CCM 151

Translated by: FatChinee, Taffy

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Chapter 151 – Breaking All Ties Pt. 1

Under everyone’s gazes, Suo Jia and the other three slowly walked through the palace entrance. Suo Jia knew that the reason the opposing party didn’t act wasn’t because they were afraid of his merciless actions; the most important factor was that they had never actually received orders to act. They had only been told to encircle the Empress and try to dash her spirit. The people that had lost their lives had died meaningless deaths. This was the only reason he dared to act.

Of course, if those fellows were completely unafraid of Suo Jia, their passing through would’ve still been impossible. Being faced with someone that had such ruthless killing techniques would make anyone afraid. However, what they didn’t know was that after a single Diamond Charge, all of Suo Jia’s magic and spirit power had been completely consumed. If they really surrounded Suo Jia and his group again, Suo Jia would actually be helpless.

This was the meaning of psychological warfare. There was no need to be much higher than the opponent, being just the slightest bit ahead of them was enough. Victory with the most minimal effort was enough to manipulate others. Losing this slight advantage would cause one to suffer heavy losses. If another person knew that Suo Jia was actually weak in reality, despite his seemingly strong appearance, they definitely would’ve had Suo Jia and his group surrounded immediately, and would not have let them go unless they had managed to trap the Empress for 2 hours.

This reasoning was something that the Empress knew. She sighed in admiration as she looked at Suo Jia, and shook her head. Her choice to ask Suo Jia to accompany her this time was really the right decision. She wasn’t even sure how they had just passed through this obstacle. A battlefield was always constantly changing, so no matter how formidable Suo Jia was, there was no way he could’ve anticipated all possible outcomes; in fact, nobody could.

Although they had successfully gotten into the palace, it was clear to see that the Empress was still thoroughly frightened. In her eyes, all of the concubines had already become her enemies. The Empress furrowed her brows, inwardly worrying.

Seeing the Empress’s reaction, Suo Jia smiled and shook his head. “Your Highness does not need to be scared. Think about it, if Imperial Concubine Hua really did succeed, why would they have to prepare such methods? If they just directly locked you up like a dog within the palace, wouldn’t that be better?

Although Suo Jia’s words were rather crude, even to the point of calling the Empress a dog, at this moment, the Empress could not get angry. There were more pressing matters, and they didn’t have time to worry about such formalities. Winning was the most important.

While thinking, Suo Jia continued, “Your Highness must have confidence in herself. You have already been within the imperial palace for roughly thirty to forty years, so how could your foundation be compared to that of an imperial concubine’s? She only managed to arrange for this disturbance outside of the palace, and the only purpose of this was to make the Empress panic with fear and force you into a hopeless situation. I have said this before, you must remember that these imperial concubines are all below you, and you are the female lord here. Imperial Concubine Hua is only a clown that jump over beams, so there is no reason to fear her!”

Hearing Suo Jia’s explanation, the Empress’s heart finally cleared up. right…she herself had already been inside the palace for 36 years, so how could her foundation and influence compared to a concubine that had only been at the palace for 6 years. There was nothing to be scared of, as long as she was still the Empress, then these workers were still all under her!

While thinking, the Empress finally gathered the majestic presence an Empress should have, and with her head held high and chest out, she headed straight for the chambers of the imperial concubines. While walking, the Empress was partly under Suo Jia words, and partly under her own hypnosis — I am the Empress, I am the owner here, I am the Empress, I am…

Seeing the Empress mutter to herself, Suo Jia could not help but involuntarily laugh. He slightly shook his head, and Suo Jia quietly snuck closer to two of the female servants before saying in a low voice, “Later, no matter what I tell you guys to do, you must immediately obey. Even if I tell you to arrest Imperial Concubine Hua and punish her, you also must not hesitate. Do you understand?”

“What? This…” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the two female servants could not help but reveal shocked expressions.

