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Translated by: Taffy

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Chapter 104 – Suo Jia’s Divine Might Pt. 2

Wind warrior #1 trembled in excitement, “Your Water Arts have already made history. However…..the wind warriors definitely won’t fall behind. We will also create history; this year’s crown for our grade will definitely be ours!”

Arrogantly extending his hand, the wind warriors #1 pointed at Suo Jia and said, “Brat, if you’re smart, then you should directly forfeit now. None of your magics have any effect on me. If you concede defeat, then your records on history might look a bit better. Otherwise, don’t blame me if your achievements are completely refuted!”

Facing the arrogant wind warrior, Suo Jia slowly raised three fingers, and announced to the whole audience, “Three moves. I don’t even need a staff to defeat this weak wind warrior; I only need three moves. If you can survive my attacks, it will count as your victory.”

“Wha-!” The entire audience immediately began to clamor. What kind of joke was that; going against a wind warrior widely known for his speed was a battle of attrition. Someone who could defeat him in thirty moves was already considered an expert, let alone in three moves.

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, wind warrior #1 practically exploded in anger. He pointed a shaking finger at Suo Jia and said, “Good, good, good…..very good. You can say whatever you please, just wait and see the actual result!” The wind warrior turned around to leave, and returned to his position, waiting for the referee’s command.

Seeing that both sides were ready, the referee loudly announced for the competition to begin. After the referee gave the command, the wind warrior started and immediately charged towards Suo Jia wildly.

Suo Jia sneered in disdain at the wind warrior who had just leaped towards him like a bullet. Suo Jia placed his hands behind his back, and leisurely watched the wind warrior charge crazily towards him, as if he was watching a horse race.

Seeing Suo Jia so nonchalant, the wind warrior couldn’t help but burst in anger. He suddenly increased his speed, and charged towards Suo Jia at the speed of lightning. He wasn’t scared of facing off a measly water mage apprentice like this; his speed would triumph all in the end!

Under everyone’s gazes, the wind warrior’s figure flashed forwards: 50m, 40m, 30m, 20m! Finally, just as the wind warrior surpassed the 20m distance, Suo Jia began to move. He extended his palm and pushed it out towards the wind warrior. In that instant, the wind warrior’s body suddenly changed in a strange way; it seemed as if he had been tossed to the side, and he somersaulted towards the ground.

Suo Jia sneered at the wind warrior on the ground. He extended his right hand, and an Ice Sphere whizzed out. With a muffled bang, it collided straight into the wind warrior’s chest. There was the distinct sound of bones breaking; even if the distance had been slightly larger, one could still clearly see the wind warrior spit out a mouthful of fresh blood.

“Two moves!” After only two moves, the wind warrior could no longer stand. This….what in the world was this?!

Everyone knew that Suo Jia’s second move was the Ice Sphere, but what was that first move? It seemed like he had just pushed empty air, and yet the wind warrior had suddenly tumbled down. Was this sorcery or magic? It was beyond strange!

The wind warrior stood up with difficulty as he put pressure on his injuries. He knew that the broken bones had already pierced through his muscles; as time went on, he would lose more and more blood.

Gritting his teeth in pain, the wind warrior bellowed, “It’s already been two moves, but I haven’t necessarily lost yet. At this stage, we both have one move remaining. I want to see exactly how you plan on defeating me! The wind warrior endured his pain, and slowly raised the precious blade in his hand.

“Wu!” Only now did the audience suddenly realize that in that instant, the distance between the wind warrior and Suo Jia had already been decreased. There were now only 5 meters between the two.

Although the wind warrior’s chest area had already been soaked crimson with blood, he would definitely still be able to defeat Suo Jia in a single attack, despite the serious injury. Once he proved victorious, the injury wouldn’t matter.

“Not good!” Seeing this scene, the female lecturer, Aimi, Aila, and the other girls in the class, all stood up in shock. Within a distance of 5-6m, a mage didn’t have any power to reverse a dire situation, especially if their opponent was a wind warrior.

