CCM 095

Translated by: FatChinee, Taffy
Edited by: mrbaconator

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Chapter 95 – Contesting With Innate Skills Pt. 1

Since he couldn’t bear to watch them go at it any longer, and did not wait for there to be a clear winner. Suo Jia stopped the two. Seeing the girls have vigorous fighting spirits still, but clearly running out of breath, Suo Jia bitterly said, “Let me ask you girls, are you two really going to use your techniques in this way during the competition?”

Looking at Suo Jia in confusion, Aimi replied without understanding, “If we don’t use it like this, how else would we use it? Right now, we only know three types of techniques. Even if we wanted to do something else , there are no other tricks to play!”

Tightly furrowing his brows, Suo Jia understood that what Xue Er said was the truth. Even if the one in this situation was Suo Jia, it would still be difficult to exert strength. Otherwise, why did he use the Exhaustion Training Method? Wasn’t the reason precisely because it was impossible to obtain victory using strictly Water Art techniques?

After thinking for a long time, Suo Jia lifted his head and looked at the girls while saying, “I want to ask you girls, how are your attitudes towards obtaining victory? Is it something that doesn’t really matter if you have it or not, or is it something that you absolutely must obtain?”

Faced with Suo Jia’s question, the two girls replied without hesitation, “We need to obtain it, of course. If there was a chance of winning, who would want to lose? Especially losing in front of all those teachers and students!”

Nodding his head slightly, Suo Jia narrowed his eyes and said in a low tone, “If it is like that, then have you ever thought about using the Exhaustion Training Method?”

“What!” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, Aimi was astonished and said in disbelief, “Although training in this way could increase one’s strength rapidly, it definitely is not worth it. It could increase one’s strength right now, but they’d be losing out in the future!”

Hearing Aimi’s words, Suo Jia’s face did not reveal the slightest change and calmly continued to look at them. Under Suo Jia’s gaze, Aila coldly said, “I do not believe in the future. A real warrior never truly knows how long they will live. If this method can quickly improve my strength, then I am willing to try it.”

Talking thus far, Aila lifted her head, and her eyes emitted a radiance while saying, “If I am not mistaken, Lord Suo Jia has already completed the Exhaustion Training Method!”

Smiling, Suo Jia calmly said, “You are correct, I used it three times. How about it, do you want to experience the results?”

Faced with Suo Jia’s interrogation, the two girls both nodded. Seeing this situation, Suo Jia smiled and said, “Alright, since you girls think that way, then both of you should come at me together.”

“What? Attacking together! You want to challenge both of us at once?” Aimi exclaimed loudly.

Not replying to Aimi’s words, Suo Jia slowly lifted his right hand, and quickly drew out a spell diagram while flatly saying, “You heard my words clearly. In that case, what are you waiting for?”

Seeing that Suo Jia was already casting his spell, the two girls no longer idled there, and quickly put some distance between them. At the same time, they casted their own spells to intercept Suo Jia’s magic.

Seeing the two girls who were putting some distance in between them, Suo Jia smiled. With a wave of his right hand, starting from the base of his feet, a layer of icy frost began to spread out in a circle around Suo Jia.

“Xi!” Seeing this scene, the two girls stopped momentarily and looked dumbfoundedly at Suo Jia. Under the two girls’ astonished gazes, the blue colored ice quickly enveloped Suo Jia’s body, forming a completely enclosed Glacial Armor!

Looking at the stupid expressions of the two girls, Suo Jia smiled. He waved his right hand in a circular manner, and an Ice Sphere was launched. Two Ice Spheres were released in succession, and with a roaring sound, they sped towards the two girls. Right when the two girls were about to dodge, the two Ice Spheres crashed into the ground in front of their feet.

The training area was extremely sturdy, but even if its sturdiness matched that of stone, when it received the impact of two cold emitting Ice Spheres, a pit formed. As for the two Ice Spheres, they were no longer visible.

Looking at the two dents in front of them in shock, the two girls’ expressions became extremely pale. They were extremely clear that once such violent attacks hit their bodies, even if they did not die their bones would definitely fracture. With only a single hit, they would completely lose their abilities to fight.

In terms of defense, Suo Jia had the Glacial Armor. Their Water Spheres would only make the Glacial Armor even thicker and sturdier, and couldn’t harm Suo Jia in the slightest. In addition, Suo Jia’s Ice Sphere could defeat them in one hit. There was no need for their participation in this match any more. Even if they had a few more people, it would be pointless; they were on completely different levels.

Dispiritedly putting down their staffs, the two girls bitterly looked at Suo Jia, and Aimi opened her mouth. “Heavens, what kind of training did you do? You are only eight years old, but you’ve already reached this level of strength. Not only did you learn meditation, but the Ice Sphere and Glacial Armor as well; how could we possibly defeat you!”

Seeing the two girls’ actions, Suo Jia knew that they had already given up. Slowly dispersing the Glacial Armor, Suo Jia calmly said, “There’s nothing special about it. I only previously used the Exhaustion Training Method. If you girls want to, you can do all this as well.”

Neither of the two girls were indecisive people. After weighing the pros and cons, the two simultaneously expressed that if they only need to do it three times, they were willing to use the Exhaustion Training Method. Everything was for the sake of victory!

Suo Jia furrowed his brows at the girls’ response. There was only a month left until the tournament. Based on his experience, there was no way the the Meditation Technique or the Ice Sphere Technique could be learned within a month. Even with the Exhaustion Training Method, the girls would still need time.

Suo Jia helplessly said, “Even if you girls are willing to use the Exhaustion Training Method, it can only increase your strength a bit faster than before. There’s no way the results will show before the tournament starts. You might not even be able to learn the Meditation Technique in time, let alone the Ice Sphere and Glacial Armor Techniques.”

Suo Jia paused slightly before continuing, “In other words, even if you started using the Exhaustion Training Method now, you won’t be able to actually use it. Despite this, do the both of you still wish to persevere?”

Faced with Suo Jia’s question, Xue Er resolutely replied, “I can’t wait for that long. If I had known that it could make me so powerful earlier, I would’ve used it ages ago. However, learning about it now isn’t too late either. No matter what, I want to use it.”

As soon as Aimi finished speaking, Aila continued, “I don’t know how long I’ll be able to live, nor do I know what battle I’ll die in. Therefore…I don’t care about the future. As long as it can increase my strength quickly, I’m willing to use any type of technique.”

“Alright….” Suo Jia nodded and firmly said, “In that case, we’ll start tomorrow. The two of you should just come to the White Villa. We can go to the underwater training ground together, and stay there until the day of the tournament.”

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