CCM 142

Translated by: Taffy

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Chapter 142 – Mysterious Guest Pt. 2

Straightening his hair and switching to a new outfit, Suo Jia strode out of the secret room. He walked towards the White Villa, and while walking, Suo Jia was in deep thought. Who exactly was it that came today? Who was this person that even Wen Ya was so respectful towards?

While thinking, Suo Jia suddenly realized that if he wanted to become stronger, he had to have absolute control over himself, and to devote everything towards his own matters. Currently, although he lived within the house, he did not know much about the house’s matters at all. As for the important information and intelligence, Lan Ruo wouldn’t carelessly leak to Wen Ya.

Suo Jia entered the White Villa without warning, and walked up the stairs up to the third floor. When he arrived in front of the office, he looked at its door and took a deep breath before pushing it open. The next moment….Wen Ya and a mysterious masked woman appeared in Suo Jia’s line of site.

As he calmly entered the room, Suo Jia looked across at the mysterious guest. His expression didn’t change at all, showing neither respect nor impoliteness. He was calm and collected, his expression completely free of worry. This made the mysterious masked woman astonished; how could such a young child have such a manner!

Based on Suo Jia’s observations, this person was an enchanting woman. Although he couldn’t see her face, and her body was a bit chubby, she had that alluring air that was so bright it felt like one could physically touch its existence.

What shocked Suo Jia the most was the other party’s noble air. Every movement made in a graceful, poised, and luxurious manner. Every action was incomparably skilled and beautiful; they were neither too large nor too small. The movements were just so smooth, so subtle, that they were something that nobody else could possibly learn how to do.

Suo Jia clapped his hands and raised his voice, “Lan Ruo, why haven’t you called anyone to bring tea?”

Wen Ya smiled at Suo Jia’s words and said, “No need to call them, we aren’t thirsty. I’ve already warned Lan Ruo’s servant girls repeatedly that no matter what, they are not permitted to approach this area. That’s why they aren’t in this vicinity.”

Suo Jia felt slightly uncomfortable at Wen Ya’s words. This was clearly the White Villa, Suo Jia’s home, yet Wen Ya bossed people around so easily without his agreement. It was even to the extent that Lan Ruo hadn’t even sought out Suo Jia’s opinion; she hadn’t even informed him of the matter.

That also meant that if Wen Ya commanded them to get rid of Suo Jia, then there would come a night where he’d open the White Villa’s door and die without even knowing how it happened. This feeling of complete lack of control was really too horrible.

However, although his mood was terrible, Suo Jia definitely didn’t dare to show it. He was especially careful in making sure his face hadn’t revealed anything. However, Suo Jia still had to show some type of sign; reacting too much would admittedly seem excessive, while not reacting at all would be just as useless. Wen Ya understood Suo Jia’s temperament so well; how would she not see through Suo Jia’s tricks?

Suo Jia had read in a book once that being a good actor was extremely difficult. If one couldn’t even deceive themselves, then there was no way they could think of deceiving others. If one wanted to move someone, then they’d have to move themselves first!

Suo Jia quickly considered this. If he was completely unaware of this matter, how was he supposed to face it? The gears in the mind spun furiously and soon….Suo Jia found his answer.

What kind of person was Suo Jia? That’s right….he was the type that clearly differentiated between recompensing favors and enmity. Right now, Suo Jia didn’t think that he owed Wen Ya anything. This command was issued beyond her authority, making Suo Jia explode in fury. Wen Ya didn’t have the rights to order Suo Jia’s maids around; only Suo Jia was their master.

Suo Jia silently stood up and pushed the door open. Afterwards….he stood there at the entrance and loudly shouted, “Lan Ruo, immediately bring some tea up. The guests want to drink!”

Seeing Suo Jia’s indignant little appearance, Wen Ya was first at a loss. However, she then shook her head and began to laugh. Suo Jia’s acting was undoubtedly successful. In Wen Ya’s eyes, he looked just like a short-tempered child that couldn’t get the candy he wanted. He seemed both cute and amusing.

Wen Ya wasn’t concerned about Lan Ruo disobeying Suo Jia’s commands. After all…Lan Ruo was raised by the Duke. No matter the circumstance, she would always act out according to plan. There was absolutely no need for any special instructions.

As expected, Suo Jia’s angry shout caused Lan Ruo to quickly appear at the head of the stairs carrying a tea tray. She smiled and said, “Young Master, a new green tea had just arrived. The soaking time was a bit long though, and has caused the guests to wait for too long.”

