CCM Status Update Pt. 2

CCM has now officially been dropped by Pika and moved here!

I’ve had a lot of people ask me questions, so here are my answers (some of these questions may seem strange, but they have, in fact, been asked):

Who are you?

I’m Taffy, or TaffyGirl13. I’ve been one of the main translators of CCM since it started on Pika, and have been interested in the story since. I’m also involved with many other groups, such as Gravity, Japtem, Shiroyuki, etc, so you may see my name in random places. This is the first time I will have my own project (as opposed to helping others), so please bear with me! More can be found in my About page.

What’s the release schedule?

This has been the question asked the most so far. As of now, I will not have a set release schedule, mainly because I am extremely busy with school. Also, as much as I like CCM, I also enjoy helping other people with their series (see below), and I don’t want to sacrifice that either (I’m sure the readers of those series would also agree). I translate in my free time for fun (instead of reading >.>), but unfortunately, I don’t have that much free time with my school schedule (ie. I have midterms soon T.T).

For now, I will try my best to translate enough chapters so that I can eventually switch to a steady schedule by the time I hit break. I make sure the chapters get properly edited before release (since as an editor myself, I’m particular about errors. On that note, please notify me if you see an error that was missed in a chapter). Although I won’t stick to a specific schedule, I can guarantee that you will get 2-5 chapters a week (and I will update you if otherwise), mainly because I’m a translating addict and I translate when I procrastinate schoolwork or sleep (yes, I procrastinate sleep), or when I’m bored. >.> Because there is no set schedule, make sure to follow this site if you want to keep up with updates!

While I personally prefer schedules, and I know the old CCM readers are accustomed to following one, I simply don’t want to promise chapters at specific times when I cannot guarantee them. Therefore, there will not be a set schedule until I am confident that I can stick to it 100%. I may still do bonus chapters based on views though~ ^^

How will this affect other series you help with (ie. LLS, CSG)?

As mentioned previously, I do not want to give up the other series I help with, mainly because I love the translators, and I enjoy helping them (they’re really awesome, go check them out!). This is precisely why I have never started my own project until now. Until my break, I will most likely focus more on CCM so that I can try to get onto a set schedule, but I will try my best to still help out with other series if I can, and I’ll hopefully go back to my full involvement again when I go on break.

Can you update this on Aho?


Can you change the site appearance?

You may have noticed that the site has changed appearance quite a few times. I’ve just been playing around with the themes. I’m a completely money-free site, so I unfortunately, do not have many customizing choices. However, if you prefer a certain theme or color that is offered for free on WP, feel free to recommend it to me, and I’ll take a look at it 😀 I’m open to any suggestions.

Can I donate?

There is currently no donation button, nor will there be one anytime soon.

Are you a girl or a guy?

Neither, I am a robot!

If you have any more questions, feel free to comment below, and I will try my best to answer them. You can also often find me in my chat. Thanks for your support and understanding!


23 thoughts on “CCM Status Update Pt. 2

  1. redroajs1 says:

    Thanks taffy the translating tagbot!!!! As a leecher I really can’t thank you peeps enough. I am a bookworm and reading these kinds of translated novels one of the two only hobbies I have (the other one is watching TYT news), and since reading these is more enjoyable of the two, I really can’t express my gratitude enough. Thank you!!!


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