CCM 134

Translated by: Taffy
Edited by: Rango, TwangyNewt

Warning: This chapter contains mature content. View at your own discretion.

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Chapter 134 – The Innocent Three Pt. 2

Smiling at the two girls, Suo Jia continued, “You two should still go first. Activate the Moisture Technique with me as your target. We can get someone else to be in charge of timing!” As he said this, Suo Jia made a gesture to signal a maid walk over from the distance.

Aimi and Aila grew serious at Suo Jia’s words. They both pulled out their staffs and quietly waited. Eventually…..the maid took out a timer and clearly announced, “Ready…set…go!”

Following the maid’s command, Aimi and Aila closed their eyes at the same time and exerted all their efforts in drawing the diagram. The staffs they each carried burst out a warm, blue light.

1 second…2 seconds…3 seconds….finally, after a bit more than 3 seconds and the instant before the 4th second, the two girls almost simultaneously opened their eyes. Their staffs lit up, and two Moisture Techniques activated together!

Contently enjoying the moisturizing from the mist, Suo Jia smiled at the girls and shook his head as he said, “Not good enough, it’s still far from where it should be. You guys still have the nerve to say you’re proficient at a speed like this?”

“Eh!” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the two girls that had been brimming with confidence were stunned into a daze.

Suo Jia watched the two girls as he waved his right hand twice in succession without informing the maid tracking the time. In that moment….a blue mist of moisture appeared above Aimi’s and Aila’s head. The time that had elapsed was barely even a second!

“What!” The girls jumped up in shock at the scene before them. This was really unbelievable. What kind of speed was this! No…this wasn’t even quantified by speed anymore. This was definitely an instant activation!

Seeing the girls’ shocked expressions, Suo Jia couldn’t help but laugh. In reality, even before he had started using the blue glove, Suo Jia only needed 2 seconds to activate the Moisture Technique. Now with the help of the blue glove, the magic could be instantly activated!

Although the spell formation couldn’t be instantly formed by the glove like that of Freezing Touch, the Moisture Technique diagram was one that Suo Jia could actually use his spirit power to draw out on his palm. However, his hand movement transformed into a mental thought, raising the speed by twofold. After all….one’s hand could never be as fast as one’s mind. This was just one of the miraculous effects of the Atlantis set’s abilities, which boosted the activation speed by 100%!

The two girls doubtfully looked at Suo Jia, unconvinced that Suo Jia could activate techniques so quickly. They stuck to their previous statement: Suo Jia was definitely using the power of some magic equipment to be so fast. Historically, no one had ever activated the Moisture Technique that quickly.

In response to the girls’ requests, Suo Jia once again activated a series of ice magics: Ice Sphere Technique, Swamp Technique, Revolving Frozen Gas, Glacial Armor, True Ice Sphere Technique, Icy Thorn Protection, and Freezing Touch. It was fine if he hadn’t tried it, but now that he had, although he couldn’t activate them instantly, the difference between Suo Jia and the two girls was growing larger. The original twofold difference between their Moisture Techniques had eventually become a five or sixfold difference!

The girls found it even harder to believe this time. Suo Jia’s activation speed had broken all the records they knew. Thus….they were even more sure that Suo Jia was definitely using the aid of some type of magic equipment to reach such a miraculous level.

———————– NSFW ———————–

Under the girls’ coercion, Suo Jia could only take off all his clothes with a wronged expression. He activated magic once more, this time completely naked to the point where his swaying penis was visible. Although the activation speed had decreased, it was still fast enough to shock the girls into a speechless daze!

Seeing the girls’ stupefied faces, Suo Jia smiled and said, “Truthfully speaking, the reason I can activate magic so quickly is because I created my own unique method of activating magic. As long as you two master this method as well, you can be as fast as me!”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the two girls immediately each grabbed one of his arms to seize him, trying to force him into teaching them. Faced with the girls’ threats, Suo Jia only laughed, but didn’t respond. Although he had long since decided that he’d teach this knowledge to them, Suo Jia liked seeing them demand things from him. He wouldn’t agree until he’d enjoyed himself for a bit.

Just as Suo Jia was happily enjoying himself, Eldest Sister walked into the room. Seeing Suo Jia tussling with the two girls while completely naked, her pretty face couldn’t help but sink, “Young Master, how could you go naked in front of these girls and show your indecent part? This is damaging your image and dignity!”

“Indecent part?” At Eldest Sister’s words, Suo Jia, Aimi, and Aila all simultaneously frowned. Puzzled, they began to inspect Suo Jia’s body, but they were completely unable to figure out what part was indecent!

After searching for a while, Aimi doubtfully reached her hand out to grab Suo Jia’s fleshy thing. She turned around to ask Eldest Sister, “Is it this thing?”

