CCM 118

Translated by: Taffy, Silva
Edited by: Comfortabull

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Chapter 118 – Opening a New Door Pt. 2

This was Suo Jia’s sole plan. Using the Space Shield from the interspatial ring as defense and the ice stream as an attack, even if Suo Jia couldn’t knock the opponent out, he could still exhaust the opponent. No matter how strong the opposite party was, there was no way he could be the same as Suo Jia and be able to enter the meditative state at any time. The two’s recovery abilities definitely weren’t comparable!

Of course, one couldn’t be stuck in a deadlock forever. Currently, however, as long as the battle wasn’t too fast paced, Suo Jia could activate the Space Shield 200 times in succession. The second reason he attacked Mi Xiusa head on was to retard the opponent’s attacks. If the opposite party was given the chance to wildly slash around, then the recovery ability of his spirit power and his consumption would be incomparable to each other, and Suo Jia’s spirit power would soon be exhausted. Thus, controlling the tempo of the battle was the crucial point in obtaining victory.

With the benefit of constantly maintaining meditation by using the Atlantis’ Wisdom, the recovery of his spirit and magic power was extremely fast. As long as he didn’t continuously use the Space Shield, he could almost infinitely continue on.

However, as soon as Mi Xiusa closed in to slash wildly, the results would change. Suo Jia had to continuously use the Space Shield; the higher the speed at which he deployed it, the faster the expenditure of his spirit power would be. If he used the fastest speed to deploy the Space Shield, then after roughly a dozen Space Shields, Suo Jia’s spirit power would be in disorder.

Of course, only Suo Jia understood all of this. Currently, no other person knew about it; however, a warrior faced against a mage would still only think of ways to charge up to the mage, even if the warrior knew there were such circumstances. This was the only way a warrior would quickly end the battle.

Suo Jia understood this reasoning, so he knew that if he wanted to control the rhythm of the battle, then he couldn’t get hit. He had to take the initiative to attack, since it’s always the attacker that dictates control. Once he became weary from protecting his life, he’ll fall into his opponent’s tempo.

Taking advantage of the staggering Mi Xiusa, Suo Jia quickly waved his right hand, causing the thick and solid ice stream to wriggle around like a python. Its slender body jerked in the air, and lashed its powerful tail at Mi Xiusa.

In order to increase its blunt strength, the ice stream’s tail was shaped so that it had a large triangular end, much like a snake’s head. It was much thicker than the ice stream’s body, and at first glance, one would think the entire ice stream was a triangular headed cobra. Not only was its body similar, but even its head was.

As everyone knows, a whip that is flayed at an extremely fast speed is very frightening. The tail is especially terrifying; it utilizes the pushing and pulling movements to generate a shockingly explosive force.

If Suo Jia threw a fist, it would contain about 50-100kg of power. However, utilizing the whip-style attack to boost his power provided a different result. The current ice stream was like a large throwing hammer. After spinning around for a long time, the amount of force it contained was ten times more. 500-1000kg of power wasn’t difficult to achieve at all.

The ice stream crazily twisted about in mid air, carrying the power of an ice hammer within it, and the ice stream blasted towards Mi Xiusa with a whizzing sound. Mi Xiusa, who had just regained his balance a moment ago, had no other choice but to receive this attack head on.

As mentioned earlier, the ice stream wasn’t really magic, but rather one’s control over water. Therefore, it didn’t consume any magic power, and even the consumption of spiritual power was very low. Suo Jia could operate this ice stream for 24 hours a day and his spiritual power still wouldn’t be exhausted. To Suo Jia, this was just a game that he had played everyday since he was small.

Facing the bombardment of the ice stream, Mi Xiusa couldn’t help but burst out in anger. He faced the ice hammer without the slightest hint of fear and slashed wildly in a fit of rage. As a result of being too close to the opponent, Suo Jia didn’t have enough time to dodge, and the core of the ice hammer got struck by Mi Xiusa’s attack.

“Bang!” A sharp and clear sound rang out and the ice hammer as thick as a person’s thigh was shattered by Mi Xiusa’s strike. The ice stream burst into several pieces of ice and scattered everywhere, but Mi Xiusa was still in a pretty bad situation. Receiving such a huge attack, he couldn’t help but retreat 4-5 steps. Both of his hands shuddered from the shock of the attack.

“Waa!” Seeing this scene, the whole audience couldn’t help but cry out in surprise. This time, even Duke Wen Sha was so shocked that he stood up from his chair. Nobody could understand just how Suo Jia’s attack could be powerful enough to even push the strongest in Holy Light Academy, Fire Warrior Mi Xiusa, a few steps backward. Suo Jia was only a weak water mage apprentice. To be able to face a powerful fire warrior in close range was already a miracle. However just now, he’d been so overpowering that he had blasted Mi Xiusa backwards!

