CCM 078

Translated by: Taffy, FatChinee
Edited by: mrbaconator

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Chapter 78 – Interspatial Ring

The vendor’s booth didn’t have that many items. There were only 4 in total: the greatsword, the glove, a dagger, and a brand new longbow. Overall, it seemed that the bow’s value was the lowest, while the greatsword’s value was the highest. The glove’s value could not be appraised, and the dagger was old and battered, appearing as if it had been picked up from who knows where.

Surveying the surrounding customers, the vendor continued, “This greatsword’s value is already more than an Excellent-ranked mage staff’s. Because high-ranked fire elemental staffs are rare, it is impossible to exchange this sword for an Ideal-ranked staff. Thus, as long as I manage to receive a Precious-ranked staff, I will already be quite lucky.”

The vendor pointed at the glove and the dagger and said, “The glove and dagger were found when we excavated ancient ruins on an adventure. Their exact properties are unknown, and so they count as bonuses. However this bow is a good Power-ranked bow. No matter what, it’s still worth some money.”

At this point, the vendor waved his hand and said, “Alright, everything here right now combined can be exchanged for a Precious-ranked fire element staff. If anyone here has a better staff, I am willing to go to my companions for more items to exchange!”

Faced with the red clad mage’s declaration, the people could not help but smile bitterly. No matter how much they felt this deal was worthwhile, if they didn’t have anything in their possession, there was absolutely no way they could carry out the exchange!

While the red clad mage was shamelessly advertising, a warrior dressed in green armor strode over, and strongly pushed through the crowd. He loudly asked the mage, “Alright Sixth Brother, it’s already time for us to gather. Hurry up and return, Boss is getting impatient!”

“Aye….” Helplessly sighing, the red clad mage began to clean up his stuff, and regretfully leave the booth. Although he had already lowered his requirements, he still hadn’t been able to make the exchange. It seemed he could only go to a magic shop to find a Power-ranked staff for now; it was better than nothing.

Seeing the red clad mage leave, Suo Jia dragged Sixth Sister with him to silently run after the mage. Only after they had left the bazaar did they quicken their pace, and chase after the two people in front of them.

“Mister Mage, please wait!” Having already guessed the Young Master’s intention, Sixth Sister cried out in a melodious and clear voice to catch the two people’s attentions.

Hearing the shout, the red clad mage and the green armored warrior stopped in their tracks and looked behind them in confusion. Having caught the two’s attention, Suo Jia began to slow down as he gradually neared the red clad mage. Suo Jia then said in a low voice, “I have an Ideal-ranked fire elemental staff——Vulcan’s Roar. If you want it, then bring your things to the White Villa to find me at 8 tonight.” After he finished speaking, Suo Jia walked straight past the two people without any hesitation.

Suo Jia had not walked very far before his voice once again rang out, “Oh right, you should also know the value of Vulcan’s Roar. Therefore, just the items that had been displayed at your booth aren’t enough. If you bring some more items over tonight, I guarantee that I will offer you a fair price. I’m just like you; only looking to exchange, not to sell!” Suo Jia’s figure walked further into the distance with Sixth Sister following behind. They quickly blended back into the stream of people, and disappeared from sight.

Although Suo Jia also couldn’t confirm what the blue glove was and exactly what properties it had, Suo Jia intuitively felt that it was definitely something amazing. The outer appearance alone made the glove appear to be entirely carved out of wood, without any visible seams. They gave off the impression that it was made up of some sort of leather with a secret hidden inside it.

There was also that dagger. Although it looked beyond filthy, a single glance could discern the fact that the dagger had already existed for many years. Despite this fact, the dagger had absolutely no signs of corrosion. How could it possibly be an ordinary artifact?

In regards to the fire elemental greatsword, Suo Jia did not hold much interest for it. No matter how precious it was, it was still a ranked item that could be bought for money. Thus, it was not uncommon in the slightest.

Waiting is always difficult to endure. With difficulty, Suo Jia finally managed to last up until 8pm. Just as the White Villa’s customers had all left, a maid reported that there were some guests requesting entry at the door.

Suo Jia hurriedly ordered the maid to invite the guests into the living room. Soon afterwards….the mage in the red robe and the warrior in the green armor from earlier walked inside. Behind them followed a knight wearing silver armor!

