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Important announcement (please read!): It was brought to my attention yesterday that CCM132 actually had missing paragraphs. I’m extremely sorry for the mistake, and have updated it now with the correct translations (and edited it while I was at it). I never read published chapters back in Pika (actually, I still don’t here, but I make the posts so it’s different), nor did I really read 132 (I wasn’t the one that translated it). Thus, I never noticed the mistake. However, it is still part of my responsibility, as it was my fault for not checking it. Thus, I sincerely apologize to all my readers. Please refer back to here if you would like to read the missing parts (quite a few paragraphs), and it explains some stuff too. You may need to start from CCM131 to understand the context. I once again sincerely apologize, and hope you’ll forgive me! Also, please do point out any mistakes you ever see or even suspect. I greatly appreciate corrections and strive to learn from mistakes and improve myself from them, so don’t be afraid to give me suggestions, point out errors, or ask me about suspicious parts. Shout out to Atros for bringing CCM132 to my attention!

On another note, it’s almost a new year~ Here is the second chapter of the week 🙂

Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Comfortabull

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Chapter 196 – Looking Down On Others Pt. 2

“Oi!” Kaos couldn’t help but shout in fear at Suo Jia’s angry growl. Unfortunately for him, Suo Jia didn’t give him any chance to speak. With an abrupt wave of his right hand, a clear, resounding sound of a slap rang through the air.

“Pa! Pa! Pa…” Once Suo Jia started, he could no longer stop. The more he recalled the humiliation he had suffered back then, the more resentful he felt. His right hand struck back and forth against Kaos’s face. Although Kaos was a fire warrior, his inner battle qi had long since corroded away from the cold air, effectively taking away his ability to resist.

After slapping Kaos dozens of times in succession, Suo Jia’s hand began to throb in pain, so he reluctantly stopped. He had no other choice…although the other party was in pain, Suo Jia’s hand was suffering as well, and Suo Jia wasn’t a masochist or anything. It was best to hand this type of thing to others to handle.

Suo Jia gloomily stopped, then turned to say to Duo Mei, “Send two people over. They cannot stop until they’ve slapped him 200 times!”

Without any need for Duo Mei to repeat the command, a group of girls fought to come out first. They each slapped him twice, then naturally retreated and switched with their other sisters and let them slap him as well. Every one of them wanted to help the Young Master pay back the revenge.

Although the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes didn’t use any battle qi…after training for so long, their physical strength was already extremely great. Adding on to the hard gloves of their Six-Winged Phoenix Heavenly Clothes, Kaos’s previously handsome face soon became a mess of bloody flesh. Even his own mother probably wouldn’t have been able to recognize him.

Seeing this, the fatty grew so anxious that he couldn’t utter a single word. On the other hand, Naifa Lian completely ignored the matter. It was clear to see that she didn’t have a very good impression of Kaos. Whether or not he got beaten didn’t seem to affect her emotions; if Suo Jia wanted to hit him, then he should go ahead.

After a long while, the fatty finally regained his senses and roared, “Viscount Suo Jia, you’re too brazen. Do you know who he is? He’s Marquis Karuda’s eldest son. If you offend him, do you really think you’ll be able to continue living here?”

With a cold sneer, Suo Jia shook his head and said, “Don’t just count on relying on others; even if the Emperor himself stood here, you’d never be able to change my mind. You’d better brand this into your head: I refuse to let anyone who owes me anything go. Even the old man Emperor can’t!”

With this, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes finally stopped in satisfaction. Although Suo Jia had ordered them to strike him 200 times, they had probably already slapped him 400 times. Who asked that bastard to have provoked this group of madwomen?

Seeing how Kaos’s head was slightly deformed, and his face now a complete bloody mess, Suo Jia took pity on him and the corners of his mouth lifted, “What’s the point in saying all this? Why provoke me for no reason? I don’t go around causing trouble for others; that’s already quite generous of me. Yet you still choose to irritate me. Screw you!” As he said this, Suo Jia spat onto Kaos’s body angrily.