At the same time, Suo Jia was also in awe. Even he himself had never thought that this attack would be so powerful. The head of the ice stream was originally just like a sharp needle, therefore possessing penetrating power, but the effects of the explosion attack was very weak. However, he didn’t expect that by turning the ice stream’s tail into an ice hammer, the effects would undergo such a drastic change!

In reality, the ice stream was not controlled by Suo Jia’s skill, but relied on the control of Suo Jia’s water manipulation technique. The power of the water control was related to Suo Jia’s training. Although the power of Suo Jia’s water manipulation was not very powerful at the moment, it still possessed 250-300kg of power. This was absolutely not the power a mage should have possessed. In fact, Suo Jia’s arm strength was not even 50kg.

Of course, even though the ice hammer was actually very sharp and powerful, Suo Jia was still unable to completely comprehend the methods of utilizing a whip. At most, he could only increase the speed by two times. Even if the effects of the whip hammer could reach up to tenfold or higher, for Suo Jia who had just recently touched upon this field, he could only unleash 10-20% of its effect. The power unleashed by the ice hammer was only increased by twofold. If its power really increased by tenfold, Mi Xiusa would’ve been blasted to pieces.

It is impossible for a person to completely unleash the power of the whip just by picking it up. In order to bring out more power, a long period of practice was required to grasp the nature of the whip and the technique. However… even though Suo Jia could only unleash one tenth of the power and increase the power of the water control by twofold, Suo Jia had already entered this realm. With Suo Jia’s wisdom, he was bound to gain all the necessary knowledge in future training sessions.

Furthermore, the whip hammer’s power depended on multiple factors. What increased was the power of the water control, and that power was raised by Suo Jia’s spirit power. The more spirit power Suo Jia possessed, the more powerful his water control became. Once Suo Jia grasped the whip technique, his attack power would be increased tenfold every time his spirit power grew as long as he stayed in the meditative state the whole time.

Feeling the ice stream wriggling under his control, Suo Jia was simply wild with joy. Originally… he had only thought of finding a means to defeat Mi Xiusa, but he hadn’t expected that he would accidentally discover such a mysterious technique. If he relied on this technique, he would be able to challenge this powerful warrior upfront, and force the opponent to retreat!

This discovery cannot be underestimated. Suo Jia’s biggest dream was to become a warriormage. In fact, this discovery made Suo Jia much happier than suddenly mastering a high level magic. With Suo Jia’s wisdom, the profound implications of this technique were seen through in an instant.

The fundamental part of the ice hammer was water control, which was like breathing to Suo Jia. It had already become a part of him. Suo Jia doesn’t even need to consider what kind of process to follow when controlling the water. With just a single thought, his hand would automatically move, and the ice stream would follow according to Suo Jia’s imagination. Even describing it as how the arm moves the fingers was insufficient.

If the foundation of the ice hammer’s power was water control, that meant the stronger the water control, the more water one could control. It also indicated that the stream’s power would increase. The power of control originated from and was directly proportional to spirit power. In regards to the training of spiritual power, with the help of the Atlantis’ Wisdom, he could maintain the meditative state 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In this world, there was only one Atlantis’ Wisdom. Therefore, the growth of Suo Jia’s spiritual power was unparalleled.

Furthermore, the ice hammer’s strength and hardness, as well as the cold air it carried, was decided by the Ice and Snow Pact. In this aspect, Suo Jia had the assistance of the Frost’s Sigh, increasing his training speed by 100%. Not only that, the ice’s power was increased by 100% whenever he activated the Ice and Snow Pact. Adding them together, this was equal to strengthening oneself by 200%.

To any other ice mage, this Frost’s Sigh was just a Legendary-ranked magic item. However, it was different for Suo Jia; he wouldn’t trade it even if one offered a divine artifact.

With the appearance of this ice hammer, Suo Jia’s combat system was finally perfected. From now on, close combat would no longer be his weakness, but rather his greatest strength.

In regards to training, Suo Jia only needed to unleash the ice stream regularly. While training the hammer whip technique, he also cultivated the Ice and Snow Pact. As for the Meditation Technique, he was able to train it any time.

Other people could only choose one out of the three techniques: Meditation, Ice and Snow Pact, or the Whip Hammer Technique. However, Suo Jia was different; he could practice all three at the same time. Moreover, Faerie’s Soul, Frost’s Sigh and Atlantis’ Wisdom all had effects that boosted his attacks by several fold. However strictly speaking, even using these techniques and items combined still might not be enough for him to defeat his opponent.

As matters stood, Suo Jia didn’t care about the outcome of today’s competition anymore. Regardless of victory or defeat, Suo Jia wouldn’t mind. Even if he lost today, he would eventually surpass all the students in Holy Light Academy and become the strongest, not just in name only, but in reality as well!

But of course, Suo Jia was still reluctant to lose. He controlled the ice stream and once again formed the ice hammer. After a sharp turn, it blasted towards Mi Xiusa. Since the competition already started, he needed to persevere until the end, and strive towards victory!

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