CCM 189

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Eighth Christmas chapter~

Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Comfortabull

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Chapter 189 – Harvest Season Pt. 1

Without Suo Jia commanding them to, everyone quickly pulled out their weapons and formed a circular formation. They watched the hundred surrounding Magic Automatons cautiously. Although in terms of numbers, there were much less compared to outside, everyone knew that these 100 Magic Automatons were definitely much more frightening than the 900 outside.

Judging from outer appearances, these seemed to be female. Their bodies were created with purple gold, and the two-handed swords in their hands seemed extremely nimble, with terrifying speed. But just by judging from what they could see, the hazy, violet glow that surrounded their bodies was already enough to make everyone feel fear.

Suo Jia surveyed their surroundings, then said in a grave voice, “Everyone, watch out. Once they open fire, fly up into the air. Also, don’t break these Magic Automatons, exhaust all of them!”

The girls quickly nodded. At the same time, the hundred females surrounding them had finished gathering their energies, and suddenly leapt in. Their figures gradually sped up more and more, until eventually, they even left after images.

“Ding dong ding dong…” In a mere instant, the Angelic Phoenixes on the outer part of the circle were barraged with attacks. Seeing this, Suo Jia shouted in anger, and took the initiative to leap into the air.

Seeing this, the other girls near the center of the circle also flew up into the air. However, the outer girls had already missed their chance, and were completely entrapped by the hundred Magic Automatons that were as swift as a storm.

Suo Jia didn’t dare waste any time, and hurriedly commanded for everyone to descend and save the girls. After a bitter struggle…all the girls were finally able to fly into the air. Under Suo Jia’s lead, they stopped on a beam above the arena.

Although the enemies had left, the Magic Automatons on the ground continued to wildly race around, occasionally raising their hands to look at Suo Jia and the others in the hair. However, they stubbornly refused to stop. The corners of Suo Jia’s mouth tilted upwards at the scene. This time, it wouldn’t take long for the Magic Automatons to exhaust all of their energies.

Just as Suo Jia was silently celebrating to himself, the central area of the arena slowly opened up to expose an enormous, circular hole. At the same time, the hundred rampaging Magic Automatons quickly leapt down the hole.

Under everyone’s bewildered gazes, a crystal person whose entire body glowed with a violet light slowly rose from the hole as the Magic Automatons wildly running around all fell into it.

“Kacha…kacha…kacha…” Powerful sounds rang out. Suo Jia and the others watched with wide eyes as the hundred Magic Automatons unexpectedly assembled onto the crystal automaton’s body. Amidst the brilliant violet, a 10 meter tall and incomparably thick, enormous automaton instantly took form.

A feeling of danger couldn’t help but arise in everyone’s hearts at this sight. Warily looking at the large fellow under them, and Suo Jia firmly said, “Everyone, be careful, and prepare your Space Shields. This big guy might have long range attacks!”

As expected, as soon as Suo Jia finished speaking, the gigantic automaton below them slowly raised its head. After sweeping its eyes across Suo Jia’s group’s position, it slowly raised its hands. Everyone noticed that, where the palm should’ve been, the two large hands sported pitch-black holes!

“Dudududududu…” Muffled bangs resounded as a chain of penetrating, violet glows fiercely flashed. Amidst the light, sharp amethyst crystals shot outwards, whizzing towards Suo Jia and the others in midair.

Even the Space Shield couldn’t possibly block such concentrated attacks. After all….although the Space Shield was unequaled, it was something that broke instantly. Although it could block the first crystal, it couldn’t possibly block the second and third crystals that followed as well…

The 36 girls remained dauntless. They first used the Space Shields to block one, then used their bodies to block it head-on. Although they really wanted to block the attacks, the power of the amethysts was too great. If they came into the slightest bit of contact with the crystal, the girls would instantly fly off into the distance, like a baseball. They had absolutely no power to resist.

As the enormous Magic Automaton below them crazily shot out attacks, the 36 fire wind girls were all sent flying backwards from them. Eventually…the only one remaining was Suo Jia, who had stayed in his original position. Now he’d have to face the amethysts by himself!

With a bitter laugh, Suo Jia released his Space Shield. He stamped his feet and leapt out oddly. The Magic Automaton below him turned the cannon around, and the shot out amethysts began to follow Suo Jia’s figure, continuously shooting at him.

“Sou! Sou! Sou…” With tightly clenched teeth, Suo Jia quickly moved around the air above the arena, like an extremely nimble fish in water, not daring to stop for a single moment. He constantly changed his direction of movement in midair.