Suo Jia bit his lip and he turned around to say to the fatty, “Don’t bother trying to suppress me with others; it won’t work, it won’t work in the slightest. If one provokes me, I will always repay the debt, even if it were the Heavens itself, let alone a mere Marquis. In my eyes, a Marquis is a piece of shit!”

Suo Jia tilted his head and angrily shouted at the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes, “What are you all doing? Didn’t you hear my orders? Drag 10 people out and behead them!”

The Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes quickly rushed to pull out 10 people from the fatty’s family. At that moment, the previously silent Naifa Lian finally spoke up, “On behalf of our relationship as schoolmates, may I ask you to stop for the moment? I would really like to understand the situation; what exactly is going on here?”

Suo Jia couldn’t help but knit his brows at the girl’s words. He was just that kind of person; although he was ruthless once he acted, he strongly respected relationships. Even if they were only schoolmates, he had to give some face to the girl.

Suo Jia helplessly sighed and said to Naifa Lian, “I think it’s best if you ask your father about the situation. He brought everything onto himself!

Hearing Suo Jia’s words, the fatty hurriedly replied, “I admit that it was my bad in the beginning; I shouldn’t have hidden public records from you and refused to give them over. But I’ve handed you even my own things now. Why do you still demand for more? You won’t even leave me a source for a coffin? I still need to support my family.”

Suo Jia couldn’t help but snort as he said in disdain, “Forget it, no matter how pitiful you sound, I won’t change my mind. Look for yourself, just the jewelry on your little wives are already worth 100-200 million. How much more do you want to keep?”

Suo Jia’s expression turned icy, “As a noble, you were selfish, and used public funds for your own purpose. In addition, you used the power of a noble for your own personal gain. I didn’t directly behead you, and have already offered my sentiments to you three times. Yet again and again, you continue to trick me. How can I let you live?”

Abruptly turning around, Suo Jia angrily said at the yellow robed girl, “And you, what kind of act are you trying to pull? Do you not know what you’re wearing? Do you not know what you’re using? Let me tell you, that set of yours cannot be purchased even with 5 billion. Do you really think that your father’s measly wages are enough to purchase such a precious wind magic equipment set for you?”

After hearing Suo Jia’s questions, Naifa Lian’s expression finally changed. Indeed…as a the leader of a border station guarding a fort, the fatty couldn’t have that great of a salary. He wouldn’t be able to buy a single piece of an equipment set, let alone the entire thing.

Yet currently, from inside out, her jewelry, staff, and mage robe were all Legendary ranked magic equipment. These indeed far surpassed the limits of her father’s power.

Seeing Suo Jia’s exasperation, the fatty urged, “You’re being unreasonable. These treasures were all things that I led my soldiers to go snatch. They qualify as my assets. You don’t have the power to take them away!”

“Pfft!” Angrily snorting, Suo Jia said resentfully, “Who do you think you are? A Mage Deity or a War God? Do you think that you alone can gain everything?”

Suo Jia turned around and furiously glared at Naifa Lian, “Don’t tell me you don’t know anything. In reality, every single magic equipment on your body is covered in countless soldiers’ blood. These soldiers all served the country, they didn’t sell their lives out to your family! The results of their hard work only belong to the country, not you individuals!”

The fatty’s jaw dropped at Suo Jia’s angry rant, and he was unable to say anything. Suo Jia was right, if he hadn’t relied on the soldiers risking life and limb to fight, and simply relied on his own abilities, there was no way he could’ve gotten everything he currently possessed.

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  1. midoriha says:

    thanks a lot!
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    yes, naifa lian, please realise that your father is corrupt, and he has been wrongfully using the kingdom’s soldiers for his own greed. suo jia! just kill him! who cares about his wives and children and family? kill him! him!! -points angrily at the horrid fatty- how much blood is on his hands? how much?! what about the families of those soldiers?! huh—?!
    -continues ranting- anyway, hopefully something happens to the fatty next chapter! also, i apologise for the long chapter, lol!

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  2. lasiefo says:

    holy shit those were awesome chapters
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