“Ah!” Seeing Aimi rub the little thing, Eldest Sister was completely stunned. It was indeed that thing, but it wasn’t something that one could just play around with like that!

On the other side, the originally indifferent Suo Jia suddenly changed expressions. Aimi’s small hands weren’t very innocent; it would’ve been fine if she had just grabbed, but she had even gone as far as to start kneading it. A stimulating current seemed to run through his small thing like lightning with her movements. It traveled directly to Suo Jia’s head. In that instant, Suo Jia had even begun to feel a bit dizzy.

Although everyone had often bathed together in the past, and had seen each other naked, they were just children. Seeing each other was fine. None of them would have any other thoughts. They all shared a bath not only at home, but even at school. After their daily training, they’d always go and cool off together, so it could even be said that they saw each other naked every day.

Despite this, nobody had ever played with Suo Jia’s penis before. Even the audacious Aimi hadn’t dared to act because she had faintly felt some shame. Now that they had the chance, why not properly study it a bit more?

On the other side, the expressionless Aila was finally unable to suppress her curiosity and she coldly said, “I want to touch it as well….” Her white tender hands stretched out, immediately causing Suo Jia to inhale sharply!

Although he was not yet 11 years old and hadn’t gone through puberty or matured in any way yet….Suo Jia already had everything men were supposed to have. Even though he was still unable to get an erection, the feelings he sensed weren’t false. Moreover, this made him even more sensitive, and thus more excited.

“Pa! Pa!” Finally unable to stand the girls violating him, Suo Jia waved his palm and slapped their hands away. He angrily shouted, “What are you two doing? Your rubbing is making me uncomfortable. Careful, or I’ll hit you!”

Completely disregarding Suo Jia’s anger, Aimi sighed in admiration, “It’s really fun. It’s fleshy and really soft.”

Coldly nodding in agreement, Aila said, “Very soft….”

“Pfft…” Seeing this scene, Eldest Sister finally burst out in laughter. Only now did she finally realize that they were only children. Although their actions were indecent, it wasn’t really anything big. When they grew a bit older, they’d naturally understand that what they were doing wasn’t good. Right now, she couldn’t be too strict. On the contrary, it would end up polluting their pure hearts.

On the other side, Suo Jia seemed at loss. Following his swatting away of the girls’ soft, tender, and moist hands, an uncontrollable, strong feeling of disappointment arose in him. In that instant, Suo Jia almost reached his hand out to drag the girls back and let them continue touching him.

Suo Jia recalled what he had previously felt. He was unsure of exactly what it was; it was both comfortable and uncomfortable. However, he couldn’t deny that the induced current had caused him to feel lightheaded. This completely captivated Suo Jia, and he very much wanted to try to experience that sensation again.

Perhaps some people would question why 10 year old children wouldn’t even know these basic things. In reality….in this world, ten year old children really don’t know these things yet. In Suo Jia’s case, it had never been convenient for his mother to explain such things. In addition, Suo Jia doesn’t have a single shred of lecherous desires, and books related to these things weren’t available on the street either, so there was absolutely no way he would’ve ever had a chance to learn about these things.

It was only because of this nature that the two girls could faintly feel shame and know they were supposed to feel embarrassed. However, they were unaware of the actual result of their actions. They spent the entire year studying, and thus had never had the chance to learn about such things. The academy also didn’t have any so called health and physiology classes, so they remained ignorant the entire time.

Eldest Sister swept a glance at Suo Jia and the two girls, but didn’t say a word. Instead, she simply turned around and left the underwater training ground. At the same time, Suo Jia turned to face the two girls and say, “Alright, I can teach the unique magic activation method that I developed. However, you two must agree that you won’t pass this knowledge on to anyone else!”

The two girls immediately agreed to Suo Jia’s words. Under Suo Jia’s forceful request, the two girls made a heavy oath. Afterwards…Suo Jia took out the sketch that he had drawn earlier, and began to carefully explain it.

Suo Jia sharply inhaled. He hadn’t gotten far in his explanation before he felt a pair of ice-cold hands reach out from below and grab onto his soft little thing, gently kneading it. This set off waves of electric currents that rushed up into Suo Jia’s head, as fast as lightning.

Holding his breath, Suo Jia turned around. It turned out that it was the naughty Aimi. Currently….she was looking at the sketch that Suo Jia had drawn while subconsciously holding Suo Jia’s small thing.

This time, Suo Jia didn’t stop her; instead, he closed his eyes. His entire body felt that indescribable stimulation. Not long after, an icy voice said, “Each person gets 5 minutes.” Following these words, Xue Er’s small hands were pushed aside and….a pair of colder hands instantly took Aimi’s place.

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