CCM 071

Translated by: FatChinee, Taffy
Edited by: M2t5, mrbaconator

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Chapter 71 – Feigning Death to Escape

The 36 fire wind warriors were currently venturing deep within the forest of magical beasts, under the guidance of 10 instructors. Making sure that the instructors were not paying attention, six red clad girls quietly moved to the back of the team, exchanged a few words, and disappeared.

After walking for a short while, the instructors all stopped. The leader of the instructors heavily said, “Alright, there is only one requirement this time. All of you are to pass through this long and narrow jungle and annihilate any magical beasts in your path. Take note that no matter what, you should not deviate from the main path. If you deviate from the path, remember under no circumstances should you enter the red zone. If you do, your life will definitely be in danger!”

Faced with the guidance of the instructors, all of the girls nodded their heads, but none of them replied. The instructor was used to this type of situation and waved his hand, gesturing for the girls to move out at once, before loudly saying, “We will wait for you at the final mission destination. Everyone needs to try their hardest and make it past these jungle obstacles as quickly as possible.”

With a last glance towards the fire wind warriors, the ten or so instructors turned around and left this forest. They got onto the horse carriages waiting for them, and rode down towards the other end of the forest. The instructors did not want to undergo the same path as their students, as the environment within the forest was simply too harsh.

On the other end of forest, before the 36 fire wind warriors had walked very far, a shadow flashed past. A black clad individual with a delicate figure appeared before them, and quickly said, “Everything has already been arranged and time is short. Hurry up!”

All the fire wind warriors quickly nodded their head and swiftly followed that petite silhouette. After arriving at a specific location, they surveyed the area and found 36 unconscious women had been laid out on an empty space of the forest.

Next, the 36 fire wind warriors quickly took off their own cloaks, and put them on the women unconscious on the ground.

One of the fire wind warriors was unable to contain her curiosity and asked, “Where did these women come from? Aren’t they too pitiful? Because of our lives, we had to sacrifice theirs, this… “

Listening to the fire wind warrior’s words, the black clad masked man dully said, “If we don’t do it this way, how are we supposed to trick anyone? But rest assured, these women do not deserve your pity. They are disciples of an evil cult. These individuals wanted to consume an infant’s brain to increase their spiritual powers. Killing one equals saving hundred lives, so you girls do not need to feel guilty.”

“Pei!” After they heard the black clad man’s words, a few fire wind warriors spat a mouthful of saliva towards the women on the ground with enmity. That was way too inhumane, even if it was for increasing one’s strength, one shouldn’t eat an infant’s brain. They even dared to carry out this kind of inhumane act. They couldn’t even be considered human anymore, and simply deserved to die.

Very soon, all the fire wind warriors exchanged their cloaks with the women on the ground, and under the guidance of the black clad man, they quickly left the crime scene.

Shortly after a few people left, sounds of people moving swiftly could be heard within the forest. Very soon… one black figure arrived at the scene, as quick as lightning. He glanced at the women on the ground with a ruthless smile on his face.

After waiting for a while, the black figure strained his ears to listen attentively and started moving at full speed again. The moment the black silhouette left, one bright red magical beast that was around 10 meters in height violently leapt out from the depths of the forest.

“Roar!” The magical beast seemed extremely angry, as it couldn’t find the black figure. It looked up to the sky and started to roar.

Soon, the magical beast discovered the girls on the open sections of the ground. The furious magical beast had finally found a target to vent its anger out on. It shot out a surge of blazing flames, directly burning the closer girls to crisps before they could even cry out. This wasn’t the end either. What followed was really not appropriate to describe, as the magical beast tore through and stomped on……

On the other side, not long after the teachers had set off, they encountered a few warriors covered in blood, pleading for help. Out of curiosity, the teachers questioned them about their circumstances. Who knew that they would end up regretting their decision to ask? As soon as they had received answers, the teachers practically lost their souls. They found out from the unfortunate victims that a Flaming Misty Agate Beast had somehow managed to escape from the deep parts of the forest, and was currently running loose!