Although Suo Jia had already dodged quite well…the Magic Automaton was indeed too powerful. Although it didn’t have a consciousness, a combination of over a hundred Magic Automatons had the intuition of a wild beast. No matter how Suo Jia evaded, it would subconsciously turn the cannon around to follow Suo Jia’s figure.

After a while, Suo Jia had been brushed by the attacks 5-6 times. Despite the fierce pain, Suo Jia knew that being merely brushed was still not a big deal; it meant that he could dodge them. But if he was completely hit by one, the powerful impulse would crumble any power of resistance he had. Once that happened, his head, which had no protection, would instantly explode from the dense rain of fire.

For a period of time, Suo Jia’s consciousness was concentrated to an unprecedented level due to the situation that threatened his life. His body flashed through the air; every time it shifted, it would leap forwards at an impossible angle as he tried his best to evade.

Although this sounded simple, it was actually something that happened in the blink of an eye. By the time all the Angelic Phoenixes had finally stopped their momentum and stabilized their bodies, Suo Jia had already dodged dozens of times, and had been hit 5-6 times.

At this site, the girls seemed to have made up their mind about something, and quickly rushed towards the giant Magic Automaton. The Young Master’s life was most important; they didn’t want, nor let allow, this Magic Automaton to continue pursuing the Young Master’s life.

Faced against the flocking arrival of the Angelic Phoenixes, the giant Magic Automaton raised its other hand in contempt, blasting out a succession of amethysts in their direction. The Angelic Phoenixes were helpless…although their speeds were extremely fast, twisting and turning in the air was extremely strenuous, and it seemed like they had no nimbleness to speak of.

In comparison, Suo Jia was like an agile fish. He could change the direction of his movement at any given point, and a stomp of his feet could allow him to change his angle by 90 degrees at full speed, dodging the attacks. On the other hand, the Angelic Phoenixes were like birds; although they were extremely fast, turning 90 degrees like that was impossible.

As the Angelic Phoenixes were blasted away, the Magic Automaton shifted its focus back onto Suo Jia. As matters stood, how could it accept being unable to do anything to Suo Jia? Its task was to seize him.

Some time passed; Suo Jia felt like he had been chased for an entire century. Finally…the Magic Automaton stopped its wild shooting, and helplessly looked at Suo Jia floating in midair. It rotated its body left and right, not daring to attack, and unable to attack.

Suo Jia abruptly stopped as he cautiously watched the Magic Automaton below. Why had it stopped? Did it no longer have any crystals? Roughly approximating, the automaton had already shot out over 1000 amethysts just now.

He tentatively began to approach the Magic Automaton. When he had reached about 10 meters away from it, the Magic Automaton suddenly sprung back to life, striding over with its large feet and rushing at Suo Jia. It brandished its giant arms, trying to attack.

Suo Jia soon realized that his guess was right; the amethysts had all been used up. Now, the Magic Automaton could only use close range attacks, and was completely powerless against flying enemies.

Suo Jia quickly turned around to fly back to the beam, then commanded the 36 fire wind warriors to take turns playing around with the giant fellow, consuming its energy. Just as before, he ordered for them not to destroy the Magic Automaton, but rather drain it of all its magic core’s energy.

The 36 fire wind warriors split into groups of 6, and began to fight the big fellow. Although it was extremely large in size…its speed was very slow, making it impossible for the automaton to hit the lightning-fast Angelic Phoenixes.

After remaining deadlocked for quite a while, the giant Magic Automaton suddenly shuddered, and its body quickly crumbled. It turned into the 100 female bodies again, engaging in fierce battles with the Angelic Phoenixes.

Without any need for Suo Jia’s command, the Angelic Phoenixes immediately raised their cloaks and flew back into the air, watching the 100 Magic Automatons below them wildly leap around like the wind. Finally…half and hour later, the magic cores contained inside these Magic Automatons had been completely drained. Just like the 900 that had been outside, they ceased to move. Suo Jia knew it was time for harvest.

The 100 Magic Automatons fell to the ground like mud and wood dolls one after another. Suo Jia smiled to himself in satisfaction; these Magic Automatons’ sole weakness was their lack of flying ability. They had no other weak points. As long as Suo Jia changed their magic cores and looked for the method to control them, these fellows would become the best soldiers.

Weaving through the Magic Automatons, Suo Jia and his group finally arrived in front of the large door. Above it hung a golden board with large print: Atomic Alchemy Lab Headquarters!

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