With a slight nod, Suo Jia walked back to the office and sat himself down on the old chair. While Lan Ruo was setting down a cup of tea to each of them, he said in a low voice, “After you’re done delivering the tea, you are dismissed. If it’s not important, then don’t come up!”

“Pfft….” Wen Ya was unable to hold herself back from laughing at Suo Jia’s words. Even the mysterious masked guest couldn’t prevent the corners of her mouth from rising into a smile. This was clearly a child’s sulking. It was the same exact command, but he had to repeat it himself in order to feel satisfied. This child was really too amusing.

Squinting at the two women, Suo Jia leisurely leaned against the old chair, and slowly said, “Sister Wen Ya, why did you come looking for me today? You know that recently I’ve been doing closed door cultivation, so my time is really tight. Honestly speaking, aside from Sister Wen Ya nobody else could possibly drag me out!”

“Oh?” The mysterious masked guest laughed and said, “Then does that mean even if Duke Wen Sha personally came, you wouldn’t be willing to come out either?”

Suo Jia frowned at the mysterious masked guest’s words. This question was really too penetrating; how was he supposed to respond? If he said that he wasn’t willing to meet, it would be losing face for Wen Sha. However, if he said that he would meet, then what could his previous words count as? Rubbish?

Curling his lip, Suo Jia calmly said, “That can’t even qualify as a question. Duke Wen Sha wouldn’t come to my residence. Even if he did, he wouldn’t look for a young child like me; Duke Wen Shan is a man. I don’t think there would be anything he’d demand from me!”

Suo Jia narrowed his eyes at the mysterious guest and said, “Even if he came, it would be for the sake of receiving the White Villa’s services, not me. Naturally, there would be people to serve him.”

“By no means!” The mysterious guest’s eyes couldn’t help but light up at Suo Jia’s words. This response didn’t directly answer her question, but it did implicitly reply. If she continued to question him, it would be clear to anyone that she was just arguing for the sake of arguing. Anyone with the slightest bit of professionalism wouldn’t do such a thing. Moreover, with such urgent pressuring, Suo Jia would surely say that he wouldn’t meet her. Because ‘children’s words carry no harm’, even if the Duke knew of this, he wouldn’t be able to make things difficult to a mere 10 year old child with the Duke’s prominent position, right?

Suo Jia furrowed his brows in thought as he replied, “Ok, ok, don’t continue to test me. My time is extremely precious. If you have anything to say, please hurry up and say it!”

The guest couldn’t help but feel shocked after seeing Suo Jia’s expression. Exactly what kind of person was Suo Jia? Why did he dare to treat Wen Ya in such a way? Reasonably speaking, nobody would ever act so impatiently towards Wen Ya because of her status. But what shocked the mysterious masked person was that Suo Jia not only dared to act in such a way, but Wen Ya didn’t get mad at all about it. On the contrary, she looked at Suo Jia with a loving gaze. What….

Helplessly shaking her head, Wen Ya gently said, “The reason I came today was to help my friend get a golden card. I have a very important friend that really needs your help!”

Hearing Wen Ya’s words, Suo Jia glanced at the mysterious masked person. He had actually already guessed who he was supposed to help. Furrowing his brows, he said, “Sister Wen Ya, I’ve already said before that I’m very busy; helping you and Emma alone already exhausts all of my time. If you find me another customer, how would I be able to cultivate?”

“Little fellow, it seems to me that it’s more like you don’t have the skills to help me. If you really cannot do it, just say it directly. I won’t trouble you any further.” The mysterious masked guest said with a smile.

Pouting, Suo Jia said in disdain, “Do you really think I’m just a kid? I can guarantee you that attempting to egg me on like that won’t work at all.”

At this point, Suo Jia stood up and firmly said, “Sister Wen Ya, you understand my principles. Basically, there’s no way I’d agree to this. If you want my help, then you should go ahead and try your hardest to move me otherwise!”

Suo Jia said rudely, “My time is short, so I won’t accompany you guys any longer. I’ll get Lan Ruo to entertain you guys later. Everything will be free of charge, my treat!’ Suo Jia smiled and nodded at the mysterious masked person and then turned to leave the room.

As she saw Suo Jia abruptly leave, the mysterious masked person exclaimed in shock, “My god! Does he even count as a child? I feel like he’s more like those difficult ministers in court!”

The mysterious guest turned to look at Wen Ya and asked inquisitively, “I’m curious; he even dared to not give you face. I really want to know how you and Emma were ever able to persuade him to help you.”

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