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Translated by: Taffy, FatChinee

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Chapter 108 – King of Kings Pt. 2

Although Suo Jia had grasped the Ice Sphere Technique, the Ice Sphere’s projectile speed, destructive power, coldness, power and hardness were all incomparable to his seniors’.

They had all used the same Ice Sphere as a base, but a Mage Saint’s Ice Sphere could break through a 10 centimeter thick steel plate and wasn’t any different from an artillery shell. However, the Ice Sphere that Suo Jia activated couldn’t even break through a 10 centimeter thick dirt wall. After all, Suo Jia had just learned the Ice Sphere Technique. He couldn’t use it as skillfully, and was only able to utilize a small portion of the Ice Sphere’s strength.

Speaking of other aspects, there were absolute gaps between Suo Jia and his seniors when comparing in terms of magic theory, perception of the water elements and activation of the magic as well as his technique. Just based on the Ice Sphere’s power alone, Suo Jia was definitely not his seniors’ equal in terms of other magic aspects.

There was also the Revolving Frozen Gas. No matter whether it was its AOE or its temperature, none of them could be compared. Although the Ice and Snow Pact could boost the power of ice magics, it wasn’t the only method either. A lot of practice, comprehension, perception, and theory could also decrease the magic’s temperature. The only thing was that these types of comprehensions and theories could only be aimed at a particular magic. On the other hand, the Ice and Snow Pact affected all types of ice magic.

If a person spent their whole life on practicing the Revolving Frozen Gas, then they could definitely reach the absolute lowest temperature in the magic, and wouldn’t be any inferior to the effects of the Ice and Snow Pact. However….they would only be able to achieve such a low temperature in the Revolving Frozen Gas. They wouldn’t be able to lower the temperature in any of the other ice magics.

However, the Ice and Snow Pact was different. Once this was practiced, then all ice magics would gradually lower their temperatures according to the training, boosting damage ability. It was exactly for this reason that the Ice and Snow Pact was regarded as being on the same level as meditation.

Although Suo Jia had trained in the Ice and Snow Pact for a long time, it was still incomparable to his seniors, who had been training in magics for 10 years. They could activate any magic 10 times more often than Suo Jia could. Their power, experience, and techniques were all things that Suo Jia’s current level couldn’t compare to.

However, Suo Jia wasn’t at a complete disadvantage. Although Suo Jia was not the highest ranked in terms of magic training, it could be said that if Suo Jia was #2 in controlling ability of water, nobody in the world would dare to call themselves #1!

After receiving Aila’s advice, Suo Jia had researched battle techniques and magic combinations that he could use in conjunction with each other to suit his own style. This allowed Suo Jia to create an entirely new method of combat — the Ice Stream Technique!

The Ice Stream Technique used the ability to control water as its base, and combined the ice elements and the freezing effects. This allowed the stream of water to form into a sharp weapon. By manipulating the water within, Suo Jia could pretty much cover both long and short distances; he didn’t have any of the weaknesses that water mages had! The Ice Stream Technique was Suo Jia’s close combat weapon!

After the competition ended, Suo Jia had already brought back his equipment. After all….although those magic equipment couldn’t be called priceless, they were still valuable treasures that Suo Jia paid careful attention to.

He put on the Atlantis’ Wisdom band on his forehead, hung the Faerie’s Soul around his neck, replaced the Frost’s Sigh on his right finger, and the interspatial ring on his left. Finally, he re-equipped the mysterious blue glove on his right hand, covering the shiny Frosts’ Sigh!

After completing all this, Suo Jia smiled confidently to himself. In regards to defense, not only did he have the Glacial Armor, he also had the interspatial ring’s Space Shield on his left finger. After the effects of the Snow Lotus fruits, Suo Jia’s current spirit power was enough for him to activate the Space Shield’s absolute defense 100 times in succession without any difficulty.

Currently, the only thing aiding Suo Jia’s fighting strength were two treasures; one was the defensive interspatial ring, and the other was the Frost’s Sigh. Although the others were extremely formidable as well, such as Atlantis’ Wisdom and the Faerie’s Soul, they did not play any roles in a fight.

