CCM 195

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Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Comfortabull, Hakubruh

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Chapter 195 – Looking Down On Others Pt. 1

Suo Jia nodded in understanding; he now believed about 80% of the fatty’s words. He glanced around at the corpses on the ground and helplessly turned around. Just as Suo Jia was about to say something, he suddenly sensed that a triumphant and scheming look flashed in the fatty’s eyes!

Suo Jia abruptly swallowed his words and thought hard. There had to be some kind of loophole. If the fatty was hiding something, there had to be some kind of flaw. But…what exactly was this loophole?

“Got it!” He suddenly thought of the answer. Smiling darkly, he shook his head and said, “Fatty, don’t say I didn’t give you a chance. It’s your own fault for not cherishing it, so don’t blame for being merciless. You brought this onto yourself!”

Seeing Suo Jia about to order for the deaths of his subordinates, the fatty anxiously shouted, “Wait! You can’t just say I’m hiding things from you without any basis! I really handed everything over to you!”

“Tch…” Sneering in disdain, Suo Jia coldly said, “Did you really? Then let me ask you, why don’t you have a list of other properties? Also…why don’t you have other locations for hiding treasures? Don’t tell me that all your wealth was placed in the treasury; nobody would ever believe you!”

The fatty’s face turned ashen. One couldn’t blame him for under-preparation; Suo Jia was just too cunning. In addition….he had received the order from the capital way too late. His time had been short, so there was no way he could’ve prepared many ploys!

“Kill them!” Seeing the speechless fatty, Suo Jia gritted his teeth and gave the order.

Hearing this, 10 Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes grasped the war blades in their hands tightly, and began to exert strength in their arms. Just as they were about to act, a delicate voice rang out, “Stop!”

Following this delicate shout, a bright yellow figure gracefully floated down so elegantly that the figure seemed to be moving in slow motion. But in the blink of an eye, that yellow figure already landed in front of everyone.

As Suo Jia stared at the yellow figure in shock, he felt a sense of familiarity for some reason. But even when he thought more closely, his memories were too foggy to recall where he had seen this girl before.

At closer inspection, the girl was wearing a golden mage robe, with a similarly golden staff in her hand. Her facial features were beyond delicate and pretty, and had an indescribable type of beauty that penetrated one deeply in the heart!

What especially made Suo Jia sigh in praise was that this girl’s every action was exceptionally graceful, and she didn’t show any signs of rashness at all. Even in such a situation, she was still serene and refined, something that no ordinary person would be able to achieve.

“My…my daughter! Why are you here? Hurry…hurry up and run away! This place is dangerous!” When the fatty suddenly saw the girl, he was at first happy, but soon fear replaced it as he shouted a warning at her.

Hearing this, a trace of warmth could be seen from the girl’s gaze as she smiled at the fatty. Her delicate voice said, “Father, what exactly is going on here? Why are they here?”

When she spoke, the girl turned towards Suo Jia and said, “Student Suo Jia, why are you in my house? Why treat my family in such a way? Did we offend you somehow?”

“Eh!” Hearing the girl say his name, Suo Jia couldn’t help but gape in shock. He had absolutely no clue how she knew his name. From her initial arrival up until now, nobody had once said Suo Jia’s name.

“Senior An An, why do you run so quickly? I almost lost you!” Just as Suo Jia was pondering the situation, an impatient shout rang out from outside the walls. The next moment…a flaming red figure leapt over the walls and dropped down quickly into the hall.

Suo Jia looked at the fiery red figure in doubt. At first, he started in shock, but then gritted his teeth in fury. This guy was actually that bastard! Suo Jia hadn’t ever imagined that he’d meet this old friend here!

The golden robed girl suddenly furrowed her beautiful eyebrows and said sharply, “Student Kaos, please don’t call me by that nickname. Only my relatives can call me that. We are only from the same school. Please conduct yourself with some more dignity!”

“Hehe…. Hehe…” Hearing the yellow robed girl’s words, the red figure couldn’t help but awkwardly scratch his head with a foolish smile on his face. He didn’t notice the hostile surroundings around him at all.

“Oh! So Young Master Kaos came! What a rare visitor!” Seeing the red figure, the fatty suddenly brightened as he happily shouted.

Hearing the fatty’s words, Kaos’ eyes lit up and he respectfully cupped his hands towards the fatty and said, “I, Kaos, greet the Lord.”

Kaos’s face suddenly turned deathly pale as he looked at Suo Jia with clenched teeth. After a moment of silence, Kaos laughed out loud and said, “Aiya, you little wretch, why are you here? Could it be…that I didn’t beat you hard enough last time? Hurry up and beat it!”