“Idiots!” Seeing this scene, Suo Jia could not help but scold them out of anger. “Have your brains been flooded with water? Think about it, once the Empress is overthrown, would you still have your lives? Your fates have already been interwoven together with the Empress’s. Once the Empress falls and Imperial Concubine Hua succeeds, not only will you die, for the sake of cutting the weeds and eliminating the roots, your families will all die as well. Only by dedicating yourselves for the sake of the Empress could you protect your small lives, do you understand now?”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the two girls quickly understood, after all… To be able to serve the Empress at her side and become her close servants was not something anyone could do. A stupid servant girl could never satisfy the Empress.

While explaining, the Empress slightly shifted her hair and glanced at Suo Jia. The words said just now were completely heard by her. As for Suo Jia’s meticulous thinking, the Empress was thoroughly convinced. Although it wasn’t some alarming event, once it was forgotten, the results would be difficult to predict. Many things could be completely ruined because of these small mishaps!

Finally, the four individuals hurriedly entered the chambers of the imperial concubine, and the surrounding people increased in numbers. After seeing the Empress, all of them could not help but be stunned. It proved that what Suo Jia said was correct. As during that period of time, Imperial Concubine Hua had not yet threatened the other concubines. Upon seeing the Empress, everyone respectfully greeted her and paid their respects.

Seeing the surrounding maids pay their respects one after another, the Empress’s eyes could not help but moisten. In the past, she only felt that this was etiquette, and that this was normal. Only now did she finally feel how important this etiquette was. This was something that only the Empress and Emperor could enjoy.

Soon after, the four of them arrived at the Eastern Palace, precisely where the Empress lived. It was obvious that…Imperial Concubine Hua had already received news and currently… the Eastern Palace doors were wide open, and the imperial concubine was currently sitting upright on the Empress’s throne. In her surroundings stood several dozen maids, and her face looked at the four incoming individuals with a provocative expression.

Under Suo Jia’s encouragement, the Empress entered the palace, and stopped at the main hall of the Eastern Palace. At the same time, Suo Jia shouted in an angry voice, “Outrageous! To not kowtow upon meeting the Empress, are you people trying to rebel?”

Only after hearing Suo Jia’s voice did the other maids realize that no matter who became the Empress in the future, the current, genuine Empress was still Empress An Rong, not Imperial Concubine Hua. If anyone dared to not greet her or pay respects to her, they would be punished to death, and Imperial Concubine Hua would have no way of saving them.

In that moment, all of the concubines knelt down and paid their respects. Seeing this scene, Imperial Concubine Hua, who had thought that she had already won this power struggle, couldn’t help but begin shaking. She hadn’t imagined that after only their first contact, she would already be at a disadvantage. This would not do.

While thinking, Imperial Concubine Hua stood up with an enchanting smile on her face. She said in a harsh voice, “Oh! Isn’t it Auntie An Rong who is past her time and lost her love? What is the reason for your visit to my Eastern Palace? I do not recall requesting your presence.”

Hearing Imperial Concubine Hua’s words, the Empress couldn’t help but tremble. But, she remembered Suo Jia’s words, and didn’t act at all. At the same time, Suo Jia’s low voice rang out once more, “Imperial Concubine Hua, you’re too brazen. To think that you refuse to kowtow in the Empress’s presence. Are you trying to rebel?”

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      • RusimRedom says:

        Well then tell me that it is logical for someone to use magic or battle qi ?
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      • takumi168 says:

        @rusim logic is the branch of philosophy concerned with the use and study of valid reasoning.

        By this definition as long as you establish facts the flow of logic is still the same. For example dinosaurs are fake. Then by this “fact” the unearthed bones are not dinosaurs but magical beast. Please don’t confuse logic with common sense. While common sense doesn’t apply to fictional story with mythical powers that doesn’t mean logic can’t.

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  1. RusimRedom says:

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    It makes it sound like he got powerless after that =p


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    Hey Taffy,

    Thanks for translating this and continueng this great series many readers are getting bored with the current progress of the story but when shit hits the fan with the trade routes and evil plan arc they’re will hype again with hella funny sitatuions also heartbreaks. Not too much of a spoiler I hope, thanks again for translating!


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