CCM 126

Translated by: FatChinee, Silva
Edited by: Taffy

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Chapter 126 – A Confusing and Mysterious Method Pt. 2

It can be said, that the true Ice Sphere’s greatest characteristic was its ability to create sharp thorns, and secondly increase the freezing effect. Even if you used a weapon, armor, or shield to block the Ice Sphere’s sharp thorn attack, it was still impossible to avoid the freezing icy fog. Other than gritting your teeth and resisting the attack, there was no alternative; this was the true Ice Sphere technique, the frightening Ice Sphere technique!

Other than the Ice Sphere Technique, an Elementary Mage gains another defensive spell. That spell was precisely the Icy Thorn Protection. The surface of the Glacial Armor would be covered with icy thorns, and they were not merely for the sake of stabbing and injuring enemies. The instant anyone made contact with these spikes, an eroding and freezing cold air would start its erosion!

On the aspect of auxiliary magic, the Revolving Frozen Gas’ next stage was the Freezing Touch. This was a typical auxiliary ice system spell where one would be frozen immediately upon being touched by Suo Jia. Once his strength, Magic Power and Spirit Power were increased and he mastered this technique, the moment he touched his opponent, they would instantly turn into an ice cube!

However, even now, Suo Jia who had just learned the spell could already display a certain amount of strength. With just a single touch, the other party’s body surface would already be immediately covered by a layer of ice and temporarily lose the ability to move, unless they depended on brute force to break out. Otherwise, they would definitely become ice sculptures!

An Elementary Mage’s three main magic spells included the True Ice Sphere and Icy Thorn Protection. These three spells possessed thorns and freezing effects, as well as the auxiliary magic with the most powerful freezing capability, the Freezing Touch! They would only be considered a qualified Elementary Mage and gain the rights to get a certificate from the Magic Hall by mastering these three spells.

It was worth mentioning that the Freezing Touch, True Ice Sphere and Icy Thorn Protection were not the same. The genuine Ice Sphere and Icy Thorn Protection only had a fixed probability to freeze the opponent. Most of the time, it only resulted in making the receiving party’s movement become sluggish.

However, the Freezing Touch was different, the opponent was guaranteed to freeze once it was activated. Even if they were not frozen, their body’s surface would inevitably be covered by a layer of thick ice. The only method to escape this was by using brute force to break the ice layer. Otherwise, only death awaits.

The True Ice Sphere and the Icy Thorn Protection were both good techniques, and they made Suo Jia’s eyes shine with a clear light. However, what made Suo Jia genuinely excited was the Freezing Touch. That was simply a magic made just for Suo Jia. The only problem was whether Suo Jia’s concept could be achieved or not.

In reality, the Freezing Touch had always been denounced as a useless magic. Even though its effects were outstanding, the condition to activate it required the caster to touch the opponent, making it practically useless. As a mage, how was it possible for them to touch their opponent’s body? They would already be turned into a mincemeat before they even had a chance to touch their opponent.

However, it was different for Suo Jia. After taking a quick glance at the Freezing Touch, the first thing that emerged in Suo Jia’s mind was his very own ice stream. If he treated the ice stream as his own extended arm, would it still have the same effects if he activated the Freezing Touch after the ice stream touched the opponent?

Suo Jia immediately put his thoughts into action. He spread out both of his arms and pulled that long ice stream out, however…… the ice stream today seemed very different from before. He was speechless as he looked at the huge guy wriggling in the air. Suo Jia completely lost his ability to think.

Before he entered the closed door training, Suo Jia’s ice stream was only about as thick as an arm. However, the ice stream was already as thick as a thigh after 3 months. It’s length had also extended from 9 meters to 20 meters. As the huge ice stream was wriggling continuously in the warehouse, a wonderful feeling sprouted from within Suo Jia.

After thinking about it briefly, Suo Jia quickly understood. The first reason for this transformation was due to the Atlantis’ Whisper, and the second reason was because he himself broke through the first layer of meditation and increased his spirit power by a large amount. However, even though he knew the reason, after seeing this ridiculous result, Suo Jia still could not believe it.

“Wu… “ While he was thinking deeply, the huge ice stream began to turn and wriggle around. Every movement it made exhibited strength and power, and as it tore through the air, it unexpectedly emitted a gloomy whimpering sound. Simply from listening to this noise, one could already see the terrifying power this ice stream contained.

“Frightening! Too frightening!” Looking at the imposing and spectacular ice stream under his control, Suo Jia was so excited that he wanted to shout out loud. If he continued to develop this, then the ice stream would turn into a monster! Suo Jia imagined a five or six meters thick, and several meters long gigantic ice stream wriggling and twisting about. Just by simply turning around, it could crush an enemy; it would simply be unrivalled.

After thinking for a long time, Suo Jia finally stopped and looked at the long ice stream. Suo Jia smiled and shook his head. It was too long and thick. Although its power was enormous, it was only useful in certain environments. If he were to use it in this underwater training area, then he would probably destroy everything!

While Suo Jia was deep in thought, he silently closed his eyes. By relying on the information obtained from communicating with the water elements, he began to silently converse with the ice and snow spirits. In that instant, the enormous ice stream rapidly changed again and became slender and short. After a moment of effort, he had already returned its appearance to the thickness of a wrist and a length of about nine meters.

