CCM 041

Translated by: Silva
Edited by: BasedJessica, FatChinee

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Chapter 41 – Playing With a Hundred Beauties

After writing for more than 10 minutes before his hand began to get tired, Suo Jia was finally satisfied with his work and stopped. After looking at the clock, Suo Jia saw that it was almost time for class so he could not continue to practice anymore. Thus, he put away his paper and pen.

After putting away his paper and pen, Suo Jia began to exercise his wrist while listening to the conversations of the girls around him. When Suo Jia listened carefully, a pleasant voice echoed, “Lan Lan! This Sunday, where do you plan to play!”

In response to the girl’s questions, the girl called Lan Lan sighed and said with a hint of loneliness, “Holy Light is so big, where can we go to play? Who dares to go out? Last time Xue Er went out, she got lost and almost couldn’t find her way back!”

“Ah…..” Listening to Lan Lan, the other girl sighed, “It’s so boring, we might as well not have a holiday. When we have a day off, we can’t go anywhere and can only lock ourselves in the dormitory.”

“That’s right! It’s so boring…… “ Lan Lan agreed unhappily.

Listening to these two girl’s conversation, Suo Jia can’t help but be amazed. Since he first came to Holy Light Academy, Suo Jia already had basic freedom and did whatever he wanted to do. Before, when his mother went to work, she didn’t have the time to take care of him. But now that his mother felt reassured that there was no need to take care of him anymore, he had already forgotten the taste of loneliness and boredom.

But even though he no longer currently felt it, Suo Jia was still very familiar with the feelings of loneliness and boredom. After all, he had endured these feelings before entering the academy. If he was not playing with his stream of water, he would be listening to his mother’s stories everyday. These kinds of feelings could only be understood by someone who had experienced them firsthand!

Carefully observing his surroundings, almost all the girls were discussing the same topic. Even though tomorrow was Sunday, not a single person was feeling happy about it. Instead, they felt depressed. For them, it was better not to have a holiday. Even if they had the determination to go out and play, how would an 8 years old girl dare to go out to play by herself in a foreign town?

Seeing all the girl’s lifeless expressions, Suo Jia felt sympathetic. Since last night, the construction of the wooden house had been completed, the renovation of the White Villa was also completed. The sixty newly hired Holy Light maids had also been organized; now he was just waiting to select an auspicious day that they can formally open up.

Looking at the hundred plus girls in the class, Suo Jia could not help but laugh. Since they were so bored, then why not invite them to his home as guests? Then, they would no longer feel lonely or bored. On the other hand, he would also be able to test just how many guests the White Villa could contain. Through this, he could discover any problematic areas earlier and resolve them as soon as possible. Otherwise, it would be troublesome to discover any problems after the official opening.

“Papapa!” Taking action as soon as he thought about it, Suo Jia stood up and clapped his hands vigorously, and successfully attracted the attention of all the girls with his sharp and clear clapping sounds. One by one, they turned their heads to look at Suo Jia in confusion.

Under the watchful eye of all the girls, Suo Jia smiled and said, “Fellow students, tomorrow is Sunday, so we do not need to go to our classes. Therefore, I would like to invite everyone to play at my house. I wonder if everyone would be willing to do me the honor?”

“Kyaa!” After hearing Suo Jia’s words, all the girls were so surprised that their jaws dropped open. One of them was so surprised that she had even squealed. One after another, they looked at Suo Jia expectantly, trying to determine whether or not he was serious.

After a period of silence, a girl with long, icy-blue hair coldly said, “I believe everyone here wants to go, but do you have your family’s consent? Can your home hold this many students?”

Smiling and nodding his head, Suo Jia warmly said, “My family all agreed. They would love to welcome you all as my guests. My mother and sisters would very much like to see you all. Also, since my house is big enough, there would be no problem even if there were a few hundred more people.”

Hearing Suo Jia say this, all the girls were naturally speechless. Then, they all began to agree excitedly one after another. Because of this agreement, all the students were a little absentminded for the rest of the day. This caused the female lecturer to feel confused; what was wrong with these girls? Why were their spiritual powers so unfocused today?

That afternoon, Suo Jia did not participate in the routine class activity: the so-called magic research sessions. He only left the little pet alone at the training grounds and rushed back home by himself to share his plans with his family.

Suo Jia’s family obviously fully supported his idea. Actually, even if Suo Jia had not invited them, they would have also invited other people here to test the capacity of the White Villa. Since Suo Jia had brought up such a good proposal now, it would be weird to disagree!

