CCM Status Update Pt.1

Hey guys~ So as you all know by now, CCM has been dropped by Pika, and I am now continuing it on my site. As one of the main translators of CCM since the beginning of its translations, I don’t want to see it die (I also want to know what happens in the story >.>), and so I will try my best to continue the project to the best of my ability.

I will be extremely busy with school next week, so I’ve asked FatChinee to help me with next week’s chapters (and hopefully the bonus chapter too!)

I have moved all of the chapters here, and have also created an index. Currently, they are all saved as drafts. I will publish them all in ~20 hours. I’m not sure how the following system will take it; it might send it all as one mass email, or you may end up getting around 150 emails.

Therefore, if you do not want to risk being spammed from this move, unfollow this WordPress, and check back later in ~20 hours from now. If everything has been updated, re-follow this WordPress then. If not, wait a bit longer before re-checking the status and following it only after the move has been completed.

Sorry for any inconveniences caused!

I’ve also received questions about things like the schedule, how taking CCM will affect the other translations I do, whether sites like aho will be updated, etc. I will address these questions at a later date sometime next week (thus the “Pt. 1” in the title ^^)

Thank you for bearing with me!


7 thoughts on “CCM Status Update Pt.1

    • RusimRedom says:

      Nothing to do about it they gotta leave time for study.
      Translating something is not that easy in whatever language it is.
      Also they doing it because they want to for the love of it nothing more 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  1. ashreadsmanga says:

    Thanks for not dropping this novel…it is a great read! I always like reading about Mages, especially water type, because they can also manipulate blood, which is the worst weapon there is.

    Please continue translating this as much as possible.


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