Within the underground training area, Suo Jia took in a deep breath. His right hand skillfully made a waving motion and a blue-colored water stream instantly appeared from his hands. Although Suo Jia’s skill in controlling water although did not improve by much after a year of cultivation, his ability to control the power of water had actually doubled. The thickness of the water stream that he could control had already grown from a wrist’s size to an arm’s size, increasing by more than double.

Seeing the river-like stream of blue water, Suo Jia could not help but furrow his eyebrows. Using the Revolving Frozen Gas to freeze the stream of water was not really worthwhile; the magic and spirit power costs to use it were really too high. Although it could allow the water stream to maintain a frozen state, if he met an expert, and couldn’t achieve victory in a short period of time, this stalemate situation would quickly exhaust Suo Jia’s magic power.

The Frozen Revolving Gas was a spell that Suo Jia had not grasped for a long period of time yet. Based on Suo Jia’s current strength, he could at most only cast it three times, unless there was a long period of time between fights to recuperate, like today. Otherwise, his magic power would be completely consumed, and Suo Jia would not be able to persevere for any longer.

Moreover, although the Revolving Frozen Gas’ power was quite large, only 20-30% of it was used by the ice stream. The majority of the cold air would randomly disperse over the area. The auxiliary type Revolving Frozen Gas wasn’t suitable as a trump card for a battle; it was only a supplementary aid.

After encountering the wind warrior today, this problem perhaps wasn’t a major one. However, once Suo Jia met with a senior warrior trainee, then without a doubt, his ice stream wouldn’t be able to evade that lightning-fast blade. To a senior student, any casual attack could completely slice apart the ice stream. There were no chances of escaping this fate. Even a fire warrior would be able to easily achieve this.

In short, Suo Jia clearly understood that although defeating those his age wasn’t a problem, defeating opponents that were older than him would provide obvious results. If he continued to use the Revolving Frozen Gas to activate the Ice Stream Technique, he would end up paralyzing himself under the strain. There was no way he would have the opportunity to win that way.

However, if the Revolving Frozen Gas wasn’t used, then what else could Suo Jia use among the skills currently at Suo Jia’s disposal? The Ice Sphere wouldn’t do; once the Ice Sphere was used, the water stream would probably be smashed into pieces immediately. The Glacial Armor also couldn’t be used; that was an automatic magic that set himself as its target. There was no way it could be used on the water stream.

After contemplating this for a while, Suo Jia finally realized that aside from the Revolving Frozen Gas, his other two magics were pretty much useless on the water stream…

Tightly knitting his brows together, Suo Jia painstakingly wracked his brains. He had already eliminated three ice magics. Suo Jia currently only had the Moisture Technique, the Swamp Technique, the Meditation Technique, and the Ice and Snow Pact left!

Suo Jia’s eyes couldn’t help but light up at this thought. The moisture Technique, Swamp Technique, and the Meditation Technique obviously couldn’t force the water stream into an ice stream. Aside from these, Suo Jia’s only remaining hope was the Ice and Snow Pact.

While pondering this, Suo Jia suddenly extended his right hand. He penetrated through the water stream and in the next instant…..Suo Jia used all his energy to activate the Ice and Snow Pact. The blue glove on his right hand suddenly began to shoot out rays of bright blue light.

Kacha…Kacha…Kacha…..The powerful sounds rang out clearly. Starting from Suo Jia’s hands, the entire water stream began to quickly freeze. In the blink of eye, the entire stream had become a thick and solid ice stream that emitted cold air in all directions!

After staring blankly for a bit, Suo Jia suddenly laughed out loud. He hadn’t imagined that this Ice and Snow Pact could actually have such mystical effects. Seeing the cold mist steadily flowing around the stream of ice, Suo Jia knew that the Ice and Snow Pact combined with Frost’s Sigh had lowered the temperature by another 10 degrees. And then because of the Frost’s Sigh own effect, the temperature had been decreased by twofold. In other words, the water stream’s current hardness and power level were two times more than Suo Jia’s Ice Sphere.

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