“Gasp!” Hearing Kaos’s words, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes couldn’t help but inhale sharply. They all knew that throughout Suo Jia’s life, he had only been beaten up once. And that one time was because of them! Thus…they had stood guard in front of the school entrance, going all out to find that bastard. But they hadn’t imagined that he would reveal himself!

Kaos continued, “Oi! Brat…I may have been afraid of you before because of that group of crazy and ugly bitches. But now, those lunatics are long dead. That’s why…you’d better get out of here immediately. Otherwise, I’ll beat you until you the ground is covered with your teeth!”

Hearing Kaos’s words, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes and even the yellow robed girl couldn’t help but feel shock. This Suo Jia had been the champion of the King of Kings Tournament in Holy Light Academy at the age of 8. On what basis was Kaos supposed to beat him? Wasn’t it the reverse that was actually true?

Suo Jia said in a dark voice, “I didn’t go searching for revenge, yet you dare to show yourself in front of me. Do you really believe that you can destroy me?”

Duo Mei stepped forward and indignantly said, “Young Master, no matter what, please allow me to fight. This matter came up because of us. We must earn back the Young Master’s face!”

Suo Jia couldn’t help but smile at Duo Mei’s words. He knew that these Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes had been secretly worried about this matter the whole time. That’s why Suo Jia had never dared to reveal this guy’s identity. Now that the bastard was trying to flaunt his power right in front of them, it was clear to see that he didn’t know the meaning of ‘death’!

Shaking his head, Suo Jia said with contempt, “A mangy dog like him isn’t worth using qi. Taking care of him casually is good enough. It’ll be the same no matter who does it.”

Suo Jia turned around and looked at the yellow robed girl. Now that he recognized Kaos, he also quickly remembered this girl’s identity. That day, it had been precisely because Suo Jia was looking at her that he had been beaten up. To this day, Suo Jia still clearly remembered that moment.

At that time, the yellow robed girl’s movements had been so light and elegant that it had seemed she’d fly up into the air at any moment as she swiftly moved over from the distance. What had really peaked Suo Jia’s curiosity was how this girl’s body had been so agile. In addition, her footwork had been extremely strange. Although it had clearly looked like she was moving forwards, it had seemed as if she moving so swiftly that one couldn’t lock onto her position at any moment. If one tried to fight her, it’d be hard to hit her with magic.

Because he had been so fascinated by it, he’d provoked the guy named Kaos. In the end, after a clash of words, Suo Jia had been viciously beaten. It could be said that this girl had been the main cause of his beating!

As Suo Jia was recalling this, Duo Mei leaned close to Suo Jia and whispered, “Young Master, this girl is Holy Light Academy’s number one beauty: Naifa Lian, wind elemental mage, officially graduated last year.”

Suo Jia nodded in understanding, and surveyed his surroundings. He thought to himself that it was clear this Naifa Lian was this fatty’s daugher, and this Kaos was Naifa Lian’s wooer. Today’s situation seemed to have gotten more complicated. But no matter what, Suo Jia refused to allow anyone to owe him anything.

The fatty seemed to have found his supporter, and smugly said, “Viscount Suo Jia, I’ve already handed over everything I’m supposed to. As for others, they’re all my private assets. I have no reason to give them to you, sorry!”

The fatty completely ignored Suo Jia and casually walked over to the yellow robed girl and Kaos. He arrogantly introduced, “I’m sure Viscount Suo Jia recognizes these two people. That’s right…this one is my daughter, and the other one is the son of the Imperial Marquis, Young Master Kaos!”

“Marquis?” Hearing the fatty’s words, Suo Jia finally understood; the reason the fatty was so confident he had backing was because he planned to rely on the Marquis’ distinguished name. After all….to aristocrats, Suo Jia was only a minor noble that had just stepped into the circle of the high ranking aristocrats. There was still the earl, marquis, duke, and prince ranks above him; the classes were piled one after another. The difference between levels was clear.

Just as Suo Jia was mulling this over, Kaos arrogantly said, “How could a mere viscount act so savage? Could it be that you’re looking down on me?”

Suo Jia couldn’t help but give a cruel smile. With a wave of his hands, an ice stream instantly uncoiled. Before Kaos could even react, it had tightly wrapped itself around him.

Seeing this, Kaos couldn’t help but panic. Everything had happened way too quickly. He hadn’t even realized what was going on; how could this brat seal him with ice just with a stretch of his hand!

Suo Jia walked up to the terrified Kaos and slowly stretched out his right hand. He brought his right hand up to cover a yawn and smiled darkly, “Back when you hit me, I swore that there would come a day when I’d pay you back a hundred times over for the humiliation you brought onto me. Prepare yourself, that time has come!”

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