The next morning, according to the arrangement, Suo Jia arrived very early at Holy Light Academy. He made an appointment with all the girls to go pray at the church. A row of hundred plus people then began their grandiose tour around the town under Suo Jia’s leadership. None of the girls were afraid of getting lost anymore; there was no longer anything to fear.

When these girls who had been stuck in the academy for more than half of a year suddenly went out, anything seemed strange to them and everything was nice to look at. This kind of world-class megapolis Holy Light City was even more awe-inspiring; everything was a feast for their eyes! Even though they were simply shopping, all the girls felt that they had never been so happy before.

Along the way, the girls were all chattering and giggling, joking around while looking at the scenery of the streets. Upon encountering a store, they would make their way in like a swarm of bees, completely ignoring their fatigue. Even the soldiers would be flabbergasted upon witnessing this kind of powerful endurance.

Alternating between stopping for a while and moving on again, they all felt like they had just started shopping, but by then, the time had already reached noon. Even though they still wanted to continue shopping, their stomachs were already starting to growl. Children were like this: their digestive systems were good and they got hungry easily. Their breakfasts had been very simple, and after walking for an entire morning, it would have been strange if they were still not hungry.

The smell of the captivating aroma exuded by the street hotel caused all the girls to drool with desire. Most of the girls didn’t have a lot of money, so it was impossible to enter the hotel to eat and drink as much as they liked. Although a few of them did have money, they didn’t want to break away from the group, even if they were reluctant to leave the area, they had no choice but to part with the door of the hotel one after another.

Looking at the expression of all the girls, Suo Jia couldn’t help but chuckle. Despite this, he did not say a word. He knew if he didn’t say anything, all the girls would definitely drag themselves back to the academy and go straight to the dining hall to find something to eat. After all…. nobody dared to break away from the group by themselves. They wouldn’t be able to find the way back to the academy by themselves. Furthermore, they could easily be abducted if someone saw such lovely girls all alone.

Finally, the row of people arrived in front of Suo Jia’s home. Suo Jia stopped moving and turned around. He smiled and said, “Fellow students, it is already the afternoon. I believe everyone should be hungry already!”

“Uh! Still fine, still doing fine….. “ Faced with Suo Jia’s question, none of the girls were willing to admit that they were hungry. Hunger always made people think that they were some type of creature that was both clumsy and lazy.

Witnessing the group of girls fake-acting, Suo Jia did not feel the slightest bit of disgust. Instead, he thought that they were really cute. Obviously, they were starving to death but didn’t want to admit it, no matter what. No wonder people said that when a woman says no, she means yes!

Smiling warmly, Suo Jia kindly said, “We have arrived at my home, so even if you are not hungry, please go in and eat a little. We can play at my house during the remaining time!”

Being told that they had arrived at Suo Jia’s home already, all the girls’ faces lit up with excited expressions. Seeing the snow-white fence and white jade-like classical styled door of Suo Jia’s home, they could tell it really had an aristocratic style.

Suo Jia smiled after seeing all the girls sighing in admiration. This was originally a villa of an aristocratic family; it was the Holy Light City’s lord, Duke Wen Sha’s, gift to his baby daughter. How could it possibly be ugly?

“Ding dong!” After pulling the rope beside the door lightly…. a melodious and beautiful sound rang out from the golden bell located in the inner courtyard. Immediately following the sound of the bell, the two large elegant doors slowly opened from the inside. At the same time, everything beyond the door appeared in front of all the girls.

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5 thoughts on “CCM 041

  1. Afahd ALI says:

    I don’t wanna be rude or misogynistic, but to us men this is one of the many misconceptions we have about women. I kind of agree with this but I, and a large number of my fellow males, know it is not the case. Anyway CCM is my second CN so far but I must say that they do look down on females.


  2. hibiscus says:

    Well, aside from the utterly patronizing way all the women seem to be treated in this fic, it’s actually less sexist than most chinese web/light novels i’ve come across, which is actually very sad. just out of curiosity i looked up sexism in china…wow…speechless.


  3. John the Gamer says:

    “Suo Jia’s family obviously fully supported his idea(…)”

    It’s his fucking house. So what if they agree or disagree? He’s in charge damnit. The mom should be happy to have a roof over her head and shouldn’t care if he brings some friends over (she’s completely relying on an 8 your old kid for her income).

    The maids are servants. Slaves basically. SLAVES AND SERVANTS DON’T PARTAKE IN MAKING CHOICES. They do as they are told.

    I’m pretty sure if you own the house you’re allowed to invite whoever you want.


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