CCM 101

Translated by: FatChinee, Taffy
Edited by: Austin

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Chapter 101 – Superior Tactics Pt. 1

The Heaven’s One Holy Water’s weakness was that it was vulnerable to physical attacks, as it didn’t have a good defense. For example, the Rock Thorn was a sharp stone that was thrown outwards, and it could completely penetrate the Aqua Aegis. Rock was not at all affected by the cold, and couldn’t be extinguished like fire. From a certain point of view, the earth system magic could restrain the Heaven’s One Holy Water.

There was even less need to talk about fire warriors or wind warriors. This wouldn’t be a problem if one was able to use the Heaven’s One Holy Water to successfully freeze the enemy. However, if one wasn’t able to, and the enemy was able to get close to their opponent, then the frail and weak Aqua Aegis would be absolutely useless. The Heaven’s One Holy Water was indeed quite powerful, but it was currently only able to defeat fire mages. If Aimi wanted to be able to have any fatal effects on any of the other elemental systems, then she would need to train much harder. Once she was able to achieve high-ranked magics like the Freezing Rain, Aimi would definitely be the nemesis of all the systems!

However, Aila was different. She didn’t hold very many advantages over fire mages, since their explosive force was enough to shatter the ice with its explosive power. Against fire warriors and earth mages however, it was a completely different story.

This is how the world works. Although it isn’t completely fair, once one wants to be special and outstanding, then a special force that exploits your weakness will exist. This is something that no one can change.

Calmly looking at Suo Jia, Aila said in a low voice, “Don’t worry, Lord. If our opponents are the fire warriors, I am confident in my ability to defeat them. However…”

Although she didn’t finish her sentence, Suo Jia already understood and nodded in response. “You’re correct, I am also thinking about the wind warrior situation. Their incredible speed makes it quite difficult for us to hit them with our magics. Although we have the interspatial ring’s three absolute defenses, it would only buy us some time. In the end, the results will still be the same.”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, Aimi and Aila both fell silent. After a long time, Suo Jia said in a serious tone, “You know as well as I do, that we must defeat two teams between the earth mages, fire warriors, and wind warriors before we can claim the championship. Right now, we must decide who to choose as our opponents this afternoon.”

After contemplating for a period of time, Aila’s eyes lit up as she spoke to Suo Jia, “I think we should choose the fire warriors as our opponent. Although the fire warriors are able to easily defeat the wind warriors, the speeds of wind warriors are a lot faster than those of fire warriors. If they were to suddenly close the distance between us, whether it be fire warriors or wind warriors, the results will be the same!”

“Yea…” Resolutely muttering while nodding his head, Suo Jia understood that although the fire warriors were originally more powerful than the wind warriors, they were only stronger in attacking power. No matter how powerful their attacking power was, if they could not hit their opponent, then it might as well be wasted.

However, wind warriors were different. Although their attack power was inferior, they were as fast as demons. This made them extremely difficult to hit with spells. Once they closed the gap, although their attack power was weaker than that of fire warriors, it was the same result to Suo Jia’s group of three. It didn’t even need to be wind warriors; at close quarters, even earth warriors would find it extremely easy to defeat the three of them.

While Suo Jia was muttering to himself, Aimi said in confusion, “Aila, why didn’t you select the earth mages? Although the Aqua Aegis can not block the Rock Thorn, it should not be a problem for you right?”

Nodding her head indifferently, Aila said in a low voice, “Although I do not fear the earth mages, the earth mages are not scared of me either. If I had to face an earth mage, then it would definitely be a competition between Swamp Techniques, Ice Spheres and Rock Thorns. This means that the victor would only be determined based on who depletes all their magic power first, and I feel that this type of fight would be completely meaningless.”

Aila’s eyes began to passionately burn. “Didn’t you say it this morning? We are going to create history. In that case, since we’ve already defeated the apprentice level’s strongest fire mages, we obviously need to defeat the next strongest fire warriors as well!”

“Well said!” Hearing this, Suo Jia excitedly replied, “Your words were well spoken; by choosing fire warriors, we are challenging the strongest in order to create a new record in history. In actuality, water should be able to overwhelm fire, and so our victory should be a bit easier. As long as we properly utilize the Swamp Technique to hinder our opponents, and then bombard them from afar with Ice Spheres, then we will be able to obtain victory!”

While speaking, Suo Jia finished his porridge in one gulp and stood up. “Let’s go, there’s not much time left. We need to go and meditate. No matter what, we must win!”

Time passed quickly. Finally… the first round of the afternoon matches began. The four groups once again looked at each other fiercely, and the water mages were allowed to choose their opponents based on past accomplishments. This time, Suo Jia didn’t move, and Aila directly walked up to the stage. After selecting her opponents, Aila coldy stood on the side while waiting. She silently waited for the competition to begin.

The afternoon’s first round only had two matches, so the selection process only took a minute. Water mages versus fire warriors, and earth mages versus wind warriors. This was grade one’s semifinals, and only by winning this could they enter the finals to fight for the trophy cup.

Quickly, under the instructions of the judges, the others all left the competition stage. Only Aila’s cold figure stood on the platform. She lowered her head as she waited for her opponent to walk onto the platform.

Below the platform, the fire warrior’s instructor stood with his students. He furrowed his brows and looked at the petite girl standing on the platform. Originally…he had expected the opposing party would send Aimi out. After all….Heaven’s One Holy Water was indeed formidable. If an attack managed to hit a target, then its extreme freezing abilities would instantly cause the enemy to suffer from frostbite.

However, it seemed that the opponent was not Aimi, but a thin, small girl. Her face had an extremely cold expression, and her whole body seemed to emit a frosty air as well. Could it be….that two geniuses had appeared in the Water Arts?

Waving his hand, the fire warrior instructor said in a serious voice, “#3, I want you to go up first and test her. Don’t advance prematurely; first test out her abilities. If you aren’t able to completely grasp her abilities, then don’t act rashly. Be more cautious, got it?”

“Hehe…” Fire warrior #3 laughed, and smiled wryly, “I understand, teacher. I’m just an experimental pawn, right? Don’t worry, I’ll definitely reveal the opponent’s strength!” #3 then rested his large sword on his shoulders and began to walk towards the arena.

As if she hadn’t noticed her opponent enter the arena, Aila silently stood in place. She refused to raise her head to the audience. Only after the judge announced for the round to start did Aila slowly raise her staff and lift her head up to look at her opponent. Her piercing gaze instantly locked onto the fire warrior.

“Xi!” Suddenly feeling Aila’s scrutinization, the fire warrior couldn’t help but shudder. He wasn’t sure why, but he felt like he had become some sort of game that was currently being targeted by a cold and ruthless hunter. It gave him a feeling of extreme danger that began from his feet, and instantly spread throughout his whole body.

Gritting his teeth, fire warrior #3 didn’t advance recklessly. He tightly gripped his sword, and began to slowly shift to the side. The reason he did this was to attempt to feel for his opponent’s strength. Once he was able to discern her true power, he could violently charge in. At close quarters, the blazing sword could even cleave steel; victory would definitely be his!

“Baji!” Only after shifting two steps to the side….the fire warrior looked downwards at his feet in amazement. In an instant…his left foot had already sunk below the ground. A powerful adhering ability was currently spinning around beneath his foot.

“Not good! It’s the Swamp Technique!” The fire warrior internally realized.

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