Holiday Announcements Pt. 2

So, as mentioned way back when during Holiday Announcements Pt. 1, as well as in mentioned in my latest chapter release, I have two announcements to make for the new year! (Be prepared for a long, but important wall of text):

Firstly, I will be translating a new series called Cheating Craft. It is a slice-of-life/school setting Chinese LN written by Gemini (星罗), and more details about it can be found here on its index page.

Why am I translating a new series? Well, to confess, it was actually an accident. I found it a bit over a month ago (I read some of the manhua first actually), and was reading the LN raws, and I accidentally….automatically…translated it while I went…. (I must also admit this is not the first time this has happened to me). It’s an amazingly fun, unique, and different novel, and I almost immediately fell in love. I originally hadn’t planned on releasing my translations of it, but as I had already started translating (albeit by accident), I decided that I may as well continue as I read and release them so that others can enjoy the story as well.

I’m also sure that many of you know that I translate whatever I want, whenever I want, which is why you see my name pop up in random sites and series. This is simply another one to add to that pool.

To my dear, beloved CCM readers, some of you may have heard me complain that I was distracted over a month ago….it was because of this OTL. However, I made sure that my distractions didn’t take over, and I still translated around 2 chapters/day, which is how I was able to stick to my schedule of 3-5 chapters/week this whole time, and give you all a couple of mass releases to enjoy.

The most important question, I’m sure you’re all wondering, is how this will affect CCM.

Luckily, as of now, it will not affect CCM at all. As I mentioned earlier, this actually distracted me over a month ago, and it clearly never impacted my CCM releases. In addition, while I am currently in love with Cheating Craft, that doesn’t mean I have lost interest in CCM. In fact, I’m quite curious as to what will happen in this arc and the next arc. If CCM releases ever slow down, it will be because of real life (aka school), or because I am no longer interested in the series, not because of Cheating Craft.

At the moment, I will be releasing 1-3 chapters/week of Cheating Craft, so if you do end up reading it, you will have more chapters to read every week with the Cheating Craft and CCM combined (CCM will remain 3-5 chapters/week). This may change later, depending on my interests, free time, and how well it is received.

I sincerely apologize to my amazing CCM readers that I cannot devote myself to CCM only. I don’t do money, and I translate as a hobby during my free time, so I just do whatever interests me. This includes both CCM and Cheating Craft. If you would like a translator that can wholeheartedly devote to CCM only, I am not at all against passing it over to anyone you manage to find. However, I’m sure most people are well aware of CCM’s infamy, and I highly doubt any translator would ever pick it up aside from me. But as I’ve mentioned already, CCM releases will not be affected, so I hope you can forgive me with that.

Cheating Craft is an extremely interesting and unique series filled with both drama, action, and comedy. I encourage you to try the series, and I hope that you enjoy it as much as me. I have released Ch.0 for you to enjoy. Please do check it out if you have time 🙂

Secondly, as mentioned above, I kind of automatically translate things I read. Thus, I have some other random things in my drive from a while ago. I will also be uploading these as teasers for anyone to pick up if they’d like to. (Be warned: they have more than one chapter translated, unlike typical teasers). I hope that you enjoy these as well, and I may or may not add more in the future. You can read them here.

tl;dr: Click here and here.

Thank you for your understanding and support, and Happy 2016!

(Edit: Nagi decided to add in troll commentary and rewrite certain parts. It’s quite amusing 😀 You can read it here.)




14 thoughts on “Holiday Announcements Pt. 2

  1. xxpointblanqxx says:

    I appreciate wholeheartedly that you only do what you want. Its refreshing honestly. I’ll be looking forward to this new one to see what its like :-).
    Thanks for all your work Taffy. You’re awesome. (and yes, I see you popping up all the time in random translations lol)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Whynn says:

    It’s all up to you on what you want to TL and it should help lessen the strain of only translating CCM mainly. hope this turns out pretty well and anticipating on what’s to come from both of them. good luck taffy on your future TLs and again, happy new year.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aeo Vyn says:

    Happy new yeeeeaaar 🙂

    I’ve seen/ read a little of CC before in it’s manga/manwa/webtoon (?) version, pretty interesting 😀

    Will you be fine with another project? o_o I mean you’re literally helping out on, feels like every 2nd TL…


  4. wesleyhallan says:

    Hey taffy, happy new year for u! I would like to ask, as I recently started to read CCM and Im really enjoying it, whats about that infamy u said for CCM? Well, keep ur good work, and if u can bring more stories for us, without getting in the way of CCM, we will love it too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • TaffyGirl13 says:

      It’s very well hated on Novel Updates and Reddit. There are many people that do read CCM, but it has an abnormally vocal hate base so it’s become quite ‘infamous’. The strange tags on Novel Updates don’t help much either >.>


  5. Hai Kun says:

    yea i heard of the infamy… but why do people obsess so much over that certain content…
    im able to ignore it and the story itself and the MC is great and fun to read about.
    i find that people who obsess over that “special” content are just people who are just so dam obsess with it but try to deny it in public to “save face”

    Liked by 1 person

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