CCM 047

Translated by: Taffy, Demenious, SnowTime
Edited by: BasedJessica

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Chapter 47 – The Denounced Scheme

As if he had not seen the lovers’ expressions, Suo Jia minded his own business and said, “Brother-in-law, you should not be unhappy about this; I’m currently trying to help you for your own sake. Your origins, knowledge, and status are all perfect, and definitely match up with Sister’s. However your outer appearance is slightly flawed. Despite all this, even if I looked all over the entire world, it would be very unlikely for me to find any man that is more suitable for Sister than you.”

The instant he heard Suo Jia suddenly correct his words to talk of his brother-in-law so sweetly, the Fourth Prince did not know whether he was supposed to stay angry or laugh.

While the Fourth Prince was having difficulty deciding on his feelings, Suo Jia stuffed all the sweets in his hand into his mouth, and said unclearly, “Brother-in-law, although outer appearances are not the most important, you are still the Holy Light Empire’s Fourth Prince. Since you represent the country, although slight flaws may be fine on other people, for you to have slight flaws really makes a person feel regret!”

“Ya!” Hearing this, although the Fourth Prince was still confused, there was no way Wen Ya would not understand. With glowing eyes, she looked at Suo Jia, and said hurriedly, “Suo Jia, what you’ve said is completely right. How have I never thought of this before?”

At this point, Wen Ya excitedly looked at the Fourth Prince, “Fourth Prince, you should let Suo Jia help you lose some weight. I have personally witnessed Suo Jia’s abilities. As long as he acts, you will immediately become the world’s naturally most handsome, most distinguished, and most elegant prince. In the future, no matter where we go, everyone will praise us as a match made in heaven; people will no longer say that I am a fresh flower stuck in…stuck in….” Wen Ya was still unable to finish the sentence.

“Cow dung….” Lovingly looking at Wen Ya, the Fourth Prince finished her sentence.

Hearing the Fourth Prince’s words, Wen Ya gently cuddled against the Fourth Prince for a bit, then charmingly said, “You are not to say such things about yourself. No matter how you change, I will always love you. Perfecting your appearance is only out of consideration for your future.”

“Nn…” The Fourth Prince nodded his head while in deep thought. To the average person, perhaps appearances were not that important. But as a prince, one of the country’s possible successors, outer appearances were too important. Otherwise, he would lose his majestic presence!

Although he had never said this out loud, in reality, the Fourth Prince actually really minded his appearance. Otherwise, his mood would not have fluctuated so much with Suo Jia’s few words. Truthfully, this was exactly what he was the most self-conscious about.

Once a person gains weight, it gives others the impression that he/she looks stupid. A foolish and chubby appearance makes it harder for others to believe in a person. The Fourth Prince’s current appearance couldn’t be looked down upon; this was already something he had gained by pouring all his efforts in and suffering through diets. If he had eaten freely, then he would currently be fatter by at least three or four fold!

In this world, Wen Ya was not the only one that wanted to lose weight. She was simply a more extreme and disastrous case. However, almost all rich and powerful aristocrats had chubby appearances. Therefore, losing weight was a problem that essentially all aristocrats faced.

Unfortunately, after so many years, an effective method of losing weight had never been discovered. Otherwise, Wen Ya would not have known that she would have to suffer for so long, and the Fourth Prince would definitely not have relied on painful diets to maintain his form.

Hearing that Suo Jia could painlessly help him lose weight in an instant and give him a model-like figure, the Fourth Prince was internally beyond happy. Even though Suo Jia was still very young, the Fourth Prince still completely believed in his abilities. After all, wasn’t the Wen Ya next to him a perfect example of Suo Jia’s success?

The Fourth Prince was not an ingenuine person. Thoughts were thoughts, and he wouldn’t purposely pretend that he didn’t care. If such a good thing really existed, who wouldn’t want to try it out? Immediately….under Suo Jia’s commands, the Fourth Prince laid down on the bed for Suo Jia to activate his Weight Loss Technique.

Unlike Wen Ya, the Fourth Prince was only slightly chubby, so the amount of work required was not a lot. After spending only three hours, Suo Jia completed all of the procedures necessary.

When the servants had come to inform it was time to eat, the Fourth Prince looked at his reflection incredulously, rubbing his steadfast and handsome face. He was unable to believe that he could look so outstanding.

The most brag-worthy point was that Suo Jia had not turned the Fourth Prince into some pretty boy. As the empire’s successor, a dignified appearance was the most important to the Fourth Prince, and so Suo Jia had strengthened the creases on the Fourth Prince’s face to make the edges of his face sharper and more distinct, sculpting out a more masculine appearance.

Dignity, determination, strength, composure, and confidence were all characteristics that the Fourth Prince’s current appearance expressed. Moreover, along with these traits, the Fourth Prince’s handsomeness was also preserved. At first glance, he even gave off a very cool feeling, causing people to unconsciously trust him.

