CCM 109

Translated by: Silva, FatChinee, Totokk
Edited by: Sara

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Chapter 109 – Full Body Equipment Pt. 1

As everyone knows, Frost’s Sigh could decrease the magic consumption of ice magic by 50%, increase the power of ice magic by 10%, as well as double the effects of the Ice and Snow Pact!

Generally, people thought of the Ice and Snow Pact as being similar to the practice of meditation. Most people had never thought of using it to attack and neither did they know that this Frost’s Sigh actually possessed the ability to increase the power of the Ice and Snow Pact. In fact, the doubling of the cultivation effect of the Ice and Snow Pact and the doubling of the power were basically the same effect.

Excitedly dispersing the stream of water in his hands, Suo Jia once again stretched out his right palm. While he was controlling the water stream, he mustered all of his strength to activate the Ice and Snow Pact as well. Immediately… an unending stream of thick and solid ice leapt out. Under Suo Jia’s control, the large ice stream revolved in a ten meter radius around Suo Jia.

Although it was only as thick as an arm and had a length of about nine meters, the stream would still make others exclaim in astonishment. The most important aspect of this ice stream was that, with the effects of both Faerie’s Soul and Frost’s Sigh, its temperature had actually reached negative 80 degrees! Even a slight graze would immediately result in frostbite!

That’s not all; another important part was that the ice stream’s hardness had also increased by several fold. It was extremely similar to regular steel. Upon seeing that it was comparable to an embroidery needle tip, no one would doubt the ice stream’s sharpness.

Excitedly laughing out loud, both of Suo Jia’s hands waved upwards, commanding the giant, slender ice stream to encircle him in a flash. Violently dancing around Suo Jia, it had the appearance of a conscious snake spirit.

The reason why he was laughing so heartily was because Suo Jia was simply too joyous. This ice stream allowed Suo Jia to take the first step onto the correct path towards his dream. To Suo Jia, this was really an important event.

Everyone knew what Suo Jia yearned to be. It wasn’t to become a powerful mage, but rather to become a powerful warrior. However… because he couldn’t utilize battle qi, his body was not as sturdy. This kind of Suo Jia was unable to become a warrior, as a warrior only had a set of skills and techniques that were unique to the class, completely different from those of a mage.

The current Suo Jia, even with a sword or a large blade, would still be unable to stand off against any warriors. With his level of strength, a simple slash from them could split him in two; his technique, physique and weapon control were even at the point where nobody could be bothered to pay any heed to him.

However, with this ice stream, everything was different. The ice stream was a soft and flexible weapon, similar to a whip. Under Suo Jia’s control, it could break away from his body and wander about within ten meters of him. No matter how fierce the enemy’s attacks were, they would not be able to land a hit on Suo Jia’s body.

One could say that this ice stream allowed Suo Jia to enter the realm of magic-based martial arts. By relying on it, even if Suo Jia were to fight against a warrior at close range, he could still be victorious.

The strength, hardness, and temperature of Suo Jia’s ice stream doubled his power. In addition, no matter how the enemy attacked, even if the stream was chopped in two by a blade, Suo Jia could still use the water controlling technique to control the ice stream. Furthermore, the ice stream’s characteristic was that it allowed Suo Jia to have a nearly limitless method of attack.

Within the next three days, Suo Jia never left his house and instead, was completely engrossed in his detailed training. In the span of only three days, the Ice and Snow Pact and his water controlling technique both showed clear improvements, evidently due to his overwhelming concentration. The temperature of the ice stream had not only dropped even further, it had gotten marginally thicker as well.

After the three days, Suo Jia exited the training area with a thin and haggard appearance. He had finally finished the preliminary phase of combining the water controlling technique together with magic. Although, he was mentally exhausted, Suo Jia’s confidence level had risen.

After arriving at school, Suo Jia did not say anything. He immediately rested his head on the table and fell asleep, without caring too much about how there was only an hour left before the start of the competition. Suo Jia clearly knew that someone would wake him up when the competition was about to start.

