Perhaps Suo Jia was being stingy, and even a bit picky. However, this was a natural result of the life he had experienced; if no person had ever been sympathetic enough to help him and his mother in the past, how could he possibly pity a person enough to help?

Suo Jia naturally became perplexed while pondering over this. That group of girls was extremely pitiful, however the price they offered to pay was really too low. As Suo Jia had previously told them, earning only 10 gold per day was an amount that was entirely unpractical.

It has to be understood that these girls did not only require moisturization for their faces. Under the merciless roasting of flames, their entire bodies had to be moisturized. Although there were only 36 girls (this included the girl with red clothes), this was still a huge project. Suo Jia could not find a good enough reason to undertake this work. Unless there was enough compensation, pity was simply not enough for him to consider helping.

While Suo Jia was quietly thinking, his surroundings abruptly became silent. Soon after, there was a storm of messy footstep sounds, and a disturbance could be heard occurring outside the entrance.

Wrinkling his forehead in confusion, Suo Jia didn’t know what was going on outside. Speaking logically, he was currently under Wen Ya’s protection. There shouldn’t be any problems. Could it possibly be hoodlums?

While contemplating, the tent’s entrance opened up and a few fiery red figures quietly walked in. One, two, three, four, five, six individuals. One of them was wearing a red cloak and gave off a murderous intent. The individual silently bowed his/her head and stood in front of Suo Jia.

Suo Jia inspected the fiery red cloak, and noticed that it also had gold threaded embroidery of a blazing totem on it. Suo Jia carefully stood up, unsure of who this individual was or where he/she came from. What he could confirm was that the disturbance outside had been caused by the cold murderous intent emitted by these people, causing everyone to piss their pants from horror.

Although he was extremely scared, as a member of the Holy Light Academy, he did not really fear what the individual was going to do. In Suo Jia’s opinion, even if the individual was a hoodlum, he/she would only ask for money. As long as he gave money, anything would be resolved, since there was no previous enmity between the two.

Moreover, with Wen Ya supporting him, Suo Jia was also quite confident [that nothing major would occur]. Even if these were some random hoodlums, so what? With Suo Jia’s relationship with Wen Ya, if those random hoodlums dared to act, they would not be alive to see the next sun rise! The friendship between Suo Jia and Wen Ya lasted as long as he helped her maintain her current beauty. She would definitely not allow Suo Jia to encounter any problems!

Thinking this far, Suo Jia furrowed his brows and bluntly said, “If you are a customer, then please line up one at a time. If you are looking for trouble, then I am afraid to tell you that you’ve come to the wrong place. This isn’t some place for you guys to make trouble.”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the six in red cloaks did not say anything. After a period of silence, just as Suo Jia was about to yell at them again, the six in red cloaks actually all fell to their knees in unison. The instant they knelt down, Suo Jia discovered that there were clear streams of water running down their red cloaks, dripping onto the soft ground.

“Younger brother Suo Jia, we beg of you to save us. Please, we beg you…” Just as Suo Jia had been shocked into a daze by their sudden changes[ in demeanor], a pitiful pleading voice rang out.

Seeing the red forms kneeling in front of him, Suo Jia wrinkled his brow, and once again sat down on the ground: “Who are you guys? Why do you want me to save you? And how am I supposed to do it?”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the six bodies in red cloaks began to tremble and then….the six red cloaks stood up from their positions. Under Suo Jia’s gaze, the six red cloaks simultaneously removed their hoods. Six faces wearing grieved expressions full of tears appeared in front of Suo Jia.

“Heavens!” When Suo Jia saw the faces of the six in front of him, he involuntarily cried out in shock. What…what was this? Did ghosts haunt in broad daylight too?

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    Its increasing returns 1+1=2+2=4,8, 16,32,64 so on.At 10% each it hits from power lvl of 100 just as an example to after 100 increases at 10% first is 110 then 121 after 100 uses 1,378,061.24 (100×13,780.6124) at 20% 100 turns into 8,281,797,4 47 (8 billion) that’s 100×82,817,974.5… why do they never think this through… sigh..

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