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Translated by: Taffy, FatChinee

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Chapter 84 – The Relationship Between Friends Pt. 2

Hearing that Suo Jia needed her for something, Emma stopped her hand from grabbing more grapes and replied in confusion, “You have something to talk to me about? What kind of thing, tell me about it.”

Seeing Emma’s cute smiling face, Suo Jia opened his mouth and said, “Recently, I assigned some people to bring back some Snow Lotus fruits. I didn’t expect to end up with so much, and the White Villa is incapable of consuming all of it. That’s why I wanted to ask you to find a way to sell these Snow Lotus fruits through other market channels.

“Snow Lotus fruits!” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, Emma replied in surprise, “You actually have Snow Lotus fruits! Where is it… quickly bring it over here, I want to eat some…”

Smiling, Suo Jia shook his head. This girl couldn’t say even three words without mentioning ‘eat’. She was no longer afraid of becoming the Shar Pei woman she used to be. With Suo Jia by her side, even if she wanted to change back, it’d be impossible.

While thinking, Suo Jia smiled and said, “Rest assured, there is more than enough Snow Lotus fruits to go around. A single person would not be able to eat it all no matter how hard they tried. If you want to eat some, then eat to your heart’s content. However the thing regarding these Snow Lotus fruits…”

Looking at Suo Jia in confusion, Emma could not understand the situation. “These Snow Lotus fruits are so precious, people could only fear that there aren’t enough. How could anyone have excess? How much do you have, I’ll buy it all!

Without batting an eyelid, Suo Jia glanced at Emma and said, “These are words you said yourself. Actually, it’s not that much, just 900 kg. Do you really want to purchase them all?”

“Agah!” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, Emma suddenly dropped her jaw in disbelief and said, “How could you have so much? Could it be that you grow these things in your backyard?”

Of course, Emma was only joking. While she said this, she knit her brows as she contemplated the issue. After a while, Emma finally said, “I can’t eat so many Snow Lotus fruits. How about this: place these Snow Lotus fruits under a shop with my father’s name behind it. However much they sell for, I’ll pay it back to you. What do you think?”

“En…” After pondering for a moment, Suo Jia flatly said, “That works too, however… we are merely selling on behalf of others, so the actual seller should take a portion of the income that they deem is appropriate.”

“Aiya, what kind of relationship do we have? If you sell things at our place, how could we take a portion of it!” Emma vigorously waved her hand quickly.

Seeing Emma acting so cute, Suo Jia smiled and said, “It’s because we are familiar with each other that we have to clearly do these things. A so-called gentleman’s friendship is also called keeping clear accounts. How things should be done is how things are going to be done. If you can help me get rid of these things, then I would already be very grateful. You have to take out your share, you must take out your share or else I will rather find someone else to do this.”

“Alright!” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, Emma resolutely said, “Since you earn so much and want us to take a portion, then we won’t take it halfheartedly. However, there’s no need to worry, I’ll definitely ask my father to advertise it properly, and sell the Snow Lotus fruits at high prices. We should gain our fortunes together!”

While speaking, Emma tossed the last few grapes into her mouth, and she said unclearly, “In that case, I’ll go back now and get it done with. Just send all of the Snow Lotus fruits to my household. I’ll handle everything from there.”

Seeing Emma leaving so happy and excited, Suo Jia could not help but let out a big breath. He originally thought that it would be a really difficult and embarrassing task to ask for help. However, now he didn’t know whether he was the one begging for help or whether it was the other way around, and it wasn’t embarrassing at all. It was like what Eldest Sister said; between friends, if someone needed something, the other had to help out.

Suo Jia hurriedly ordered for the 36 bags of Snow Lotus fruits to be delivered to Emma’s household. Afterwards, Suo Jia rushed back to the underground training area. It was about time to give those rings to the girls.

The reason why he was gifting the girls with such precious items was for two reason: the first was because with those interspatial rings, they could deliver more merchandise each time. The other reason was for the sake of their safety. With these rings, each girl had three life-saving straws that they could use in a critical moment of danger, providing them a great help.

Suo Jia entered the underwater training area, and swept his gaze across all the girls that were silently sitting there, as if they were meditating. However…. Suo Jia was not a warrior, and so he didn’t know exactly what they were training in, and how they were doing it.

Waiting for a short while, all of the girls opened their eyes and saw Suo Jia arriving. All of the girls immediately gathered together, and hurriedly wanted to know what they were going to do with the Snow Lotus fruits. Only when Suo Jia told them that they found a solution did they let out breaths of relief.

These Snow Lotus fruits had consumed 2 months of their time, and had required a lot of arduous efforts to transport them back to Holy Light City. If the fruits didn’t sell for good prices, then their toiling efforts the past 2 months would be completely meaningless.

From within his bosom, Suo Jia pulled out the pouch containing the rings. From the ring Suo Jia had, all of the contents poured onto the rug in front of them. Seeing Suo Jia act in this way, all the girls began to wonder when Suo Jia began to grow fond of rings, as he carried so many with him.

Seeing the girls’ puzzled expressions, Suo Jia smoothly picked up a ring, and wore it on his left hand. He then faced the girls and said to one of them, “Draw your swords, and attack me once at full power!”

“Ah!” All the girls exclaimed in shock at Suo Jia’s words. In their opinion, at such close range, a mage wasn’t that different from an ordinary person. If they swung their blades down in such a circumstance, wouldn’t he be completely doomed?

Noticing that the opposite party was unwilling to act, Suo Jia gloomily said, “What? In your eyes, am I extremely weak? If I told you to attack me, then attack. What is there to consider? Hurry up, hurry up, if you don’t attack me soon, how will you know of the ring’s benefits?”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the girl clenched her teeth, and charged while shouting towards him with the swords that were previously on her backs. However… although on the outside she seemed extremely fierce, in truth, she knew how far she would go. Right before she would cause Suo Jia any harm, she would pull back and stop her sword!

“Dong!” The great sound rang out; not waiting for the girl to decrease her speed, Suo Jia lightly waved his left hand. As if electrically shocked, the greatswords in the girl’s hands seemed to have swung down on steel, and was immediately repelled!

They stared at Suo Jia, dumbstruck. In the girls’ eyes, Suo Jia’s bare fists seemed to have directly countered the greatsword and repelled it backwards. Suo Jia looked towards the girl that had just attacked. The hands that had been gripping the swords were incessantly shaking, with fresh blood dripping down from the web between her thumbs and fingers.

Looking at Suo Jia in shock, momentarily, within the eyes of the girls, Suo Jia suddenly casted a mysterious veil. What type of martial art was this? With such a casual wave of a hand, it was able to reflect back that sharp blow. Was this still considered a technique?

Suo Jia gleefully smiled at the girls’ shocked expressions. He removed the ring and said, “Come, come, come, there’s enough rings with the same effect for everyone. You all have one each!”

Blankly, they accepted the rings that Suo Jia passed over to them one by one. After quite a while, they finally woke up from their stupors, and incredulously looked at the rings in their hands. They looked back at Suo Jia, and one of the girls cried out in shock, “Heavens! Mister Suo Jia, don’t tell me that the scene that had just occurred was caused by this tiny ring!”

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