CCM 183

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Second Christmas chapter~

Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Comfortabull, Hakubruh

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Chapter 183 – Miracle Cure Pt. 1

All males were lecherous, and wanted fresh experiences. They thirsted for the enjoyment of more women’s **. They wanted to sample more women’s flavors and amorous feelings, but at the same time, deep within their hearts, all they wanted was a true love.

The Emperor knew that, for him, all the women were like cakes on a plate. They were all there to fulfil his sexual desires. He might be infatuated with some, but never for long. Once he had eaten enough, he would never eat them again to the point that even thinking about that made him feel disgust.

Deep in his heart, Empress An Rong was still the one he cared for the most. But… even genuine feelings were unable to bear attacks from lies and slanders. Just like the last time, when Imperial Concubine Hua had started rumors all over the place and slandered An Rong’s image, what had the result been? That’s right…the result was him agreeing to depose An Rong, and make Imperial Concubine Hua the Empress!

Seeing the Emperor’s expression, Suo Jia could pretty much guess his thoughts. He smiled and said, “Your Majesty, it’s not that An Rong isn’t jealous, but she could only taste the feeling of pain alone for your sake. She also wanted to monopolize you, but what would happen to your concubines if she did?”

Suo Jia looked the Emperor up and down before saying enviously, “Your Majesty, truth be told, having such a good Empress is enough to make everyone in the world jealous of you. Have you ever thought about that? If you had let Imperial Concubine Hua become Empress back then, with her sinisterness and jealousy, would she have tolerated the existence of any other women? I can bet you that all the girls you pamper would’ve been persecuted by her, and disappeared from your life one after another. But yet you were still bewitched by such a woman.”

“Stop!” Hearing Suo Jia’s unceasing torrent, the Emperor abruptly waved his hand and guiltily said, “Don’t continue any further, I understand. An Rong’s good traits are things that no other woman can compare to. Only she would never say bad things about others in my presence. All her thoughts are for my sake.”

“Tch…” With a sneer, Suo Jia said in disdain, “No really? Only she can become your wife, your lover. All other women simply see you as a source of money, a throne of riches, honor, and privileges. I believe that you yourself can understand this reasoning. Men can be lecherous, but abandoning their own wife for their lustful desires is definitely wrong.”

Hearing Suo Jia’s unrestrained words, the Emperor couldn’t help but flush in anger and shame. He really wanted to retort, but he knew that everything Suo Jia had said was correct. Aside from An Rong, all the other women just wanted to earn was his attention, and then things like money, status, and privileges. Only An Rong didn’t request such things, and sincerely just hoped for his well-being.

Seeing that the Emperor was feeling ashamed, Suo Jia smiled and said, “Men can live carefree, loose, cheerful lives. After all…there are so many women in this world. You’re the Emperor, nobody would dare to say anything to you. But I want you to remember that mingling with other women is already your fault. How could you treat the Empress badly just because of this?”

The Emperor sighed and said firmly, “Don’t worry, I won’t do it again. In addition….even if I wanted to do so, I no longer have the power to, ai…”

Seeing the Emperor sigh, Suo Jia couldn’t help but smile, “That’s the purpose of my talk with you. I may be able to help you recover your youthful vigor and re-stimulate you once more. However, I don’t wish for you to continue mingling with other women and harming Her Highness once more as a result of my help. If that happened, my sin would be too great.”

“What!” The Emperor suddenly raised his voice as he angrily shouted, “Do you mean to say that if you help me, I can’t go find other women, and can only stay with the Empress alone?”

“No, no, no…” Quickly shaking his head, Suo Jia replied, “That’s your business, it has nothing to do with me. I just don’t want to see your other concubines continuing to slander the Empress and wound her in such a way. This is too harmful, and can secretly influence your vision and impression of Her Highness. Unless Your Majesty doesn’t believe that talking bad about a person behind their back is immoral?”

