CCM 137

Translated by: FatChinee (Retranslated by Taffy)

I have retranslated this chapter, as I have realized after reading much farther ahead that many assumptions made when this chapter was originally translated aren’t valid. Thus, this chapter has been retranslated with more context known, and more accurate. It is extremely relevant to future chapters.

Note: “Zhiyao” is similar to medicinal alchemy, but as alchemy has already been established as the art used to create jewelry like the interspatial rings, and it’s too confusing to separate the two branches of alchemy, I’ve decided to keep the Chinese name (after spending an entire day debating with my editors). In the first place, it doesn’t have an exact English equivalent, but it is supposed to mean the process of using specific magics to create medicines/potions. While I considered many names such as Synthesis, Alchemy, Mixing, Brewing, etc, I ultimately decided that it was most accurate and least confusing to leave it in Chinese.

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Chapter 137 – Enchanted Zhiyao Pt. 1

Although he was confident that this book had existed for over a thousand years, and was certain that it was a magical book — a water system magic book to be exact– Suo Jia hadn’t actually looked carefully at its contents. Although the current Suo Jia could not be compared to those wealthy people, eight or ten thousand was still nothing.

Deep into the night, Suo Jia finished his meditation and began to relax on his recliner. His two hands began to flip through the magic book, and with great interest, he began to ponder its contents. After going through a majority of the book, his notes ended up all being ordinary magics; the Moisture Technique, Ice Sphere Technique, True Ice Sphere Technique, Mysterious Ice Arrow… these wasn’t any different from what Suo Jia was currently studying. At that moment, Suo Jia felt as if he had gotten ripped off.

Even after browsing a bit further until he reached the Rank 10 Absolute Zero, everything was still exactly the same. At that moment, Suo Jia sighed in disappointment. However, he did not care too much about 10,000 gold, as something like eight or ten thousand was something that the White Villa could earn from selling a single dish. It was a small matter. However, to fail while searching for treasure was still disappointing.

“Wait!” In the middle of his depression, Suo Jia’s eyes suddenly lit up. Holy Light Academy’s standard magical texts ended right up to here; Absolute Zero was recorded on the very last page of the standard texts. However, this book he had just bought still had quite a few pages left. This…

Precision Strike — a common Internal system magic. It allowed one to use the heart’s eye to create a spirit crucifix that focused in on a target and hit it precisely!

Spirit Lock — a common spirit system shared magic. It allowed one to create spirit chains that followed moving enemies. The guided chains would latch on the target and exert its control.

Acceleration Drive — a common thought system shared magic. It allowed one to use their thought power to accelerate one’s casting speed. The activation speed would be tremendously increased, as well as the magic’s flight speed!

Berserk Impact — a common control system shared magic. It allowed one to use the elements to increase the attack power of a magic. This made the magic go berserk in power, and inflict even more damage on the opponent!

Enchantment Zhiyao – It combined the Hydration Technique’s moisturizing rain and unique methods and processes to store the magic into the form of a portable potion. It could be used to heal wounds at any time!

Magic Zhiyao – It combined Magic Spring and unique methods and processes to store the magic into the form of a portable potion. It could be used to restore the user’s magic power and battle qi at any time!

Spirit Zhiyao – It used the Sweet Spirit Dew and unique methods and processes to store the magic into the form of a portable potion. It could be used to restore the user’s spirit power at any time!

Strength Zhiyao – It used the Origin of Endurance and unique methods and processes to store the magic into the form of a portable potion. It could be used to restore the user’s physical strength at any time!

“Holy crap…” Suo Jia wildly shouted as he jumped up, his fists waving around in the air.

Treasure! What was a real treasure? That’s right… this is what a treasure really was. After obtaining this knowledge, weren’t things like money, wealth and privileges all easy to take away?

The things that Suo Jia could immediately comprehend were Precision Strike, Spirit Lock, Acceleration Drive, and Berserk Impact. However, he couldn’t yet train in the Zhiyao techniques that could recover magic power and battle qi, spirit power, and physical strength. After all… the Magic Spring, Sweet Spirit Dew, and the Origin of Endurance were the three great magics that had long since vanished from existence.

What made Suo Jia the happiest was that the Precision Strike, Spirit Lock and Acceleration Drive were three great auxiliary passive magics that cultivated one’s internal, mental, and thought states. Once learned, they wouldn’t need to be purposely activated, as the subconscious mind could automatically use them. In fact, they would work as long as they were imprinted into one’s internal, mental, and thought states.

This is just like eating, as one does not command their hands to move their chopsticks, open their chopsticks, grab their food, lift their hand, and bring it towards their mouth. In reality, all one needed to do was to think about eating, and the rest would be automatic. It would not require any more energy to be wasted. These three great magics worked with the same reasoning.

