CCM 117

Translated by: FatChinee, Taffy
Edited by: Comfortabull

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Chapter 117 – Opening a New Door Pt. 1

After thinking for a long time, Suo Jia’s eyes suddenly lit up. He quickly lifted his head to look at the female lecturer while saying, “Right, now that I think about it, I just won those two Divine Needles. If I use the Battle Forbidding Divine Needle to seal his battle qi, is it possible for me to win?”

Looking at Suo Jia with a bitter smile, the female lecturer shook her head while saying, “Your thinking is too naive. If Mi Xiusa was scared of the Battle Forbidding Divine Needle, then he would not have been crowned as the champion for three consecutive years, but rather that Lightning Wind warrior would’ve. In reality, when Mi Xiusa fights, he wears an entire set of sealed off Legendary-ranked battle armor. Although the Divine Needles can pierce through magic, it is useless against physical defenses.”

“Damn…” He slapped his forehead in distress. The opposing party didn’t only have the Blazing Blade, he actually also had a set of overpowered battle armor. If he didn’t even fear the two Divine Needles, things were going to be difficult. Suo Jia sat there, vexed. He had to think of a method to defeat his opponent within a short hour.

Seeing Suo Jia’s strained expression, the female lecturer helplessly sighed, “It’s not that I’m unwilling to help you; in reality, if there was a way, then Mi Xiusa would not be a three-years consecutive champion. Up until now, no one has been able to find Mi Xiusa’s weakness, and within Holy Light Academy, he is unrivaled.”

Time quickly flowed past. Under Suo Jia’s wholehearted contemplation, an hour quickly passed. He blankly lifted his head; from start to finish, he hadn’t been able to think of any method to defeat his opponent. However… Suo Jia refused to believe that the other party was so perfect that he didn’t have a single weakness. Regardless, he’d have to figure something out on the field.

After waiting for an hour, finally… Suo Jia and Mi Xiusa were called up by the referee. They were divided into two sides on the arena, and both of them walked up at the same time. They stood still 50 meters from each other while looking at each other from the distance.

Suo Jia noticed that Mi Xiusa was indeed wearing a sealed set of battle armor around his body, and the entire set of armor emitted a scarlet luster. Red light was circulating the surface, and even his eyes were covered by a layer of red crystal. The handle of a war blade stuck out from behind his left shoulder, and a red piece of silk that hung from the handle floated in the wind.

Looking from top to bottom, and then from bottom to top again, Suo Jia really could not find a single crack in the armor. Even the joints were blocked by long covers. Unless he attacked with poisonous gas or broke the armor, there was no other way to harm the heavily protected Mi Xiusa.

Bitterly smiling while shaking his head, Suo Jia knew that even if the other person stood there and allowed him to attack, he might still not have the ability to harm the opposite party. This was practically an unrivaled tank.

While Suo Jia was thinking, the referee solemnly declared for the match to formally begin. Following the referee’s voice, the opposing Mi Xiusa boldly stretched his hand towards his back and gripped the war blade’s handle. It whistled shrilly as he pulled it out and raised it in his hand.

The long blade was about 1.2 meters long, and a fiery red colored flame rose up from the wide blade. Under Mi Xiusa’s urging, his battle qi made a ‘Chi Chi’ sound, and whistled intimidatingly.

Met with this scene, Suo Jia collected his scattered thoughts and focused on preparing for the battle. He activated several spells in succession, and then immediately retreated at full speed.

Indifferently glancing over at Suo Jia, Mi Xiusa lifted the war blade in his hands and walked slowly and steadily towards Suo Jia’s direction. He followed Suo Jia closely, continuously changing his direction as he decreased the amount of space that Suo Jia could use to evade.

The competition arena was, after all, a normal field. Although the surface area was not small, it definitely could not be considered large either. Within a few seconds, Suo Jia was already forced into a corner of the arena. If he moved back any further, he would inevitably be blocked by Mi Xiusa. Faced with this situation, Suo Jia, and even the spectators, were so nervous they were holding their breaths.

Although everyone knew that Suo Jia wouldn’t lose this next moment, none of them had ever imagined how Suo Jia would possibly attack the opposite party. Everyone clearly understood Mi Xiusa’s strength; it was not something any student from Holy Light Academy could resist.