The Emperor narrowed his eyes and said in a heavy voice “Your words have reason. However…what I really don’t understand is, why are you so considerate towards the Empress? I’ve looked into it, and the two of you don’t have any relationship at all. I want to know, what is your goal? Money, privileges, status, riches, glory…exactly what do you want that leads you to help her?”

Suo Jia started, and exclaimed in shock, “Heavens! Your way of thinking is really complicated. I don’t understand; if you’re so shrewd and suspicious, why were you bewitched by those concubines? You were even willing to depose your most beloved woman!”

The Emperor couldn’t help but flush in shame at these words. He rolled his eyes in discontent at Suo Jia, immediately deciding that there was absolutely no way Suo Jia and the Empress had any ambiguous relationship. All his years of experience allowed the Emperor to determine that this brat was still only a kid, and was definitely still a virgin. If he had even slightly tried the taste of a girl before, he wouldn’t be saying such words.

When a man and a woman were crazily in love with each other, they’d combine their essences within the woman’s body. When the woman that gave endless pleasure was intimately within the man’s embrace, and softly spoke to them about various things, it wasn’t something that any man could resist. It was practically hypnosis. No matter how amazing a man was, they couldn’t possibly guard against pillowtalk.

Suo Jia shook his head and said, “I know that you don’t understand at all why I help the Empress this way. I can clearly tell you now that I firstly help her because I think she’s pitiful. She is willing to give away everything for the sake of her lover, yet was forced to face abandonment. I cannot just sit still and watch that happen.”

The Emperor clearly wasn’t satisfied with this answer. He furrowed his brows and said, “But if that’s true, then why does the Empress want to give you such precious items? Isn’t that a business transaction?”

Suo Jia shook his head and calmly replied, “No, no, no…you’re missing something. That bracelet alone isn’t enough for me to help you. The Empress agreed that if I help Your Majesty regain his youthful vigor, you must also raise my noble rank by one!”

“What!” The Emperor shouted in agitation, “You mean to say that as a Holy Light citizen, serving the Emperor requires a reward?”

“Ai…” Sighing helplessly, Suo Jia gave a bitter smile and said, “If Your Majesty says it like that, then fine, I’ll do it all for free…” As he said this, Suo Jia fished out the case containing the Fire Phoenix Bracelet and lightly tossed it on the table.

“You…” Seeing Suo Jia’s actions, the Emperor couldn’t help be momentarily frozen, at a loss on what to do.

Suo Jia surveyed the Emperor up and down a few times before helplessly shaking his head, “I really apologize, Your Majesty. I do want to help you, but….now that I’ve seen it personally, I’ve suddenly discovered that your entire body’s functions have deteriorated with age. Even I cannot help you. I’m very sorry.” Suo Jia closed his eyes, leaned back on his chair, and didn’t speak another word.

“What!” Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the Emperor abruptly stood up and furiously looked at Suo Jia as he shouted, “If you cannot help me, then don’t give me false hopes. Don’t you know how great of a blow that is?”

Suo Jia’s eyes remained closed as he stayed calm and collected, “I’m really sorry, Your Majesty. It’s not that I don’t want to help you, but that I really cannot. I am powerless to fix your situation. Go find someone else instead. I believe….there must be someone in this world that can help Your Majesty.”

“You!” The Emperor choked at Suo Jia’s words. Although he was the Emperor, what could he do if the other party couldn’t help? It wasn’t like he could force someone to do something they weren’t able to do. An Emperor couldn’t be so unreasonable!

