CCM 105

Translated by: FatChinee, Silva
Edited by: Austin, Taffy

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Chapter 105 – Suo Jia in Close Combat Pt. 1

Although Suo Jia had just said that it was simply a competition and he really did not want to take anyone’s life, the way he had said it was simply too eerie. It made those who heard it perspire from their backs.

Embracing his dear student, the wind warrior instructor returned to the spectator’s area with a deep and concentrated expression. “What happened just now? Why did you suddenly fall down? If you hadn’t slipped and fell, you wouldn’t have lost in such a strange way.”

Blankly looking at the instructor, the wind warrior muddle-headedly replied, “I don’t know what happened either. Right when I was about to advance, I suddenly felt that my front foot was suddenly grabbed by an enormous hand and pinned towards the ground. Under such a great force, I lost all control, and fell down.”

The instructor knit his brows; he did not understand how the opponent had accomplished this task. However, once a wind warrior decided to madly rush in as fast as he could, if he suddenly met some sort of interference, then his fall would be extremely disastrous.

After muttering to himself for a short period of time, the wind warrior instructor resolutely turned around and said to wind warrior #2, “Alright, go up and test him a bit. However, you need to be careful. Don’t recklessly rush towards him, and be mindful of any sort of danger. As long as you maintain a speed where you can avoid his Ice Spheres at any time, then you’re fine. His Ice Sphere is extremely powerful, and I estimate that it is not as simple as freezing a Water Sphere.”

Speaking up to here, the wind warrior instructor helplessly furrowed his eyebrows. He had clearly seen Suo Jia walk up to the stage empty handed earlier, and he had casted the spells with his bare hands. In that case, how had he cast the Ice Sphere Technique?

Seeing the blue glove on Suo Jia’s right hand, the wind warrior instructor incorrectly assumed that it must have been related to that blue glove. Laughing evilly, the wind warrior instructor walked towards wind warrior #2; after some discussion, wind warrior #2 took strode towards the stage.

Stepping into the arena, wind warrior #2 looked over Suo Jia in contempt and loftily said, “Using magic equipment to defeat us is rather underhanded. Even if you guys make history, it will still be because of outside influences. I will be the first to look down on you!”

“What? Dependant upon outside influences!” Hearing the wind warrior’s words, Suo Jia could not help but furrow his eyebrows. Long before walking on that stage, he had already decided that in this competition, he had to win directly and efficiently, without the slightest bit of controversy. However, he had never imagined that despite walking up to the stage empty-handed, he was still criticized. This blame had definitely been forced upon him.

Suo Jia bitterly replied, “I don’t understand what you are talking about. I didn’t even use a staff, and yet you claim that I am relying on magical equipment; isn’t this venomous slander?”

The wind warrior snorted coldly and declared, “Did you think you could conceal it from me? If you have the guts, take off your right glove and fight with me. If you can beat me in such a way, then I will be convinced.”

“What!” Hearing wind warrior #2’s words, everyone cried out in shock and turned their attentions to Suo Jia’s right hand to look at the strange blue glove. Because of the wind warrior’s words, everyone subconsciously thought that was some peak grade treasure.

“Chi……” Suo Jia sneered at the wind warrior. He didn’t bother to explain and directly took off the glove. He walked to the side of the stage and threw the glove to Aimi. Soon after, he turned his head around to face the wind warrior, “Are you happy now? Do you want me to strip off completely to fight with you?”

He did not expect Suo Jia would really take off the glove. The wind warrior couldn’t help but to stare blankly at Suo Jia for a while. If one did not want others to look down on them, then they had to try their best. The wind warrior’s mouth twitched in contempt and said flatly, “How do I know you don’t have any other treasures on your body?”

Laughing disdainfully, Suo Jia coldly said, “What? Dont be a sore loser! I didn’t expect you wind warriors would fall to this level. You guys are way too inferior when compared to the fire warriors and fire mages!”

While speaking, Suo Jia took off the rings on both hands, the headband that was the Atlantis’ Wisdom on his forehead, and the necklace. Lastly, he stretched both hands and took off the magic robe……

It was around early summer at the moment, so the temperature wasn’t that high yet. But even if one was naked, they wouldn’t feel too cold. Of course, Suo Jia was not generous enough to get butt naked to fight with him. Taking off all the outer clothing, Suo Jia exposed his thin undergarments. Under the caress of a light breeze, everyone concluded that it was impossible for Suo Jia to hide any more magic items on his body. If he stripped any further, then he would really be butt naked!

Wearing only loose and soft undergarments, Suo Jia seemed as if he would fly up high into the sky under the brush of the light breeze. Suo Jia faced the wind warrior disdainfully and gestured at him as Suo Jian indifferently said, “Come, you can inspect as much as you wish, and see if there are any more magic items on my body!”

Facing Suo Jia who was half naked, the wind warrior laughed complacently, “You have to take off everything. Who knows if those underpants of yours is some kind of treasure? Hehe……”

Glaring at wind warrior #2 coldly, Suo Jia said in a heavy tone, “Do you know what “having one’s name go down in history as a byword for infamy” means? You’d better start praying; pray that I won’t win when we exchange our moves later. Otherwise, I will certainly return 100 times the shame I received, and make you become the disgrace of all wind warriors in the history that we will create today!”

Suo Jia smiled slightly and said sinisterly, “Did you think I wouldn’t be able to fight with you after forcing me to take off my clothes? You are too naive, it would be way too convenient if my underpants are a magic item. Have you ever seen a magic item without any magic spell formations or symbols? I seriously question how you’ve lived for so long if you don’t even understand something so simple!”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, wind warrior #2’s expression immediately became ashen. After all… any magical equipment, especially magical robe type clothing and armors, all had magical engravings on them in order for them to have magical properties.

Seeing the ashen faced wind warrior #2, Suo Jia laughed loudly and said, “So pitiful, if you are scared then just say you are scared. If you don’t dare to fight then you should say you don’t want to anymore. However, you insisted on saying that I am relying on magical equipment, even though you know that there is no way I would fight you while completely naked. You used words to try and force me too. You’ve really provoked me, you despicable bastard… you will learn the consequences!”

Suo Jia walked onto the stage and walked towards the changing room nearby. When Suo Jia came out, he was wearing simple training clothes.

The competition area was originally the wind warrior facility’s practice area, and within the changing room were numerous clothes worn while practicing. Each of these clothes were engraved with a Holy Light Insignia, as well as the Academy’s serial number. At this moment… Suo Jia was simply wearing what wind warrior #2 would normally wear as a training outfit.

Walking toward the stage with a smile on his face, Suo Jia coldly said towards wind warrior #2, “Hey, now I am wearing your normal training attire. There is no way that this is some magical equipment or some type of mysterious treasure, right?”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the warrior couldn’t give a rebuttal, no matter how strong the wind warrior was. This outfit was issued by the school and all of them were exactly the same. If even this was considered a treasure, then there wasn’t anything in this world that couldn’t be considered a treasure anymore.

Stretching his hands and feet, Suo Jia smiled and said, “Mm… this warrior outfit feels rather comfortable, and does not affect movement in any way. With this, I can properly play with you.”

While speaking, Suo Jia gestured towards the judge that it was alright to start the match. Receiving Suo Jia’s hint, the judge checked with wind warrior #2 as well, and then firmly nodded his head and loudly declared for the start of the match!

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