CCM 113

Translated by: FatChinee, Silva
Edited by: Taffy

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Chapter 113 – Knowledge to Face Poisonous Fangs Pt. 1

The wind warrior had been occupied with greeting the shrieking girls in the audience the entire time he was onstage, and he had never paid any attention to Suo Jia from start to finish. Looking at his natural expression, it was evident that he really did not care about Suo Jia in the slightest.

‘Time Out!” Just when the referee was about to announce the start of the match, the female lecturer firmly gestured with her hand from outside of the stage and signaled the referee to temporarily suspend the match.

Faced with the female lecturer’s request, the referee immediately agreed to stop the match temporarily. As an academic adviser, she was permitted to request a short duration time-out to give some advice to her students before the start of the match.

Suo Jia knitted his brows upon seeing the female lecturer shout for the time-out and soon after, he slowly left the stage. Seeing Suo Jia drawing nearer, the female lecturer pulled Suo Jia to a corner where no one was around. She swung her arm around Suo Jia’s neck and said in a low voice, “Suo Jia, you sure are courageous. The match hasn’t begun yet, so you still have a chance to withdraw. Listen to me, you’re definitely not fit to be his opponent. Even though I can use the Frost Arrow, I would still lose to him if I was to go up on that stage!”

Hearing the lecturer’s words, Suo Jia couldn’t help but frown as he began to feel more wary about the wind warrior. He hadn’t expected that this guy would have already attained such tyrannical strength. Even his lecturer couldn’t help but admit that she wasn’t a match for him.

While Suo Jia was pondering over this, the lecturer continued, “This guy was nicknamed the Lightning Wind Warrior. His speed is so fast that there’s absolutely no way one can see him clearly. In the blink of an eye, he can cover 10 meters of distance. At the most crucial moment, he will be able to attack with the Lightning Wind Thorn once he’s within 20 meters of you. This so-called Lightning Wind Thorn is a flying needle; it can attack any enemy within a 20 meters radius. Its speed is as fast as an arrow’s!”

“Heavens!” Suo Jia finally realized after listening to the lecturer’s words that this time-out was indispensable. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have known anything and gotten injured by this Lightning Wind Thorn.

The lecturer continued, “You absolutely cannot underestimate this Lightning Wind Thorn. He has a total of two Lightning Wind Thorns, and they are Legendary-ranked magic equipment, and they’re rumored to have the ability to pierce through magic. No matter what type of magical defense one has, it is impossible to guard against these needles at all. Even if you use the Whirling Ice you used just now, I fear that you still wouldn’t be able to block them. This is precisely the reason why he is known as the bane of mages! Until now, there has not been a single person who has successfully avoided his second Lighting Wind Thorn.”

Sighing in admiration, he lifted his head and looked at the Lightning Wind Warrior. Suo Jia could not help but laugh bitterly; this was simply too outrageous. That Lightning Wind Thorn might not be something that warriors feared; after all… a warrior’s armor was sufficient to guard against a needle sized Lightning Wind Thorn. However, this wasn’t the case for mages, as the mage robes that mages wore had basically no defensive capabilities.

In actuality, the Lightning Wind Thorn would not cause a mage to lose their life, and it wouldn’t even cause the mage to suffer from any fatal injuries. However, due to the Lightning Wind Thorn’s magic piercing ability, it would temporarily cause a mage to lose control over their magic and become an ordinary person. Think about it, how could an ordinary person defeat a tyrannical wind warrior?

The female lecturer said in a low voice, “You need to pay careful attention; this Lightning Wind Thorn is without shadow or form and it doesn’t even make a sound. There is only a single thread of golden light for you to determine the trajectory of the attacks.”

Hearing the female lecturer’s words, although Suo Jia’s brows furrowed more and more tightly, his mind became more and more excited. The stronger his opponent, the more his fighting spirit would increase. No matter what, this was a match that he had to participate in.

Since he decided that he had to participate in this match, within this limited period of time, Suo Jia gathered as much information on his opponent as possible. The Lightning Wind Warrior actually possessed extremely formidable techniques. First was the Lightning Wind Charge; once launched, he could cover a ten meter distance in a flash. Next were the Lightning Wind Thorns. Within 20 meters, he could shoot out his two piercing legendary magical equipment — Magic Forbidding Divine Needle! Battle Forbidding Divine Needle! Once struck by these embroidery sized needles, mages would be unable to use magic, and warriors would be unable to use battle qi, .

Of course in reality, the two divine needles each had different uses. One prohibited the use of magic, while the other prohibited the use of battle qi. If a warrior was hit with a Magic Forbidding Divine Needle, then there would not be any effect and would only cause a slight pain. Likewise, if a mage was hit with a Battle Forbidding Divine Needle, then nothing would happen either. Truthfully, only when the two needles were added together could they seal everything!

It was precisely because of these two great battle techniques that the opposing side had become the bane of mages, and become the well-known Lightning Wind Warrior. Apart from these, he wasn’t very different from the typical wind warrior.

Thinking up to here, Suo Jia bowed his head towards his lecturer in appreciation, and then turned around to walk onto the competition area. Seeing Suo Jia’s resolute look, the female lecturer could not help but stare blankly after him. She really could not understand: even though he knew that he was going to lose, why did he still want to participate?

While the lecturer was wondering this, Suo Jia had already returned to the competition area. As soon as he arrived, the Lightning Wind Warrior proudly said in a voice that everyone could hear, “Brat, since your lecturer has advised you for so long, I believe that it is still better if you don’t fight this match. In reality, even if it was not you but instead your lecturer, the result would not be any different. The Magic Forbidding Divine Needle can restrict any magic under the heavens!”

Hearing his opponent’s words, Suo Jia could not help but feel a dark anger surge from within his heart. From the very beginning, his opponent had never placed him on equal ground. This was also one of the reasons why Suo Jia had decided to endure this round despite perfectly understanding that this was a difficult match to win. A competition could be lost, but a person couldn’t lose!

However even now, the opposing party did not give him any face, and even humiliated Suo Jia’s lecturer in front of so many people. It should be known that….this was a really impudent act, and extremely shaming. What was he implying when he said that it would not make a difference even if his lecturer came up? He was obviously looking down on other people.

Suo Jia took a deep breath, and glared at the Lightning Wind Warrior intensely before saying, “Since you have so much confidence, would you be willing to make a bet with me?”

“Make a bet?” Looking at Suo Jia in confusion, Lightning Wind Warrior said in confusion, “What do you want to bet? What is there to bet? Or could you be trying to bet on the outcome of this match?”

Nodding his head, Suo Jia’s eyes glowed as he said, “You are correct. We are precisely betting on who the winner and loser will be. If I lose, not only will I grant you the nobility title that I just won, but I will also give you the nobility title I won from my grade level competition! However… if you lose, your two divine needles will belong to me!”

“What!” Looking at Suo Jia in shock, Lightning Wind Warrior said in disbelief, “God! You are letting me receive so many easy advantages? This… if I don’t agree to this, wouldn’t I be a fool?”

“Hahahaha…” Speaking up to here, Lightning Wind Warrior laughed loudly towards the sky. While laughing loudly, the Lightning Wind Warrior resolutely declared, “Alright, since you are stupid enough to gift your nobility titles to me, how could I not accept? Let’s bet!”

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