CCM 051

Translated by: FatChinee, Silva, Taffy

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Chapter 51 – It Really Hurts Too Much

In his entire life, Suo Jia had never suffered a beating. Even if it was Suo Jia’s mother, she was reluctant to even touch one of his fingers. Later on, when he had first arrived at Holy Light, although it was a different place, his classmates were all girls. No one would so violently hit him. Thus, at that time, Suo Jia was still unsure of what could be considered bullying.

However, although he didn’t know the difference between discipline and bullying, Suo Jia was still very angry. Who was this guy, to cause him that much pain? Did they know each other?

Infuriated, Suo Jia’s small face turned a bright red, yelling in fury, “What are you doing, remove your hand!”

Seeing that the little guy was not only unafraid of him, but was also shouting in anger, the youth was momentarily stunned. Originally, he had only wanted to playfully harass this guy for a bit. However, he had not expected that the opposing party would not only refuse to give him face, but also rage at him! At that moment, the red clad warrior felt that his pride was being challenged. If the formidable fire elemental warrior could not even discipline a small child, then how little was he worth?

While thinking, the red clad warrior felt anger in his heart. However, he put it aside and gently opened his hand. Smiling, he said, “Okay, okay, okay… Since you are telling me to let go, I’m letting go… See, I let go right?”

Seeing the other party slowly retracting his hand, although Suo Jia was still very angry, he forced himself to hold it in. Right when he was about to turn around and not waste any more time on this individual, suddenly, Suo Jia could only see a sheen of golden light. His brain was beginning to lose consciousness, and severe pain impacted Suo Jia’s nerves.

When Suo Jia once again gained his composure, he was stunned to find out that he had already left the wooden chair, and was currently lying on the floor about three meters away. His mouth could only taste a salty liquid. He suddenly spat out, and saw that it was actually intensely red colored blood. Looking at the severe trail of blood on the ground, he could see that there were some teeth mixed in as well.

Suo Jia’s brain was in turmoil as his body was covered in severe pain, and what was especially in pain was his mouth. After receiving the slap on his left cheek, his face had completely gone numb, and all he could hear in his left ear was a buzzing noise, preventing him from hearing anything else clearly.

Suo Jia did not know what happened. What was it that caused him to be hit in that way; did he do something wrong? That couldn’t be right… he hadn’t done anything, so how could he have done something wrong?

Struggling to get up, he wanted to ask the other individual for an explanation. However, when he barely managed to prop up his four limbs, his brain became woozy, and he once again collapsed. Suo Jia’s two elbows and knees were already injured, overflowing and oozing out blood, dying his sleeves and knee areas completely red.

Although he couldn’t get up, Suo Jia had to get an explanation. Lifting his head with effort, he loathingly glared at the red clad warrior, and Suo Jia angrily said, “Who are you? Why did you attack me; did I offend you somehow?”

“Pa la… pa la… pa la…” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the red clad warrior was about to answer, when the sound of messy footsteps from behind Suo Jia interrupted him.

Within the red zone, thirty-six figures hidden in cloaks gloomily walked out. On the bright red cloaks, there were embroideries of a golden flame. All of these people’s faces, hands, and feet were hidden within the darkness, their bodies emitting a cold and murderous killing intent, as well as a gloomy atmosphere.

“Gu lu…” Nervously looking at the 36 individuals, the red clad warrior swallowed with difficulty. He did not reply to Suo Jia’s question, and immediately turned around and ran.

Before, it wasn’t too bad, but recently these girls didn’t know if they had the wrong medicine or something. Whenever any of them put on their red cloaks, they would pick fights with others. There were already many arrogant and obstinate individuals that had been wounded by their hands. Now, almost all of the rumors were about these fire wind warriors.

Seeing the red clad warrior’s embarrassing escape, the 36 fire wind warriors only gave him a glance. Silently lowering their heads, they no longer paid attention to him. However, right when they were about to leave, they saw Suo Jia lying on the floor, covered in blood!

Although it was his back that faced them, who was Suo Jia? He was their one and only hope. In their minds, Suo Jia’s figure was even clearer than that of a lover’s, if they did not have one yet.