Before losing weight, the Fourth Prince also did not know what appearance would be best. He could only helplessly let Suo Jia act freely. Even if he was unsatisfied, his appearance could gradually be altered later. However he had not imagined that after Suo Jia’s first miraculous weight loss treatment, the Fourth Prince would be so satisfied with his appearance that he could not speak. When Suo Jia questioned if the Fourth Prince wanted any further changes, the Fourth Prince replied without hesitation that this was already perfect, and did not require the slightest bit of change!

What men need is never beauty. However, this new face already consolidated everything the Fourth Prince did need. In Fourth Prince’s opinion, a single change would actually ruin the perfection. Deep inside, he felt that his face was actually better than Wen Ya’s, not worse. Although it wasn’t as stunning as Wen Ya’s, as a man, this was the best possible face he could have.

Seeing his new expression, the Fourth Prince finally knew why Suo Jia had insulted him in the beginning. Compared to his current appearance, his previous self was really too lacking. A foolish, fat, and imbecilic appearance was definitely not suitable to be with Wen Ya.

The Fourth Prince was an intelligent person; Suo Jia’s little act could not possibly escape his perception. Even if he did not understand the reasoning for it in the beginning, there was no way he wouldn’t understand it now. It was obviously the concept of doing one a favor to ask for one in return; that brat must have had something that he wanted the Fourth Prince to help him with.

However, without even mentioning that Suo Jia offered him such a big help, just by looking at the fact he has helped him bring Wen Ya and him together, the Fourth Prince would definitely be willing to fulfill any favor Suo Jia asked of him.

Pondering this, the Fourth Prince took off his airs and invited Suo Jia to eat lunch with them in a friendly manner. Since Suo Jia still had a request, he naturally did not want to leave, and thus agreed to join them without hesitation.

On the dining table, the Fourth Prince gently picked up some food and placed it in Wen Ya’s bowl. After lightly stowing his chopsticks, the Fourth Prince said in a neutral voice, “Little fellow, you’ve already been busy for the whole morning. Since my current mood is pretty good, you can just say whatever you wanted to request of me.”

“What are you saying, I can’t just help brother-in-law for no reason?” Suo Jia smiled mischievously.

“Eh!” Pretending to nod his head in understanding, the Fourth Prince laughed, “If that is so, then I will not mind you. I’m just about full, so I will go rest now!” After saying these words,

“Don’t!” Seeing this scene, Suo Jia shouted out in panic to stop him. After all, Suo Jia was still young, and so he couldn’t keep his calm.

“Hahahaha…..” Seeing Suo Jia’s panicked expression, Wen Ya and the Fourth Prince exchanged glances and immediately began to laugh together.

Seeing the couple laughing hard, Suo Jia finally realized that the two had simply been playing with him. He pouted as he sulked, and chewed hard on the food in his mouth as he said, “Really, since I’ve already been seen through, I might as well just confess. If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have bothered to spend so much effort and save me from a headache!”

Seeing Suo Jia’s adorable manner, the Fourth Prince and Wen Ya laughed even harder. However, while they were laughing, the couple was secretly shocked. Suo Jia’s scheme was not very brilliant; any adult could easily see through it with a single glance. However, Suo Jia was only an 8 year-old child. Once he grew older and had gained much more experience, how skilled would he become?

Looking at Suo Jia with admiration, the Fourth Prince secretly praised him. Was this the amount of shrewdness an 8 year-old normally had? Throughout his whole life, he had never once seen an 8 year-old be so scheming. If the Fourth Prince could not use this talent for his own benefit, then once Suo Jia grew older, the Fourth Prince would be putting himself in danger!

Although the Fourth Prince had the power to inherit the throne, it must be known that he was only the fourth prince. There were eight others that had the same rights. The final person to successfully inherit the throne depends on not only their accomplishments, but also how influential they could be to foster a trusted confidant to establish their own power. These are steps that all princes had to experience.

Although Suo Jia’s scheme today had been easily seen through, he had already won the Fourth Prince’s admiration. Seeing the sulking Suo Jia, the Fourth Prince secretly decided that he definitely had to win over this child. Ten years from now, when the Fourth Prince would fight for the throne, Suo Jia would definitely be able to help him succeed!

Author’s Note:

Everyone already said that Suo Jia’s knowledge is too high, unlike an 8 year-old. This can only explain one point, which is that I have achieved my goal. Otherwise, how would I let the Fourth Prince notice Suo Jia? Of course, the Fourth Prince’s appearance is only a passing part in the plot, soon it will be gone.

As for the weight of 6000 gold, ha. This is really something I have never considered hehe, this is definitely a BUG. Sorry…

As for everything going too smoothly for Suo Jia….nnn….it is definitely a bit too favorable, but there is a reason for it. As for what the reason is, you will find out in the future. If it isn’t favorable then it won’t work, since there are shady people behind the scenes. I can only say this much, everyone should just guess the rest themselves. It should be something that can be speculated. Moreover, the story has already presented it, and it could even be said that it has been clearly written, it’s just that nobody has yet detected it.

As a final comment: never only look at the surface of things. A lot of things look like they are bright and sunny, but they are actually very dark; especially human nature, which is even more so.

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