CCM 186

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Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Comfortabull, Hakubruh, Silva

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Chapter 186 – The Viscount’s Land Pt. 2

Three days later, Suo Jia underwent a formal ceremony to become a viscount of the Holy Light Empire, and turned into an absolute, important aristocrat. In addition…he had also gained a very special plot of land.

Originally, a piece of land being bestowed was chosen by the Emperor. However, because of Suo Jia’s relationship with the Emperor, he was naturally allowed to choose as he wished.

The old man Emperor had even told Suo Jia that he’d bestow Suo Jia a plot of land already owned by another person if it caught Suo Jia’s eye. Such a matter wouldn’t be a problem at all; a single sentence was enough to hand it over. The original owner of the land could be deployed off by the Emperor.

However, Suo Jia couldn’t possibly do this. The Empire was so large, and the size of the land was vast. Why would he have to choose from someone else’s land? A noble man shouldn’t steal other’s precious things.

Suo Jia followed behind the Emperor and entered the imperial family’s tactics room. He pulled open a map dedicated to territories, and began to earnestly choose. Seeing the various drawings of world on the large walls, Suo Jia couldn’t help but sigh in admiration as he shook his head. Originally…he’d thought that Holy Light Empire was already quite large. But compared to the entire world, Holy Light was so small that it was equivalent to only a city!

Under the Emperor’s guidance, Suo Jia found a map of Holy Light Empire, and made some approximate assessments. If, for example, the world’s entire area was 10,000 units, then Holy Light’s area was only 10 units. Perhaps even less.

Following the Emperor’s finger, Suo Jia quickly discovered that there was a total of 6 countries within the area around Holy Light Empire. Among the 6, Holy Light was the fifth largest. The largest was ten times larger than Holy Light, and its population was over tenfold!

In reality, although he had thought of Holy Light Empire as a large country, it was definitely small compared to the over 100 countries in the world. If mentioned to foreigners, nobody would even know of the country. In addition…Holy Light didn’t represent the first 100 powerful countries; it was an area in the borderline zone that was both recognized and ignored by wanderers.

Suo Jia shook his head and immersed himself deeply into enjoying the world map. Originally…he had thought that Holy Light was so big that one couldn’t run across. But now he knew that this was just him acting like a frog in a well who hadn’t realized how large the sky was.

“Viscount Suo Jia, look…shouldn’t we be choosing a plot of land?” Seeing Suo Jia seemingly intoxicated by the map, the old man Emperor couldn’t help but urge him.

Suo Jia abruptly returned to his senses and finally looked back at the maps covering all four walls. He looked at one specific wall for a bit, where a Holy Light Empire map about the size of some tofu jerky was stuck on. He then walked towards the large central table where the map specifically for plots of land in the Empire was displayed.

The map was quite large, and its notes were very detailed as well. The bordering countries were also included. Although only the boundaries were shown, Suo Jia could already determine that there was a total of 6 countries in that map!

Although Holy Light Empire’s area could be completely overlooked when on a world map, it was still extremely large on its own individual map. Even Holy Light City, which was such a large city, was only a large red dot on this Empire map. As for small cities, their sizes were so tiny that they were represented by thin, very small dots.

Suo Jia’s eyes continuously surveyed the map, back and forth. He then chose the location he wanted most. Originally…Suo Jia had wanted to turn the Gold Triangle into his own plot of land. However, a single glance had been enough to tell him that this area already belonged to someone. In addition, that territory was split between four people in total.

When choosing the land, Suo Jia first stressed profits. It would only be acceptable if it brought in a large amount of income. Suo Jia definitely wouldn’t choose a remote and desolate place to become his territory. Money was something that one could never think themselves as having too much of.

His eyes continued to search across the map. Finally…Suo Jia’s gaze landed on a specific point on the map. A bright light flashed across his eyes as Suo Jia abruptly pointed at it and said, “I’ve made my choice. I want this place!”

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the Emperor was beyond excited. He really wondered what kind of land Suo Jia had chosen to become his own territory.

It actually turned out that not looking at it was better. After a single glance, the Emperor bitterly smiled and helplessly lifted his head to look at Suo Jia. “You really know how to choose. I can’t believe that you’d actually choose such a place. Unfortunately, I cannot grant this area to you!”

