CCM 133

Translated by: Taffy
Edited by: Rango

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Chapter 133 – The Innocent Three Pt. 1

Suo Jia didn’t personally go to handle the affair; instead, he entrusted the situation to Eldest Sister. Suo Jia only said a single sentence to her: If they wanted money, then give them money; if they wanted power, give them power. No matter what, the two girls had to end up being his. After all….both the Heaven’s One Holy Water and Ice Fiend’s Nine Prisons were both amazing; these two were super-gifted users that only appeared once every century.

A week later, Eldest Sister had easily managed to settle the matter. The two girls had already attended two of the annual competitions and gained two chances to raise their noble ranks, so they were already about to become eighth ranked lords. On the other hand, Suo Jia was a third ranked lord, which was 11 ranks higher than the girls! When compared to the girls, Suo Jia was a high level aristocrat, while the girls were still low level aristocrats.

With the help of the Fourth Prince, the first title was directly used to assign the two girls to be Suo Jia’s attendants. Since they were nobles of the empire, they naturally had to obey the empire’s regulations. Besides, the relationship between Suo Jia and the girls was not something that average people could compare to. They were classmates, teacher-student, and very good friends. They were also teammates that had participated in 2 competitions together; their relationship couldn’t be any more solid.

As for the girls’ families, everything had already been properly communicated. Aimi’s father was a rich and powerful person, and he longed to gain a promotion in ranks the most. Thus, Suo Jia had offered him a chance to increase his noble rank. On the other hand, Aila’s father was an extremely ruthless warrior. Suo Jia had decided to send some Legendary-ranked weapons to him, and everything was OK!

Of course, the two parties’ parents had also sought their daughters’ consent. In addition….it was also because it was the empire’s orders that they were unable to violate the demands. Otherwise, they could possibly be hunted down by the empire.

Seeing the two title documents in his hand, Suo Jia couldn’t help but smile. Using these two title documents, Suo Jia could successfully turn the girls to become his, and he even gave them each an opportunity to raise their noble ranks so that they could take the final step and become eighth ranked lords.

After cultivating for the past 2 years, the two girls had already completed the Exhaustion Training Method 20 times, 17 more than Suo Jia had used it. Actually, their strength had also increased by three or fourfold, and they were currently already elementary mages. The True Ice Sphere, Icy Thorn Protection, and Freezing Touch, had all been completely grasped. In terms of strength, they had caught up to Suo Jia!

Seeing that the girls had caught up to him so quickly, Suo Jia was extremely envious of them. He really wanted to just forget everything else and continue training with the Exhaustion Training Method again. However, Suo Jia knew that if he wasn’t able to resist this temptation, it’d end up turning into a major issue later on. It was true that he might be happy now, but the extent to which he’d reach in the future would be restricted!

In addition, although everyone was an elementary mage, if they actually went up against each other, Suo Jia would be able to completely defeat dozens of them. A mage’s formidability wasn’t simply based on what spells one knew.

The power of a mage depended on many factors. The first was the level of meditation. The higher the level of meditation one reached, the deeper one could comprehend and understand the elements, thus increasing one’s power. Suo Jia had reached the third realm of meditation already, while the two girls were only at the first realm.

The second was one’s familiarity with contacting the special elements. For example, water magic was cultivated with the Ice and Snow Pact. The more one cultivated, the more powerful they’d become. Aimi and Aila had never come into contact with a magic like the Ice and Snow Pact, while Suo Jia had already been cultivating in the Ice and Snow Pact for two years. Every day, he had extracted a large amount of energy to cultivate, and after two years of doing so, he had reached the peak amount of cultivation time a person would normally complete after 4-5 years.

The third was how well one knew the magic, as well as how much one practiced it. ‘Practice makes perfect’: if the same magic was activated multiple times, its might would increase more and more. After one practiced it to a certain extent, they would cleverly realize that the magic’s frequency, one’s attractive resonance to magic, as well as the might of one’s magic were all increased this way.

Basically, magic power was like an internal energy. The deeper one’s magic power was, the greater the area and volume the spell one could release. The Fireball was the same; a great magic scholar could hyper-compress a 2 meter wide Fireball, while a normal mage trainee fire mage would only be able to release a Fireball the size of one’s fist.

Meditation determined the growth speed of magic power. Based on one’s magic power capacity, one could reach higher and higher layers of meditation. The magic power one possessed and used would increase. What should be pointed out was that the magic power was stored in the mind within a space of nothingness. As one’s meditation level increased, this space would grow larger and larger, and the magic power contained within would also increase.

If meditation was said to decide the volume of magic one could possess, then the Ice and Snow Pact determined the magic’s might. The lower the temperature of the magic, the firmer the ice would be. How powerful the freezing effects were depended on these factors.

In general, if one paid a price, they’d gain an appropriate compensation as well. With the aid of a few Epic-ranked equipment, Suo Jia’s cultivation speed was really too crazy. The difference between him and the two girls continued to increase larger and larger. What Suo Jia needed to do now wasn’t to continue pulling the gap wider, but rather the opposite; he wanted to quickly shrink the gap between them.

Suo Jia summoned the two girls to the White Villa and warned them that no matter what, without Suo Jia’s permission, they wouldn’t be allowed to use the Exhaustion Training Method anymore. Overusing it was equivalent to spoiling their futures, and would be disadvantageous for their activation speeds in the long run.

Faced with Suo Jia’s demand, although the girls were exceptionally unwilling to part with the Exhaustion Training Method that had wildly boosting effects, they could only obediently nod their heads. Their fathers had sent letters, telling them that they had to do as they were told, and make sure not to rub Suo Jia the wrong way. In addition, they were to try their best to make him like them, and keep him happy.

Seeing the two girls agree, Suo Jia couldn’t help but let loose a breath. The Exhaustion Training Method was really too addictive; anyone that had witnessed the crazy speed at which it boosts someone would be unable to stop using it. Back then, Suo Jia had spent a lot of effort to abolish it.

As he looked at the two girls in front of him, Suo Jia pondered for a bit, hesitating as he considered whether or not to teach them the activation method he had developed. After thinking about it for a while, Suo Jia finally decided that since they had already become his left and right hands, he naturally had to increase their strength as much as possible. The stronger they were, the more helpful they’d be. If they were too weak, they’d be useless.

Suo Jia gave level glances at the two girls as he said, “Aimi, Aila….it’s already been almost 3 years since you entered Holy Light, right? How proficient do you think you two are at magic?”

Aimi immediately raised her forehead with pride as she replied, “You still need to ask? We haven’t slacked off for even a single day. Although I may not be able to say anything else, I can confidently declare that no one our age would dare to say that they’re more proficient in magic than I am!”

Smiling, Suo Jia didn’t respond and instead turned to look at Aila. Meeting Suo Jia’s gaze, Aila nodded her head and coldly responded, “That’s right. In reality….we’ve never slacked off once. In terms of magic proficiency level, even if we aren’t stronger than others our age, we are at the very least not any inferior to them.”

“Oh?” Suo Jia casually said with a smile, “Since you girls are so sure of yourselves, we should compete. All three of us are the same age too. We should go against each other and see exactly who is the most proficient at magic!”

Faced with Suo Jia’s challenge, the two girls cheerfully agreed. Although Suo Jia was powerful, he hadn’t really even released many magics in front of his classmates before. The two girls really wanted to know exactly how formidable he was.

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