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Translated by: Taffy, Almer

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Chapter 144 – Incomparable Force Pt. 2

After she spoke, the Empress slightly smiled, “I’ll quickly return to the capital tomorrow and personally go and select some treasure. Isn’t it just an Epic-ranked set? I recall that the warehouse should have several sets. With my status and nobility, no one will dare question me if I take one!”

Speaking up to here, the Empress slightly paused then soon after continued talking “As for nobility title, I am able to promote him up by four noble ranks directly to a first ranked lord; I do not believe that he will refuse!”

Hearing the Empress, Wen Ya inhaled sharply. Suo Jia’s rising in nobility rank could only be described as crazy. A first ranked lord was a noble title that only knights had. Anything higher was impossible, aside from being a type of establishment of outstanding military service.

The lord ranks were divided into 8 ranks. Each lord rank was also divided into first and second sub-ranks. Now Suo Jia had risen to the level of the highest ranked lord. Starting from the knight ranks, one could be considered the same as genuine nobility! At the very least, one could become the lord of a 10,000 population city!

In reality, the Empress could actually directly raise one’s noble title by six consecutive ranks. However…..including the Emperor, the highest limit to raising ranks was the first ranked lord. If one wanted to become a knight rank, even the Emperor couldn’t directly bring one’s status up to such a level. The person had to establish some outstanding military service or accumulate enough national medals to go up. If one didn’t have enough achievements, there was no way they could get the knight rank.

As Wen Ya was pondering this, the Empress hurriedly stood up and resolutely declared, “Alright. Time is precious, so we shouldn’t stay here and waste any more time. I’ll immediately send a message to my trusted aide and send them to the royal treasury to find an Epic-ranked magic equipment under my name. No matter what, I must persuade Lord Suo Jia!”

Wen Ya warned, “Your Highness, Lord Suo Jia is a water elemental mage, so he likes water elemental based magic equipment. If you can find a part of the Atlantis equipment set, as well as increase his noble rank by four levels, Suo Jia will definitely be persuaded!”

The Empress stood up and quickly left the White Villa. That evening, a griffin carrying a secret letter from the Empress was sent out from Holy Light and quickly raced towards the capital. During this time, Suo Jia had entered closed-door training to cultivate every day. His sole goal was to break through the fifth level of the realm and familiarize himself with the strength of a high ranked mage. There was less than a month remaining until the Angelic Six Winged Phoenixes returned.

As he was submerged in cultivating, he could hear clear footsteps approaching from outside the secret room. Furrowing his brows, Suo Jia retracted his right hand, and instantly relinquished control over the ice stream. It fell to the ground, emitting a mist of cold air that permeated the entire room.

The entrance opened, and Lan Ruo walked in. She said respectfully, “Young Master, Wen Ya and that mysterious person returned. Wen Ya wanted me to tell you that she’s already prepared a gift that you will be unable to refuse, and invites you to meet them!”

Suo Jia’s eyes lit up and he firmly said, “Alright. You go back and prepare some tea first. I’ll immediately go!”

Lan Ruo wordlessly turned around to leave the secret room. Suo Jia didn’t tarry any longer, and he quickly changed to a fresh robe and rushed over to the White Villa.

Just as before, Suo Jia met the mysterious person and Wen Ya in the guest room. However, this time, it was different; they hadn’t come empty-handed. The mysterious person was holding an average-sized box. Suo Jia didn’t know what it contained, but judging from the patterns on the box, it was clearly not poor quality.

The mysterious person locked gazes with Suo Jia as she said in a shaky voice, “Lord Suo Jia, I’ve diligently looked for a very long time, and have finally prepared a gift that will definitely persuade you!”

“Oh?” Narrowing his eyes at the mysterious person, Suo Jia lightly sat down on the old chair and indifferently said, “You’re that confident? Then I will definitely have to properly enjoy this.”

The mysterious person proudly smiled at these words and replied, “Firstly, I can raise your noble rank by 4 levels, and bring you up to a first ranked lord!”