“Ah!” Suo Jia stared at the Emperor in astonishment and exclaimed, “Why not?”

Shrugging his shoulders, the Emperor pointed at the map and explained, “Look here, this place has 3 lines. These lines combine to form a shape like “艾”. In reality, these three lines divide the six countries’ boundaries. The place you chose is exactly the center of this “艾”, and it represents an unregulated area that belongs to all countries, but also doesn’t belong to any at the same time. Even if I wanted to give it to you, I don’t have the power to do so!”

“Damn…” Suo Jia couldn’t help but inwardly sweat at this. Originally….the reason this place had caught his eyes was because of its unique shape. Although the area wasn’t large, it simultaneously touched all six countries’ borders. The other six countries appeared to form a circular shape that distributed its surroundings. This piece of land was the circle’s center.

Of course, Suo Jia’s thoughts had been quite simple. Since this place simultaneously bordered all 6 countries, doing business there would be much more beneficial than in the Golden Triangle. As the center of the six countries, the advantages of this place were millions of millions times more in number than for the Gold Triangle. The three cities’ incomes couldn’t possibly compare to those of the six countries.

He stared at the map with regret. At the same time, the Emperor explained, “In addition, even if this location did represent our Empire and I conferred it to you, you would most likely be unable to defend it. That place is where smuggling runs wild. There are countless thieves within that circle of the six countries, and it is the most chaotic area!”

“Hm?” Suo Jia’s eyes couldn’t help but light up. He had been worried about how the girls wouldn’t have any place left to train. But this was perfect, wouldn’t this place be the most suitable for training?

Suo Jia quickly scanned the map. Finally…he abruptly pointed to a point and eagerly said, “Your Majesty, can this piece of land become mine?”

Following Suo Jia’s finger, the Emperor saw that where he pointed to was in the surrounding area of that central point. It was Holy Light Empire’s fort: Dawn City. This was the gateway to Holy Light Empire; any of the six countries could pass through at any time to entire Holy Light’s territory. It was an important place that represented military affairs. How could the Emperor bestow this to someone?

Originally, the Emperor had decided to refuse. Aside from here, Suo Jia could choose any place he wanted. But he still stuck to his previous words; now that he wanted to retract his previous words, he couldn’t.

After struggling with himself for a long time, the Emperor finally smiled wryly and said, “You really choose so well. I don’t understand at all; this place is the military fort near the border area. Why did you have to choose this location? This place doesn’t give you a lot of profits! Look…why don’t we change to another place?”

“No, no, no…” Furiously shaking his head, Suo Jia excitedly said, “I definitely won’t change it. I just have one question: Can I take this as my land or not?”

After staring wordlessly at Suo Jia for a long time, the Emperor begrudgingly sighed, “You can, but you must know that this place is a common passage for all six countries. Anyone can pass through this place to enter another country. It represents a military fort; even if you gain it, you can’t possibly manage it!”

“Fort, huh?” Suo Jia stared at the map with bright eyes as he firmly said, “So what if it’s a fort? This is exactly what I wish for. I have already made my decision; I want this place!”

“I….you…” After struggling for a bit, the Emperor finally sat down in his chair with a thud, and blankly stared at where Suo Jia’s finger was. At this point, it seemed like not giving it would be impossible. If he had known this earlier, he wouldn’t have dared to speak so magnanimously, even if he was beaten. The one place that couldn’t be chosen was still chosen in the end. Wasn’t this purposely giving him a hard time?

With a sigh, the Emperor stood up and took out a map from the scrolls cabinet on one side. He passed it to Suo Jia with a bitter smile and said, “Alright, this is the certification of your possession of the land. At the same time, it’s also a detailed map of the area. Take it and look over it.”

Accepting the map from the Emperor, Suo Jia directly placed it into his interspatial ring without looking at it closely, and bid farewell. This was because he could already see that the Emperor hadn’t actually wanted to hand this plot of land over to him. If he stayed any longer, it was possible the Emperor would go back on his word.

As he stared at Suo Jia’s figure gradually disappearing, the Emperor realized that another fort would have to be built behind Dawn City. After all, the safety of the empire couldn’t be placed into a single person’s hands.

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