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19 thoughts on “CCM 183

        • nehaw says:

          As a man the head of the household should stay and look after his family and their happiness. His mom as 24 was so bored she wanted to go pray and watch him work. Yet at 24 she had to go stay at a nobles house for her protection I case he were to offend anyone. Instead of living with her only son and experiencing the world.
          He exploits his customers, classmates, aristocrats, business partners.
          He changed Emma to give him priceless artifacts because he wished to teach her the value of friendship. Obviously different from an expensive artifact and noble ranks. It’s worth all one can give to support the illusion of a miracle.
          The 36 girls he gained possession of took 2 months extra gaining ores but his first thought is they are ungrateful yet they are free to spend 1 tenth of the gold they earn on no free time
          Other than having his set of epic equipment one counts as external strength.
          He doesn’t believe in a higher power unless things go in his way. Exploits 44 rings, its his blessing. Can’t afford a robe then accuses shopkeeper of exploitation.
          A fat ugly man is obviously nefarious scourge but a average looking kid is prophet.
          Nobles are greedy and excessive would fight to eat a exclusive bar. He gorges out on exclusive snow lotuses and uses golden wares yet eats food from a unknown restaurant.
          Kills palace guards who won’t attack, kills bandits who are weaker, bullies a guy who insulted him yet he got slap the heavens themselves are at work


  1. midoriha says:

    thanks a lot!
    oh come on—-! lol, suo jia’s good! he’s so nice—! at least he respects women…! hmph, i can’t believe that this person is the emperor! he’s weak to women?! no discipline! -clicks tongue-

    Liked by 1 person

    • BCJ says:

      Actually isn’t Suo Jia being a hypocrite by asking for a rise in nobility rank for serving the Emperor because didn’t the head concubine almost become Empress due to her services to the Emperor, so why does Sou Jia get to bend his own standards of morales?

      Not hating on Suo Jua just pointing something out


      • midoriha says:

        no, i don’t think suo jia’s being a hypocrite. firstly, let me say that i understand what you mean.
        suo jia himself has said it. he says that if the emperor doesn’t want to employ his services, the emperor is free to find whoever else he wants to. as of the current moment, he has not done any service for the emperor, viewing fro this chapter. he works for rewards, and nothing else. also, his services are unique. no one else can provide them to the emperor, that is certainly the most important point, in my opinion. demand and supply, right? since demand is high and supply is limited, the price can increase drastically.
        the concubine serving the emperor, and by being favoured by the emperor, she has already received wealth. who has ever heard of a favoured concubine not living in luxury and wealth? her wanting the empress position, is just her being greedy. so the point is, she has already received a reward by being of service to the emperor, that is wealth and luxury.also, her services are replaceable. there are any number of women who could serve the emperor. -gags to self-
        ahem, yes, i don’t know if i’ve made my point, but, it’s not hypocritical of suo jia ot ask for a nobility rank rise because that is his reward for hif (future) service. the concubine has already gotten her reward, and asking for more is just her greed.
        …i apologise i just wrote two paragraphs of an essay. ahahaha!-runs off to hide-


      • midoriha says:

        no, in my opinion, it isn’t hypocritical of suo jia. i do understand your point, though. i seem to have a problem with posting comments, currently, so let’s see if this gets through. i actually wrote like two paragraphs of an essay as my previous reply, but…don’t know, it didn’t get posted…
        anyway,for suo jia, i would like to state that as of this chapter, he is not yet in service to the emperor.he is telling the emperor what he wants for his service. he only works for rewards and benefits, after all. suo jia’s service is also unique. with demand and supply, we know that when there’s limited supply, and high demand, price increases. therefore, having a unique service, suo jia can ask for as high a proce as he wants to.
        for the concubine, she has already received her reward for being of service to the emperor. as she is favoured by the emperor, she is living in the lap of luxury and wealth. her wanting to have the empress position is merely her greed.
        therefore, it isn’t hypocritical of suo jia to ask for a nobility rank. thank you, and i think it still turned out pretty long—-! not as long as my previous reply though…


  2. BCJ says:

    If Suo Jia really does get a rise in his nobility status for serving the Emperor then wasn’t it right for the head concubine to almost become Empress because she also serviced the Emperor, also doesn’t this make Suo Jia a huge hypocrite?


    • gman says:

      Their kind of services are different. Suo Jia offers something that could be retained over the years, while the concubine’s service was only granted in bed. Additionally, the means to an end are different; Suo jia is using skills for his service; and, the concubine was putting poison on the court as to slander the Empress.


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