The Misty Agate Beast was a rank 8 magical beast. It had an explosive temperament, and would ruthlessly kill any forms of life in its vicinity. The reason that the teachers had warned the students to never enter the red zone of the forest was precisely because it was the Misty Agate Beast’s territory!

Greatly shocked, the teachers ignored the messengers that had brought the news. They quickly jumped on carriages, and charged at full speed to the nearby forest, in the direction that the fire wind warriors had gone. Fortunately….it hadn’t been that long since they had first set out. Perhaps they would still be able to catch up in time.

Finally, a group of teachers who had fervently rushed to the scene arrived “just in time”. What they saw was the great Misty Agate Beast crazily wreaking havoc. It was surrounded by torn limbs and the entire scene was covered with fresh blood. The entire ground had already been completely dyed bright crimson.

It was too tragic to see their own students encounter such a dark end. Even if they returned to the school, they would definitely receive the cruelest punishment possible. In an instant, the dozen of teachers began to tear up, and recklessly charged at the Misty Agate Beast. Even if they were unable to save the students’ lives anymore, they still needed to get back at the girls’ killer.

In reality, this plan still had some flaws. Although the torn red cloaks could be found on the scene, as well as a large amount of destroyed limbs, the scene still lacked traces of a fight. Although the fire wind warriors might not have been a match for the Misty Agate Beast,there was no way they would’ve simply stood there, waiting for their deaths to arrive. Together as a group, they would have tried to counter attack somehow.

However, by the time the teachers arrived, they would only see traces of the havoc the Misty Agate Beast had wrought, and there would be no signs of the girls struggling. This was the greatest flaw in the plan. However, it was clear that the teachers would simply rush over to the scene, disregarding everything else around them. Thus, this loophole had ceased to be a problem.

Even though it was a rank 8 magical beast, they still had the advantage in numbers. The Holy Light teachers all had extraordinary tyrannical powers, and with the dozen of them combined, they formed an overwhelming power!

Finally, the dozen of teachers managed to defeat the large Misty Agate Beast by attacking crazily with all their efforts. However, the teachers were not able to gain anything from this result, as only 6 of the 14 teachers had survived. Although they were covered in cuts and bruises and had a few broken limbs, they were still alive.

Heavily breathing hard, the few teachers exchanged looks with each other. They knew that if they returned like this, they would definitely be unable to escape death. Losing all of Holy Light Empire’s newest generation of fire wind warriors was too great of a crime. After all….this had been the result of poor work ethics. Unless……

After pondering for a while, the few teachers’ eyes lit up. Everyone knew that there was only one possible circumstance where they would not only avoid punishment, they would even become heroes: if they had encountered the accident together with all the students, and then their colleagues and all the students had died in battle, while they had barely managed to escape with their lives!

Soon, the few surviving teachers gathered together and quietly murmured amongst themselves for a while. Finally, they dragged the badly damaged bodies, as well as the Fiery Agate Beast’s corpse, towards the forest.

A week later, the grievous news reached Holy Light City. The fire wind warriors group had encountered a mature Flaming Misty Agate Beast , causing the whole group to die. 14 military instructors tried their utmost to save them, and with the deaths of 8 instructors and 6 of the instructors seriously wounded and handicapped, they were finally able to eradicate the Flaming Misty Agate Beast.

Just as the six teachers had planned, they not only managed to avoid punishment, they had even become heroes: elites that were able to slaughter a rank 8 Flaming Misty Agate Beast. They were showered by an endless amount of invitation letters. If the teachers no longer wanted to instruct and directly resign from their duties, they could directly become bodyguards for the rich and powerful aristocrats.

Everyone believed that the group of fire wind warriors had already been completely decimated. However, in reality, the fire wind warrior sisters had secretly infiltrated a commerce metropolis as famous as Holy Light City — Glory City!

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