In a hurry, all of the fire wind warriors rushed towards Suo Jia. Seeing his mouth covered in blood and his nerves disrupted, the Suo Jia in front of them appeared confused. All of the the fire wind warriors felt like exploding. Who was it? Who was it that dared to harm their only hope?

The fire wind female warriors, who had their faces destroyed originally, already had bad tempers. After all, they were being roasted constantly by winds and fire. Since they had quick and easy-to-burst tempers, there was no one who was willing to provoke them.

However, now there was someone who dared treat Suo Jia in this manner. His spirit was already in disarray. This really drove the already crazy girls mad. Even if they could tolerate someone cutting them, they wouldn’t ever allow others to lay a finger on Suo Jia. If they could still move, would they wait for others to make the first move? They would move their two hands themselves.

Hurriedly helping Suo Jia up, the red clad girl asked furiously, “Suo Jia, quickly tell us. Who was it that bullied you to this extent?”

“Haha…” Smiling miserably, Suo Jia replied weakly, “I understand who did this; this was planned by the heavens. I wanted to save you all, but contrary to the heavens’ will, God is punishing me, causing me to experience this catastrophe!”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, all of the girls were in shock. At the same time, he began murmuring, “Maybe I shouldn’t have came here today, and shouldn’t have helped you guys. The heavens have already given me this warning, if I continue to help you guys, I’ll lose my life!”

Speaking up to this point, with the help of a few fire wind warriors, Suo Jia weakly stood up. In shame, he looked at all the girls and said, “I’m very sorry. Originally…I had come to tell you girls today that I had already persuaded all of my classmates to help you girls recover your appearances, and maintain your beautifulness for the rest of your lives.”

“Xi!” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, all of the girls’ brains became dizzy; they could not believe that this was real. Although they all had this wish, they all clearly understood how difficult and impossible this task was. In order to convince 100 girls to help them, Suo Jia had to get the all of the girls’ parents’ consent. When all of the fire wind warriors thought about it, they realized that this was an impossible request. However, Suo Jia had told them that he already completed this miraculous task!

While all the fire wind warriors were so ecstatic that they didn’t know what to do, Suo Jia gloomily said, “However, you girls have all witnessed what happened today. I have not actually helped you yet, but my punishment has already arrived. It looks like….God also does not want to let me help you girls. He does not want to witness you girls gain the strongest powers, while maintaining your beautiful appearances at the same time. If you still want me to continue helping you, I will lose my life!”

Speaking up to here, Suo Jia pushed away the girl that was helping him. He said with a sigh, “It’s not that I don’t want to help you guys, I really tried. However, if even God does not want to help out, then I can only apologize.” Finishing what he wanted to say, Suo Jia turned around and walked towards the main gate of the school, swaying from side to side.

Blankly looking at Suo Jia’s retreating form, each of the female warriors were completely stuck in a daze. Seeing Suo Jia gradually leave, they could not even gather enough energy to call after him. Could it be….that God really did not desire for them to recover their former beauty?

“Creak… Creak…. Creak…. “ While watching Suo Jia disappearing from their field of vision, all the fire wind warriors got so angry that they nearly ground their teeth to pieces. Their eyes had fires burning within them!

Perhaps they wouldn’t be able to fight against God or punish God. But they could at least punish the guy who caused trouble for them. They could punish the trash who dared to make a move on Suo Jia!

After staying silent for a while, one of the red robes complained, “The one who hit Suo Jia must be that red clad warrior earlier. Just now, did anyone took note of his appearance?”

Faced with this question, all the fire wind warriors were silent. After a while, a soft voice sinisterly said, “Although I did not see his face, I have already taken note of his figure!”

“Very good!” Hearing this, the girl who had initially spoken nodded, and said evilly, “In that case, even if we have to put our lives on the line, we must find this guy tomorrow morning. If we don’t beat him into eight pieces, how can we take out the resentment within our hearts! Perhaps he did not understand just how terrifying of a mistake he just committed. In that case, let us teach him a lesson!”

All of the fire wind warriors nodded in agreement. They all clearly knew that this was the only way to make Suo Jia calm down and change his mind. If, for example, the red clad warrior really was a messenger of the God, then he definitely would not die. If he did die, then he definitely wasn’t a messenger of God. Either way, that red clad warrior had to die!

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