At nine in the morning after the three days of training, the prologue of the grand inter-school championship had officially began. The participants eligible to take part in the tournament were not only the most powerful of their grades, but their abilities also far exceeded anyone of the same age. If not for this, who would willingly risk losing their noble titles by challenging experts that were more powerful than them?

When Suo Jia was woken up from his sleep, the ceremony had already reached the important segment. One of Holy Light’s high ranking officials was already seated next to the competition area, and the judge had already notified the contestants to come up on stage.

In an effort to improve his mental state, he casually cast a Moisture Technique on himself, and after the long sleep, Suo Jia’s magic and spirit power were already pretty much restored. Although he wasn’t in his ideal condition, Suo Jia was not worried; even if the spirit power needed for his new battle method was high, the magic power required wasn’t.

Drowsy-eyed and exhausted, Suo Jia went on stage. He silently closed his eyes and continued immersing himself in his half-conscious state as his body swayed. However, he had not realized that the group of distinguished guests, as well as the surrounding students, had already locked their gazes locked onto this mysterious youngster.

The high-ranked citizens of Holy Light City weren’t the only ones who had come to watch this competition, even the entire student body of Holy Light Academy had gathered here to watch the annual tournament.

Just as Suo Jia was overcome with drowsiness, the booming sound of the gun-salute rang out as the Duke of Holy Light City stood up and spoke, “Ladies and gentleman! In order to encourage everyone, the one who reigns over this competition will earn the rights to enter Holy Light’s treasury and select any one weapon or piece of equipment!”

“Wa!” Although they knew about this a long time ago, when the Lord of Holy Light City once again confirmed it, the entire student body still could not help but shout in envy.

Sweeping his gaze in an imposing manner, Duke Wen Sha continued, “Before the start of the competition, I still need to once again remind the participating students: Your current nobility status was awarded to you by the Holy Light Emperor and is extremely precious. As long as you have this nobility status, you can separate yourself from the common folk.”

Pausing for a moment, Duke Wen Sha continued, “Today’s competition is conducted according to the laws of the empire. The winner has the opportunity to obtain the rise in nobility status that was previously given to the the loser. You can only find this kind of opportunity in Holy Light. This represents the Emperor of Holy Light Empire’s love and your importance to him!”

Speaking up to this point, Duke Wen Sha’s expression suddenly became serious and he cautioned in a heavy tone, “All of the student participants should think about their decision. Once you enter this competition, then there is a chance that you will lose your nobility title. My attendance today represents that of the Holy Light Emperor’s, and be a witness to these events!”

After reaffirming and reiterating the importance of nobility titles and risks they would face should they choose to enter, Duke Wen Sha’s impassioned speech had finally come to an end. However, everyone on that stage had already thought it through, and were resolute in their decision not to quit. Frankly speaking, they would not have waited until now if they were going to change their minds. To shrink back on the approaching battlefield was something they were unwilling to do.

The competition was about to formally begin after Duke Wen Sha’s speech had ended. Since the competition was for the younger participants to challenge the older students, as the youngest one, Suo Jia had the rights to choose any opponent he wished.

What’s worth mentioning was that the younger batch of students between 8-12 year olds were the ones who would be issuing challenges. They could not be picked as an opponent by those who were older. In addition, although it was said that the younger generation of students had to challenge someone who was at least 3 grades higher than they were, in actuality, Suo Jia had to challenge a student 5 grades higher; namely someone of at least 13 years of age.

At the same time, the experts that were 17-18 years old could not challenge anyone. They could only wait for the others to challenge them. Furthermore, they were not the same as the champions of the other age groups; it was compulsory for them to join this competition. Normally the champion would be from the 17-18 age group.

TL note: For those who don’t understand, Suo Jia can only challenge a student at least three years older than him. However, because most students do not want to risk losing their nobility titles, they do not participate, forcing Suo Jia to face someone much older.

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