CCM 085

Translated by: Totokk, Taffy

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Chapter 85 – Combat Equipment Pt. 1

Suo Jia smiled and nodded his head before he answered with certainty, “That’s right, it’s as you have guessed. In reality, the awesome thing about the interspatial ring as shown previously is the Space Shield effect that comes with it. It’s invisible, but it’s an absolute defense! ”

“Invisible, Space Shield?” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, one of the girl exclaimed in shock. Immediately raising her head, she gave Suo Jia an uncomprehending look, as she asked, “This ring, could it be the interspatial ring known in legends?”

Nodding his head, Suo Jia calmly answered, “That’s right. Except that ring, do you really believe there are other rings with the same capability?”

“Oh my God!” Shaking while looking at this spatial ring, the girl cried out in astonishment, “This is really an interspatial ring! And in terms of value, it is simply priceless! Although the market’s first offer is only 10 million gold coins, this is something no one has ever been willing to sell.

In the middle of her speech, the girl lifted up her head, and said with a puzzled look, “Although we have been working very hard to make this money, in my opinion, the amount we have been struggling to gather is too few compared to this value of 10 million gold coins. The fact you want to give this ring to us now is… ”

Looking at the group of girls before him carefully, Suo Jia calmly answered, “You girls constantly go out, and can encounter danger at any moment. By giving you these rings, I just hope that they can save your lives if you’re ever in a critical moment of danger. You are all my good friends; I don’t wish for anything to happen to you girls!”

All of the girls’ couldn’t help but tightly grip the rings in their hands at Suo Jia’s words. This ring was already no longer just its original value; it also now contained Suo Jia’s feelings of concern and protection for them.

This interspatial ring was an essential thing that most elites used. When in danger, its absolute defense could block any attack. To an expert, this was equivalent to having multiple lives. Having this ring was the same as having a magic weapon that could protect the body. No matter how dangerous a situation was, the ring could be used as a life line.

In addition, if it was appropriately used, a ring like this could allow the girls to become victorious over originally undefeatable enemies. This was especially true for the 36 fire wind warriors, since they were originally powerful. With the addition of these rings, their formidability would be beyond ridiculous. They would even be able to defeat their opponents by simply wearing them down until they were half dead.

The girls didn’t reject such precious items, and they quietly slipped the rings on their fingers. First of all, no one could possibly reject such a present. Secondly….this present contained Suo Jia’s emotions within them, making it difficult to reject. These feelings could only be returned with the identical intentions; there was no other method of repaying him.

During the following few days, the entire Holy Light City was stirred up with movement. With the appearance of the Snow Lotus fruits, anyone from high ranking nobles to wanderers were completely enticed by such amazing goods. These fruits were rare, even in the northern cities, let alone at Holy Light City, which was a metropolis much further from the North.

How intense the people were buying up the goods doesn’t really require any further details to describe. Every time a Snow Lotus fruit was put up for sale outside the shop, a line a few hundreds of meters would immediately form to purchase them. If the supply wasn’t unlimited, all of the Snow Lotus fruits would’ve most likely been entirely whisked away in an instant.

Seeing how amazing the sales of the Snow Lotus fruits were, Suo Jia was extremely envious. However, Suo Jia had no other way; since he didn’t have stores, he couldn’t have advertised extensively enough to form such a crowd. Before he built his own shop, he had no alternative but to rely on others for help.

Lazily lying down on a chair, Suo Jia ate the priceless Snow Lotus fruits as common fruits. The scarlet Snow Lotus fruits were sweet and bitter at the same time. When in the mouth, one couldn’t differentiate between sweetness and bitterness, and could only keep eating it. The fruit had an indescribably heavenly taste that would spread in the mouth. After eating one, it made any person want to continue eating more and more, as the person got increasingly more addicted to its amazing flavor.

Although this little thing could raise spirit power, it couldn’t be that much. Otherwise, it was easy to get addicted. Once addicted, then one would be forced to stop eating it, since it wouldn’t be any different from poison.

Although selling the fruits for money was important, Suo Jia didn’t worry about eating them himself. After all….things that could boost one’s spirit power were things that no mage would be willing to skip out on. Suo Jia hadn’t eaten anything else but Snow Lotus fruits the past week. The fruits had become his only source of meals, and after a week had passed, he had eaten an entire bag of them.