As soon as he entered the room, the red clad mage impatiently asked, “Little fellow, do you really have Vulcan’s Roar?”

Nodding in confirmation, Suo Jia smiled, “I definitely do have Vulcan’s Roar. However, you must have the appropriate items to exchange for it. You should know that Vulcan’s Roar is….”

Originally, Suo Jia just wanted to say that Vulcan’s Roar was an Ideal-ranked staff, and far surpassed the red clad mage’s original conditions. However, he hadn’t imagined that before he had even finished speaking, the red clad mage excitedly cut him off, “Of course I know….although Vulcan’s Roar is only an Ideal-ranked staff, it can increase the fire elements’ power by 20% more than an ordinary staff can. The most important part is that Vulcan’s Roar has a peak grade fire crystal embedded on it. The stronger the user’s magic power, the better the effects displayed will be!”

“That….” Suo Jia stared at the red clad mage in a daze. He hadn’t imagined that Vulcan’s Roar would actually have this benefit as well. If the other party hadn’t mentioned it, he really wouldn’t have known.

While Suo Jia was surprised by the information, the red clad mage proudly continued, “In reality, Vulcan’s Roar is only lacking in a special effect in comparison to Legendary-ranked magic equipment. In terms of auxiliary effects, it is 100% based on the user. The stronger one’s magic power, the greater its supplementary effects. From this reasoning, if this staff is held by a formidable fire mage, it can be even stronger than a Legendary-ranked staff!”

“Eh….” After stuttering unintelligibly for a while, Suo Jia smiled bitterly, “I had thought I knew everything about this. I hadn’t imagined that you also clearly knew about the staff as well. In that case, there’s no need for me to waste my breath. Go ahead and take out the items you plan on exchanging. As long as they are appropriate, I will give you the staff!”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the red clad mage opened the bag that he had been carrying on his back. Immediately….the large fire elemental greatsword, the glove, the dagger, and the longbow all appeared in front of him one after another.

Smiling, Suo Jia shook his head and said, “I don’t need the bow. I’m not interested in anything that has a price. If you don’t have anything else that catches my eye, I will not run the exchange.”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the red clad mage stowed away the longbow, and then looked imploringly at the silver armored knight. Seeing the red clad mage’s pleading gaze, the silver armored knight helplessly laughed bitterly, then reached into his pocket to pull out a very tiny box, throwing it towards Suo Jia.

As Suo Jia unconsciously caught the box, the knight helplessly said, “This is an Ideal-ranked magic ring. Although combined with the Inferno Blade, it may still not be enough to exchange for Vulcan’s Roar, this is all we currently have.”

Ignoring the knight’s words, Suo Jia gently opened the box. Immediately…a simple and unadorned, but elegant ring appeared before him.

The ring seemed similar to a thimble. From it’s outer appearance, it was completely mediocre, and it looked to be made of brass. Its surface was smooth and slippery; it was obvious with only a single glance that the ring was quite old. Besides from this, nothing else could be discerned about it.

Seeing Suo Jia’s puzzled expression, the knight smiled, “Don’t just look at its mediocre appearance. This isn’t an ordinary object. Although it is not a Legendary-ranked magic ring, it is an interspatial ring made by Atom Alchemic Lab. It not only can contain a cubic meter volume’s worth of objects, it can also materialize a Space Shield, which can resist any type of physical attacks once!”

“What!” Hearing the knight’s words, Suo Jia cried out in shock. This Atom Alchemic Lab was extremely famous, and was a world renowned laboratory a hundred years ago. This Atom Alchemic Lab rose to fame because of the interspatial ring, but at the same time, fell because of it too.

From creation to destruction, the Atom Alchemic Lab had a total of about 10,000 interspatial rings. Within that amount, most of them have already disappeared. In this world, there were currently only roughly several thousand left in existence. Although this ring was not a Legendary-ranked magic item, its usefulness was still extremely high!

Holding the brass ring in his hand, Suo Jia’s eyes could not help but light up. Although it could only hold a cubic meter’s worth of items, if each of the fire wind warriors had one, then it would save them much effort whenever they ran their commerce routes. In addition, the most important factor was that this ring could release a Space Shield. This was an absolute defense! Although the Space Shield could only resist a single attack every time it was used, it could be the life-saving straw at a critical moment.

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