“Bang….Bang…..” After two sounds rang out in succession, finally….Suo Jia and Mi Xiusa stood firm, and at that exact moment….Mi Xiusa hadn’t yet unsheathed his blade, Suo Jia hadn’t yet activated any magic, and the distance between the two was only 2 meters.

With a cruel laugh, Mi Xiusa slowly raised the Blazing Blade in his hand. Blazing flames began to lap on the surface of the sword. At the same time, Suo Jia slowly raised his left hand, and a crystal blue ice stream, much like a spirit snake, wrapped around his right hand. As if it had a life of its own, it began to circle around Suo Jia’s entire body.

“This….what does this brat want to do? Could it be….he wants to fight Mi Xiusa head on? God….this is too ridiculous! A mage actually wants to face a fire warrior head on!” Duke Wen Sha shouted in shock from the top of the platform.

Everyone, not just Duke Wen Sha, understood what Suo Jia planned to do based on the stance he had assumed. For a while, all of the audience present all stood up one after another. A mage had unexpectedly wanted to go against the strongest fire warrior. Something like this was rarely seen throughout all ages.

Under the ten thousand audience’s gazes, Mi Xiusa darkly laughed and then suddenly slashed the Blazing Blade down. Immediately….a scarlet battle qi rippled forth in the shape of a half moon. It came out of the blade, and whizzed towards Suo Jia in the form of a slash. At the same time, Suo Jia’s right hand suddenly waved. A thick ice stream whistled past, and like a legendary flood dragon leaving its cave, it began to leap towards Mi Xiusa.

Under everyone’s gazes, the ice stream and the flames flew towards each other. In only an instant, the two attacks had a bitter encounter between the two people. Just as everyone thought that the ice stream would be split apart by the flames, the ice stream seemed to come to life. It twisted strangely, and maneuvered around the blazing slash, violently rushing towards Mi Xiusa from his side.

The ice stream’s speed was extremely fast, almost as swift as the incoming blazing slash. When the blazing shash reached Suo Jia’s body, the ice flow had also already reached Mi Xiusa’s body. The two had practically faced each other’s attacks at the same time; what would the result be?

Facing the fiercely burning blazing slash, Suo Jia’s expression did not change in the slightest. His right hand controlled the ice stream to continue along its trajectory, attacking the evading Mi Xiusa over and over again. At the same time, he lightly waved his left hand at the blazing slash , as if he was chasing away a housefly.

‘Peng!’ Following Suo Jia’s left hand gesture, a muffled noise rang out, and Mi Xiusa’s blazing slash was extinguished momentarily. It disappeared without a trace, as if it had never existed.

At the same time, because Mi Xiusa wasn’t a true expert at evasion, he was finally unable to dodge the ice stream. With a heavy sound, the thick and solid ice stream shot out from the side and banged into Mi Xiusa’s head. With dominating power, it forced Mi Xiusa’s head to violently tilt to one side. He continuously stumbled a few steps back and almost fell down.

That’s right, this was the tactic Suo Jia had thought of to confront the enemy. Mi Xiusa, who was wearing heavy armor, was not afraid of any attacks from sharp weapons. However, it was not as useful against blunt weapons.

In general, if one wanted to use a sharp sword, the sharp end would have to puncture that set of armor. Although it wasn’t impossible, what could be ascertained was that no such person in Holy Light Academy existed. Obviously, Suo Jia couldn’t do it either.

Thus Suo Jia used the ice stream as a large iron hammer to violently bombard Mi Xiusa. Suo Jia knew that if he attacked the torso, then no matter how fierce his attack was, the effect would be limited. However, if Suo Jia attacked the warrior’s head, then it was a different story; the body isn’t afraid of being shaken, but the head is different. Moreover, getting hit on the head is extremely frightening!

Even if one wore a motorbike helmet, they still wouldn’t be able to resist an iron hammer smashing towards their head. No matter how strong the helmet was, the amount of shock from the powerful attack would still permeate the head and neck. What Suo Jia was gambling on was exactly how many hits Mi Xiusa could take!

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