As for the Berserk Impact, it also functioned on similar logic, only it required Suo Jia to learn the method required for activation. Previously, the magics were all dependent on oneself for activation; however, after learning the Berserk Impact, Suo Jia could use the power of water manipulation together with his magic in order to give his magics more destructive power.

Precise Strike allowed Suo Jia’s magics to have a certain degree of accuracy. If the nose was indicated, then the eyes would not be hit. If he said he would hit the left eye, then the right eye definitely would not be hit. This was absolute precision!

Spirit Lock allowed Suo Jia’s magics to not fail. Paired up with Precision Strike, it would grant him incredible control over the magic. Unless it was blocked or destroyed, the magic would definitely hit its target.

Acceleration Drive allowed Suo Jia’s magics to continuously gain speed. Not much explanation is needed to explain the importance of the magic’s speed. Without speed, even an idiot could cut down the magic, so how could a slow magic possibly even injure someone?

Berserk Impact allowed Suo Jia’s magics to gain more destructive force, and allowed him to release greater offensive power. Under the influence of Berserk Impact, the Mysterious Ice Arrow would have even greater penetrating power, as well as greater attack power.

Once learned, these four great auxiliary magics would automatically activate. The process of learning these would all be within one’s mind, and once these four magics were sealed within one’s consciousness, they could automatically be activated at any time. In addition… these four great magics’ proficiency would gradually increase each time Suo Jia activated a magic.

After spending only four minutes, Suo Jia had already accomplished everything; it was so ridiculously easy. In actuality… although these four magics were all quite awesome, they were still internal, spirit, thought and control system’s most basic magics; it was just that these four magics had long disappeared from existence. Now there were only earth, water, fire and wind system magics prevalent in this world.

After grasping these four great magics, Suo Jia was so happy that he stood up and directly ripped up the pages of those four magics before tossing them into the fireplace to burn them. Suo Jia did not want too many people learning these magics. Even if others did use them, Suo Jia wanted to make sure that they had learned them from him personally.

After seeing the four pages burned into ashes, Suo Jia happily walked towards the magic targets. Now he had to test the magics out and see exactly what kind of results these four auxiliary magics produced.

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10 thoughts on “CCM 137

    • Arukorstza says:

      Well… he is a child… but I agree burning the pages was dumb. Locking the book away somewhere would of been better. When he’s older and had kids. If he kept it away somewhere he could of arranged for it to be passed onto his children so that they could learn it even if he died before he could teach them personally. He needs a hidden library and to not be a stingy bastard.


      • leezzeel says:

        It was dumb and totally useless … i mean the interspacial ring open a space based on one own spirit power which mean if 3 peoples used the same ring then guy A can only open his own spacial space and doesn’t have acces to guy B and guy C storage. So yeah he could just have stuffed it in his ring and no one could ever get it. That or the fact did the vendor even bother opening the book ? or maybe he didn’t have any knowledge about spell ? and therefore didn’t know those spell were long forgotten ? Therefore didn’t make any copy or tried to sell to book to an academy or whatever …

        There is so many dumb thing in this novel than i’m finding myself gradually losing interest in the novel 😦

        Like during the inter-grade compet, with the wind warrior °2 the one than made Suo got half-naked. ‘Till now it’s fine, the problem lie in what that wind warrior think afterwards. Seriously a 8 years old kid would think because he got that far he shamed his parent, wife and child ? yeah right … totally the train of thought of a 8 years old kid.

        Or that trade suo did with the dagger. It was beyong stupid. It’s on the same lvl as i’ll give you 1$ give me 10$. Given the worth they were giving to this dagger i can’t help but think thief fight butt naked with only a weapon. Sure the dagger was awesome but the way it was said, they were saying the owner of the dagger WILL be the winner of the decade thief compet. (Thief can’t use boots like the lightning wind warrior (the one than lose his legendary weapon in the bet) with a with a wind rush skill linked to it ? ring than enchance speed/strenght ? Or maybe the thief compet is attacking training dummy and the one who do the most damage win ? -_-‘ fat chance.

        Zhan long MC luck is still a lot more realistic than that.


  1. Jerid says:

    I have already given up on this MC. He is not worthy of respect, at that his action throught this LN has shown his character to be a pile of shit. (does he even talk to his mother anymore..? from mama boy to spoiled bully who has no respect for anything around I’m. )


  2. seinky says:

    I was wondering why the hell the knowledge that was considered so great was lost, now I can see why…. T_T I can understand the way of thinking that its better to monopolize the knowledge but I think its stupid to have no back up plan :/


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