In reality, the consumption of Snow Lotus fruits was supposed to be restrained. Eating one fruit could improve spirit power, but eating too many won’t have any effects, and thus they’d be wasted. However, Suo Jia didn’t care about these things, and gorged himself on them. Surprisingly, Suo Jia discovered that after eating a lot of them, there was a certain point where the spirit power would suddenly increase rapidly!

Finally, Suo Jia tossed the last Snow Lotus fruit into his mouth. Not completely satisfied, he licked his fingers clean. After eating 25kg of Snow Lotus fruits, Suo Jia had already gotten addicted. Unfortunately, he had eaten all of the fruits he had; besides from licking his fingers, he couldn’t do much else anymore.

Just as he was feeling sorry for finishing all the fruits, the room door opened, and Eldest Sister walked in with an excited expression. She placed a list in front of Suo Jia, and happily said, “The Snow Lotus fruits have all been sold. This is the list that Emma’s household sent; it also has the total income earned from the Snow Lotus fruits.”

Suo Jia reached out to look at the list closely. For each 0.05 kg of 9000 kg of Snow Lotus fruits that were sold, 20,000 gold was earned. The total earnings reached 360 million.

After splitting it amongst the fire wind warriors, they’d each get 5 million. They had really hit the jackpot this time. Although Suo Jia gave away half the earnings to the fire wind warriors, he himself still kept half of it. He had just spent 40 million, but then earned back 180 million; it was hard to imagine money could be earned so easily.

After receiving this good news, the first thing Suo Jia did was rush back to the underwater training area. Seeing Suo Jia walk over with such a happy expression, the girls expectantly looked at Suo Jia.

Facing the girls, Suo Jia loudly declared, “I bring good news; this operation was a complete success! All of the Snow Lotus fruits were sold out, and each of you earned 5 million in earnings!”

“Wa!” The girls all cried out in unison at Suo Jia’s words. Although they had always known that the Snow Lotus fruits were worth a lot of money, they hadn’t imagined that it could earn such a great amount.

Suo Jia said to the jubilant girls, “This time, I’ll give each of you 1 million gold for the time being. The rest of the money will still stay with me. Just as before, if you have a legitimate reason to use it, you can come to me at any time to collect the money.”

The girls didn’t really mind Suo Jia’s words. In their opinions, the million gold they were getting were their actual earnings. They didn’t plan on using the money that was in Suo Jia’s hands. Suo Jia had already given them rings worth millions of gold; when would they want money again? The additional money didn’t even need to be mentioned.

The girls all knew that the amount of money that Suo Jia spent on them would continue increasing. This was only the beginning; a strong group couldn’t just rely on the power of people. Equipment also had to keep improving, otherwise, how would the group grow stronger?

After some celebration, Suo Jia elegantly sat down. Of the 360 million gold, only 36 million had been given away. The amount of money under Suo Jia’s control had already reached 320 million. Even if he encountered a Legendary-ranked magic item, he’d still have the money to purchase it.

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    • Jerid says:

      How so? He uses his pet as a punching bag, smashing ice canons against it, and tormenting it in other ways. On top of that he would have never help them girls if it was not profitable for him. So no he is no angel.. Jia’s Devils should be more to the liking after all nothing coming from him was done in good nature. He is a selfish brat who does not like the idea of owing people.


  1. Normal Human Being says:

    Wait, wait. Hold the fuck on. He ate 25 kilograms of fruit?

    Are you telling me an eight year old child ate 55 POUNDS of fruit in a single sitting?


    • Normal Human Being says:

      Sorry, I misread. That was 55 pounds of fruit over the course of a week, not in a sitting. My point still stands though: even if he ate nothing but those fruits like the author says, that’s nearly eight pounds of fruit PER DAY. That would be a difficult feat for a grown man, much less a skinny eight year old kid.

      Like, let me put this in perspective here. I’ll use strawberries for comparison. The author makes them sound like you can pop them into your mouth in one bite, so it’d probably be closer to someone like a raspberry, but I’ll go with strawberries because it’s still insane regardless. An average, medium sized strawberry weighs 12 grams. So if he went through 25 kilograms of strawberries in a week, he would have eaten just over TWO THOUSAND (2083) strawberries in a week, or nearly THREE HUNDRED (297) strawberries a day.

      Oh, and if you think strawberries are too big to just pop into your mouth and wanted to go with raspberries for comparison? That’d mean he ate five thousand of them in a week somehow, and over seven hundred each day. That’s insane.

      This isn’t just business as usual with an overpowered character, the average eight year old only weighs about 56 pounds. He literally ate his own body weight in fruit over the course of a week. I can only suspend my disbelief so far here.

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