Compressed! That’s right… by relying on his familiarity with the water element and the ice and snow spirits, Suo Jia had strengthened the ice stream by compressing it. He compressed the thigh-thick, 20 meter long ice stream into a wrist-thick, 9 meter long ice stream. The ice stream’s strength and toughness had both increased by five or six fold. The toughness of the stream had already far surpassed that of common steel.

After concentrating his attention, Suo Jia rapidly waved the ice stream around. By using the body of the ice stream, he drew the diagram for the Freezing Touch in midair. Soon after… the Freezing Touch’s diagram was finished, and at the same time, Suo Jia’s wrist-thick ice stream immediately shot outwards.

Peng! With a violent boom, the ice stream immediately struck the surface of the stone pillar. Rocks flew everywhere, and the huge, ice-cold pillar was instantly frozen as it was covered by a thick layer of ice.

Suo Jia excitedly walked over to the stone pillar and carefully examined it. A two centimeters thick layer of ice had already condensed around the huge ice-cold pillar. If it was not a stone pillar but a person instead, then that person would most likely be trapped in place by the ice.

Faced with this result, Suo Jia felt both slightly satisfied and dissatisfied. He was satisfied because of the result, but was dissatisfied by the course of events. After all, drawing out the diagram with the ice stream was too inconvenient. The crazy motions made his arm sore. In addition, the movements were too flamboyant; one look was enough for an enemy to tell that Suo Jia was about to act.

After thinking for a long period of time, Suo Jia looked at the the ice stream whip within his hand. A new and bold idea could not help but emerge into his mind. If he treated the ice stream itself as a water crystal, then drew the magic spell formation within the ice stream, would that work?

While thinking, Suo Jia began to test this out without the slightest hesitation. While experimenting, Suo Jia was grieved to find that he had failed. Ice and crystal were different after all. Ice condensed completely from the water element, and was extremely active and unstable. It was completely impossible to draw the magic spell formation; as soon as the spell diagram was drawn out, it immediately disappeared.

Suo Jia raised his right hand. He knew that as of right now, the only remaining method was to embed a water crystal into the palm of the glove he was wearing. This was the only way that would not affect his control of the ice stream and allow him to activate ice magic. With the help of the ice stream, he would be able to achieve the long-ranged Freezing Touch!

While thinking, Suo jia could not help but be a bit curious. Exactly what kind of material was this glove made out of? It was as soft as cotton and did not have any defensive capabilities, but it somehow had the magical property of instantly restoring itself. It was just one thin layer, and he couldn’t feel its existence at all.

Subconsciously, Suo Jia suddenly thought of a new idea. If he used this glove as a medium for the spell, would that work? What Suo Jia knew for sure was that this glove wasn’t made from crystal, but it definitely wasn’t made from elements either!

While thinking, Suo Jia gathered his spirit power, and began to put his thoughts into action. In the next moment….. under Suo Jia’s gaze, a thin blue streak rapidly scattered in all directions from the heart of his palm. After only an instant, a complete Six-Pointed Star Array appeared!

Suo Jia shuddered violently as he yelled out in shock. What happened just now had gone exactly as how he had mentally imagined it. In other words, using his glove as a medium was completely feasible!

Inhaling a breath of cold air, Suo Jia calmed himself down with difficulty. Soon after… Suo Jia once again opened up his right palm and used the blue glove like a magic staff’s crystal, activating the Freezing Touch at top speed!

The activation speed was proportionately as fast as his thoughts were. As soon as he had finished thinking about it, the Freezing Touch’s spell diagram had already finished. Along with a large burst of blue light shooting out from his palm, Suo Jia knew that the Freezing Touch had already been activated!

Suo Jia casually touched the stone pillar next to him. Immediately… a thick layer of ice instantly covered the surface of the stone pillar. Although the result wasn’t bad, Suo Jia was not in the mood to understand why. He could only dumbly look at his right hand.

According to the legends of the ancient times, there was once a type of blue spirit that had come from the depths of the ocean. These spirits could instantly activate any type of water system magic, and in order to show their respect to these powerful organisms, humanity had decided to name the magic that they had used the “Mysterious Method”, to symbolize its profoundness.

Looking at the glove on his hand, Suo Jia suddenly realized that this glove might have been made from the skin of these blue spirits, as these blue spirits could instantly activate any type of magic. The two had to have some direct relationship!

How fast could a person think? That’s right… in this world, the fastest thing was thought. The speed of thought was faster than the speed of light by 10,000 times. Even ten thousand light-years of distance could be achieved in an instant. After obtaining this glove, Suo Jia had also gained the ability to instantly activate any water system spell!

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  1. Bloodthirsty_Maniac says:

    this episode was great! except for the faster than light part. I know its a story but that figure is soooo wrong… light is way faster than thought because light is faster than the chemical/electrical micro-reactions that cause a thought.

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  2. Thorn says:

    I wonder what happened to his mom and pet? I wouldn’t be surprised if his pet ran away after the abuse he put it through, but he seemed to care about his mother’s well-being. I’m enjoying the story, but I think the author has forgotten a few characters.


    • Craig says:

      The author has gone way of track and is just playing with himself at this point. There is no character interaction of any meaning. Forget names and shit that is suposed to happen from the previous chapter and instead is just masterbating on how cool and powerful this psychopath is.


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