Suo Jia’s eyes flashed, and he smiled, “Interesting. That’s definitely interesting. This gift of yours is indeed quite good. However….that alone can’t possibly persuade me. Although noble rank is important, I don’t care about it to that extent.”

Nodding in understanding, the mysterious person placed the box she was holding in front of Suo Jia and calmly said, “The second gift is stored inside this box. You can personally examine it. If this gift doesn’t persuade you, then I’ll leave immediately without another word!”

Subconsciously looking at the box, Suo Jia curiously reached out to lightly rub the box’s cover. He really wondered exactly what in this box could give this woman such self-confidence.

Suo Jia inhaled sharply as he slowly opened the lid. Immediately….a pair of deep blue combat boots appeared in his line of vision. At first glance, they seemed to be cast from something like steel. Their exterior was covered with strange lines and depressions. What made the deepest impression on Suo Jia was the blue light that circulated the boots, constantly spinning and swaying in the air.

“This….” Suo Jia’s heart began to race fiercely. What was this? It was undoubtedly…..this was definitely the combat boots of the Atlantis set — Atlantis’ Journey!

Dumbstruck, Suo Jia raised his head to look at the mysterious person across from him. He really wanted to know how she knew that he’d like this. However, Suo Jia soon realized the answer as soon as he saw Wen Ya. Emma might not have told Wen Ya about this matter, but Lan Ruo probably did. Since Wen Ya knew, she’d naturally suggest the mysterious person to give this to him. In that moment, Suo Jia didn’t know whether he should be feeling happy or furious at Wen Ya’s actions.

Silently covering up the box, Suo Jia quickly recalled what he knew about these boots. According to his memory, these combat boots had extremely powerful abilities. Not only could they link to the other parts of the set, but they also carried an amazing auxiliary ability — Unrivaled Wave Walking!”

The word ‘unrivaled’ in this case, referred to how the Frost Wyrm was an unrivaled, mighty being. These boots were made from Frost Wyrm wings’ leather. In addition, this leather was taken from a Great Frost Wyrm that was over 10,000 years old!

Although typically speaking, a Frost Wyrm became stronger as time passed, those that survived past 10,000 years were never heard of. Only the Frost Wyrm King from the epics had ever reached the age of 10,000. These combat boots had been made from the wings of the world’s strongest Frost Wyrm: the Frost Wyrm King!

Secondly, the word ‘unrivaled’ referred to how a duplicate of these combat boots could never be reproduced. The 10,000 year Great Frost Wyrm had already become a Diamond Dragon, and nothing could possibly harm it. Even if 100 Black Dragons attacked it together, they couldn’t possibly hurt the Diamond Dragon. Suo Jia really couldn’t think of how this precious wing leather had been retrieved in the first place!

Both Diamond Dragons and Frost Wyrms quickly turned into nothingness as soon as they died, like melting ice that left absolutely no trace of ever existing. One could only successfully retrieve leather while the dragon was still alive. Could that possibly mean that Atlantis at that time was so powerful that it could even defeat a 10,000 year old Great Frost Wyrm? What kind of strength was that!?

Even if these combat boots weren’t Epic-ranked equipment, they would’ve been considered priceless based on their material alone. A Frost Wyrm weighing hundreds of tons could only fly into the air because of these two leather wings. As long as there was water element in the area, they could pass through as if walking on waves. Although flying, one could also say that they were swimming! After all…in this world, the water element existed everywhere. If the six elements lost equilibrium, the world would instantly perish.

Suo Jia had to admit that these combat boots were impossible to reject. It was really way too great of a help to him. If he wore these boots, Suo Jia would be able to walk on voids. He’d even be able to roam around in midair! This far surpassed the wind element’s Soaring Technique in all aspects!

Among the 4 elemental magics, only the wind element mage could fly. However….the Soaring Technique from the wind system simply gave oneself a pair of wings made of wind. The takeoff and landing speeds of this technique was not bad, however, the speed of moving left or right in the air was quite slow, roughly equal to the speed of a person running on the ground. Most importantly, it consumed a major amount of magic power, and nobody could persevere with it for very long.

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