Activating a magic requires at least a few seconds. For a wind warrior under the assistance of wind battle qi, five meters could be covered in the blink of an eye. Suo Jia had already lost his final chance.

However, was this true? The answer was clearly no. Suo Jia looked at the wind warrior in pity; he still had a major move at his disposal that he hadn’t used it: the interspatial ring. However…Suo Jia didn’t want to use it yet. Relying on magic equipment to defeat his opponent would only make his victory meaningless. Suo Jia wanted to use his own strength to mercilessly defeat the other party.

Coldly looking at the wind warrior, Suo Jia smirked, “Originally, I could’ve easily defeated you from even further than 20m. Just now, I could’ve just attacked you with another Ice Sphere to defeat you while you were still on the ground. However, I don’t desire such a victory.”

Suo Jia’s eyes gradually brightened, “Right now, the distance between us is only around 5 meters. This is exactly the range of attack that you warriors enjoy the most. It is also a situation that I purposely created. If I’m to defeat you, I must do it while you are at your strongest. This is the way I battle!”

Suo Jia slowly raised his right hand, and pointed it towards the wind warrior as he said in a low voice, “If you admit defeat now, I’ll let you go. However, if you still insist on attacking, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

“Che….” Turning around to spit out a mouthful of blood, the wind warrior said in a tense voice, “There will only be two outcomes. One is that you will be defeated by my blade, and the other is that I will be completely subdued by you. If you think I’ll simply admit defeat, dream on. Come at me….give me all you’ve got!”

The wind warrior looked down at the precious blade in his hand. A golden glow enveloped his entire body. It was obvious that he would burst out with his fastest and strongest assault!

“Ai….” Sighing, Suo Jia suddenly clenched his palm together into a fist and….he bent his right arm, immediately….causing everyone to gasp in shock at the sight!

A mighty blood dragon roared as it burst out from the chinks in the wind warrior’s armor. The dragon was completely condensed from the wind warrior’s blood. Under Suo Jia’s control, 60mL of the wind warrior’s blood was extracted from his body.

Although the wind warrior had planned on killing Suo Jia with a single sword strike….his body was no longer under his control. Paralyzed, he slowly fell down.

At the same time, Suo Jia folded his arms across his chest, causing the crimson blood dragon to coil around him. Seeing the mighty blood dragon, everyone knew that this had been formed from the wind warrior’s own body. Having lost such a massive amount of blood, the wind warrior couldn’t possibly stand back up.

Looking at the paralyzed warrior with pity, Suo Jia said, “I’ve already told you that you aren’t my equal. Despite not having displayed my true abilities, you’ve already lost. To me, all mage and warrior apprentices are like feeble chicks. A light pinch would be enough to kill you guys instantly. Don’t even try to resist. The final result will be something you can’t even imagine!”

“Quick! Hurry up and end the competition. If you don’t treat him soon, he’ll die!” The wind warrior instructor shouted out urgently after finally regaining his senses.

Hearing the instructor’s voice, the referee quickly announced Suo Jia as the victor. At the same time, the wind warrior instructor madly rushed over to pick up wind warrior #1’s body.

“Freeze!” Just as the wind warrior instructor was prepared to leave the tournament area, Suo Jia said in an ear-piercing shout, “Don’t move him. If you do, he might actually lose his life!”

Suo Jia waved his right hand, and the mighty blood dragon rushed back into the wind warrior’s body, entering from each one of the armor’s chinks. At the same time, the wind warrior slowly awoke. His face had regained color, and it was clear to everyone that he had used a godly technique to return all of the blood back into the wind warrior’s body.

Coldly looking at the wind warrior instructor, Suo Jia said, “This is only a competition, so I don’t want to take his life!”

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  1. midoriha says:

    well, this was one of my favourite chapters! since i reread it, i might as well comment, right? it was totally awesome the way suo jia overwhelmingly defeated the wind warrior! woah—-! that’s right, with his ability to control blood and so on, how could anyone weaker than him win?! also, the scene of the blood dragon is incredibly cool—-! -screams-


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