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Translated by: Taffy
Edited by: mrbaconator, Comfortabull, Silva

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Chapter 69: Faerie’s Form

Atlantis was a person’s name, as well as a city’s name. The Atlantis Emperor’s water magic summons were at the god level; they were so powerful that he could create an entire city underwater!

The Atlantis equipment set was the Atlantis Emperor’s equipment. It was at the top of all Epic-ranked equipment sets, although its exact formidability remained unknown, since nobody had ever completely gathered all the parts of an Epic-ranked set before. According to the epic records, as long as one gathered all of the Atlantis set, one could utilize Atlantis Emperor’s power; the power that was able to create the mysterious underwater world!

However, the Atlantis set only appeared in parts. This crown was only one of them; the other parts had yet to appear. Naturally, there was nobody that could gather them all.

The crown in front of him seemed to be made of indigo sapphires. According to the legends, once one wore the crown, then he/she could use Atlantis’ Wisdom, although without a complete set, its effects were halved. However even so, it was already plenty strong. It definitely was on par with a Legendary-ranked magical item; its powerful effects definitely weren’t lower than the Faerie’s Soul’s.

Although the Faerie’s Soul was already a high grade Legendary-ranked magical item, Atlantis’ fame was much higher. The Atlantis Emperor’s achievements were too miraculous, and even amongst other Epic-ranked sets, the Atlantis set still qualified as a high grade equipment set. Thus, any one of its pieces were no less formidable than a Legendary-ranked equipment.

Suo Jia weakly fell back into his chair. With an agonized expression, he said to Emma, “Alright, you win. I’ll try to become friends with you. In addition…I’ll work hard to help you lose weight, and even be willing to maintain your beautiful appearance at any time.”

“Ya!” Emma exclaimed at Suo Jia’s words, and she shook as she replied, “What did you say? Do you mean…..”

Looking at the excited Emma, Suo Jia helplessly replied, “Don’t worry. Since you’ve already taken out Atlantis’ Wisdom, then I will definitely try my best to provide service for you. I will not only help you lose weight, but I will also help maintain your beauty, until you tell me to stop.”

“However, didn’t you say you’d only do it if we became friends?” Emma doubtfully asked.

Hearing Emma’s words, Suo Jia paused, then shook his head, “No, even if we weren’t friends, I would still do this. After all….there’s no way I can refuse the item you just took out. Since I accept your gift, I need to pay you back with service. Thus, even if you aren’t my friend, on behalf of the crown, I will try my best to help you. This is part of business ethics!”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, Emma finally sighed in relief. However, what was strange was that although she didn’t gain his friendship, she had still reached her objective. Yet, for some unknown reason, she couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

Emma sighed as she looked at Suo Jia. She knew that Suo Jia was completely able to nonchalantly accept the crown and agree to try to become friends with her. After all, that was what Emma had requested.

However, Suo Jia had not done so. He plainly admitted that even if they weren’t friends, for the sake of this crown, he would be willing to do one’s utmost to provide service for her. The fact that he was so frank about it confused Emma. It was obvious that saying it in such a way was disadvantageous to Suo Jia, and yet, why did he still choose to do so without any hesitation? Could it be…..that Suo Jia was an idiot?

After profoundly looking at Suo Jia for a while, Emma finally recalled Wen Ya’s words. If she wanted to earn Suo Jia’s friendship, then she had to be her truest self in front of Suo Jia. And right now, Suo Jia was doing so to her; in other words, Suo Jia was willing to try to become friends with her. Without hiding anything, he had plainly admitted his thoughts to Emma.

Seeing an unlimited happiness shine from his eyes, Emma suddenly discovered that seeing him so happy and excited also made her feel delight and satisfaction. Why was this? She wasn’t the one that had gained the item, so why was she feeling so ecstatic and content about it?

After fiddling with the crown for a while, Suo Jia finally returned to his senses. He smiled at Emma, “Alright, I can help you lose weight at any time. You can choose the location and time!”

“Ok…” Emma muttered to herself for a bit, then excitedly said, “Then how about tomorrow, tomorrow night. I’ll wait for you at my home. It’s best if my mother and father watch from the sides. Otherwise, if the change is too great, I’m afraid my mother and father won’t recognize me.”

Smiling. Suo Jia nodded, “No problem, it’s decided then. Tomorrow evening at 8, I will punctually arrive at your house and help you lose weight. However…although your parents can watch from the sidelines, it’s best if you warn them that no matter what, they cannot make any sounds. Otherwise, if anything goes wrong, then it could lead to an irreparable damage, and you may lose all hopes of ever becoming beautiful again.”

After planning everything out, Suo Jia escorted Emma out. Afterwards….Suo Jia brought the three treasures to the underwater training area, impatient to try them. Putting aside the Faerie’s Soul, the Atlantis’ Wisdom alone was too tempting for Suo Jia to resist. After all, it was an Epic-ranked magical equipment.

Sitting cross-legged in the largest room, Suo Jia first inspected the Vulcan’s Roar. It was always best to look at things from the worst to the best. That way, the more one progressed, the happier one would become. If one started from the greatest object, then the excitement would gradually become disappointment.

Flipping the Vulcan’s Roar over and over, Suo Jia couldn’t help but feel regret. Even though it was an Ideal-ranked magic weapon, Suo Jia had absolutely no use for it. The reason he felt such great regret over the magic weapon in his hands was because among the 3 magical items, this was the only one that could boost a magic’s strength. Even if Suo Jia wore both the other two at the same time, it would not increase his magic’s strength at all. And the one object that could was one that Suo Jia couldn’t use, since he had an affinity for the water element, while the staff was for the fire element.

Regretfully setting the Vulcan’s Roar next to him, Suo Jia picked up the case with the Faerie’s Soul inside. He gently opened the case, and at that moment….the sparkling and translucent Faerie’s Soul appeared before his eyes.

The so-called Faerie’s Soul was really just a necklace with a chain of a secret type of silver, and attached to the chain was the legendary Faerie’s Soul, which was the real treasure of the necklace.

The Faerie’s Soul was a peanut-sized hexagonal gem that was entirely transparent. Within the crystal-like gem was a green light that constantly flashed from within the gem. Was that the faerie princess’s soul?

Taking a deep breath, Suo Jia excitedly put the necklace on his neck. He loosened his collar so that the necklace rested against his bare skin. At that moment….a refreshing feeling entered from the skin on his neck. In the blink of an eye, it rushed through Suo Jia’s entire body, and Suo Jia could clearly sense all the magical elements surrounding him begin to move towards him. In that instant, Suo Jia felt that…..he and the magical elements within him had already become friends.

Closing his eyes, Suo Jia closely reached out at the magical elements moving in and out of his body. This Faerie’s Soul really lived up to its reputation of a Legendary-ranked magical item. Before, although Suo Jia’s body didn’t reject magical elements from entering his body, the magic power that entered was at an extremely slow pace, and his recovery rate was also not high.

However now that Suo Jia had a body that didn’t reject the magical elements as a base, his body had a strong, attractive force that drew the surrounding magical elements towards him. The magical elements continued to constantly flow through his body, sometimes flowing in, and sometimes flowing out. This definitely increased the effects of the magic power’s growth and recovery.

It could be said that after wearing the Faerie’s Soul, no matter whether he was in his normal state or meditative state, his magic power recovery and growth were both boosted by 100%. This was the reason behind the Faerie’s Soul’s high value.

After quietly relishing in the Faerie’s Soul’s benefits, Suo jia slowly opened his eyes, and looked over at the case holding the Atlantis crown. As a top Epic-ranked magical equipment, what would the effects of the crown be like?

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