Cheating Craft 7 (1/2)

Translated by: Taffy

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Quiz 7: The First Exam (1/2)

Afternoon. Lin Xian Central High’s entrance was unusually lively.

Many junior high graduate students that had gathered outside the school slowly began to walk through the gates. They were prepared to participate in the entrance examination today from 9-11am.

This was the school!

There were perhaps some hidden talents among the crowd, but it was impossible to discern strengths judging from outer appearances alone. At first glance, one could tell that there were definitely quite a few studious L-type students, as well as some C-type students, that had secretly mingled in. Regardless of their type, they both made sure to conceal their strengths to avoid being seen through by others.

The most eye-catching was a large boy blocking the school entrance. He was taller than everyone else by two heads, and his body was slightly chubby. His thick lips and small eyes were crestfallen as he slowly entered the school.

He thought gloomily: I’m screwed…the L-type student that was originally going to cooperate with me got sick, and can’t attend the exam…

This large boy was a C-type student. If a C-type didn’t have 100% confidence in their cheating techniques, they’d sometimes find L-types to cooperate with them for multiple choice type exams. It was just like Zhuge Meng Ming and Huang Qiao Yi. They didn’t actually understand these types of exam cheating methods, but had simply chosen this method by coincidence.

Ai, I’ll just have to check the papers around me. It’s not trustworthy though… Although the tall boy didn’t have any traits that surpassed others, his upper body was much taller than a normal person’s, and his vision was extremely good, so he could easily check the exam papers around him. Because the L-type student that he was going to cooperate with couldn’t come, he could only prepare to use this scheme─copying the exams of strangers.

However, he hadn’t yet completely lost hope. He believed that as long as he was able to find some L-type students on the spot, exploiting them would be good too.

Thus, the big guy plastered a silly smile on his face and asked a girl, “Fellow student, may I inquire how good your grades are?”

“Pervert!” The girl turned around to leave, thinking that he was trying to hit on her.

He found another person, a boy wearing thick glasses.

“May I ask if I can sit next to you during the exam?”

“Sh, don’t disturb me,” the glasses boy said. “I’m currently preparing my cheating methods!”

The large boy couldn’t be sure whether these words were true or false. In general, one was unable to determine what type of student a person was based on only outer appearance.

The boy found quite a few people, but all of them ignored him. He seemed to lose heart once more.

There were some other people to take note of. There was a boy wearing clothes with tons of pockets, and a girl wearing light makeup next to him. They also seemed to be students, but they seemed to have planned for the exam in advance. When they saw the big guy, they secretly laughed at him in the shadows, thinking that he was foolish.

Although it was just a very minor entrance exam, there was no lack of evil people with various intentions.

There were still 5 minutes before the exam began. Almost all of the examinees had already quietly taken their seats in the examination rooms.

But when one looked closer, there were still two empty seats in the exam room.

Two male proctors that had long since waited at the desk with exam papers ready, declared, “This examination will be two hours long! All of the same stationery have been placed on your desks for you to use. Please comply with the exam room discipline….”

Suddenly, a male and female examinee charged through the door.

“Sorry! Are we late?” One of them asked.

“…” The other one was gasping hard, but wasn’t making any audible sounds.

“There are still three minutes. Please enter.” One of the proctors let them in to sit down.

Meng Ming and Huang Qiao Yi had arrived late. Although there was only a kilometer’s distance between their home and the school, nor had they woken up late, they had seemingly eaten something weird last night. Thus, their stomachs hadn’t felt well that morning, and this had delayed them for quite a while.

Meng Ming swept a glance across the exam site, and saw that there were only two seats left. He hurriedly asked Huang Qiao Yi what to do.

“It’s fine…huff…” Huang Qiao Yi said. The distance between the two seats wasn’t a problem.

The two seats were in the same column, but the seat in between had been occupied.

Huang Qiao Yi saw this and said, “No problem. We’ve already tested it, this kind of distance should be fine.”

Meng Ming thought that test couldn’t possibly count as a proper test…but it was true that even if there was a person in between them, Meng Ming’s eyesight was still good enough to see Huang Qiao Yi’s paper.

Thus, Meng Ming sat in the back seat, and Huang Qiao Yi sat in the front one.

After sitting down, the two by chance discovered at the same time an extremely serious obstacle! ─The one sitting between them was the taller-and-fatter-than-normal big guy!

Meng Ming’s heart lurched. What…how is there someone with such a physique here…!

Crap, how will Brother Meng Ming see my test paper…

The two began to panic. Seeing their expressions, the big guy spoke first, “I seem to blocking you two. Could it be that you two are a pair? A C-type and an L-type?”

Meng Ming and Huang Qiao Yi said they were.

“Then how about this? I’m also a C-type student, so why don’t we all cooperate?”


Meng Ming thought that wasn’t a bad suggestion! The big guy could copy Huang Qiao Yi’s test paper, and then he could crane his head to see the big guy’s paper─that way, there wouldn’t be a problem!

The exam was going to begin soon; there was no more time for hesitation.

“Then let’s just do that!” The big guy was very fortunate to have encountered these two.

The three of them reached an agreement.

Originally, the matter could’ve smoothly progressed. However, in a corner of the exam room, there were still some people secretly scheming─

The two who just entered are a pair of LC? They revealed it so easily…

They must be beginning students…

They’re really lucky there doesn’t seem to be any formidable C-type students here…

Meng Ming and Huang Qiao Yi thought that cheating on exams was simply doing it behind the proctor; they had absolutely no idea that C-type students had to do other actions while cheating as well. Experienced C-types not only wanted to obtain high marks, but they typically wanted to decrease their number of competitors as well. Thus, they’d used scheming tricks to attempt to interfere with others’ test-taking, and lower others’ points!

The exam room had a total of 40 seats. The three of them sat right in the middle column, near the back. The proctors were two middle-aged men. The only exam stationery that could be used were on the desks. The desks all had a pencil, eraser, draft paper, a small blade, and a scantron.

There were still two minutes. The students that had all taken their seats began to prepare for the exam─by sharpening their pencils.

Like the majority of the students, Huang Qiao Yi took out the small blade and smoothly carved the wood off the pencil so that it formed a sharp end. However, there were some students in the exam room that didn’t do this at all. Some seemed to be provocative; they directly used their finger nails to shave off the wood and make it form a point. Others used their teeth to grind it down. There were also some that spun the pencil on the desk, and then reached out with the blade and let the wood naturally shave off like an automatic pencil sharpener. There were even some students that just stuck the pencils into their ears, and after twisting it back and forth, would pull it back out to reveal a beautiful point.

The big guy sitting in front of Meng Ming slammed his hand hard onto one end of the pencil, causing the lead to break through the other end. Although it was extremely ugly, it was usable.

What kind of situation is this… Meng Ming watched, bewildered.

During this period, only Zhuge Meng Ming hadn’t yet sharpened his pencil. After seeing everyone complete their shows, he felt provocative stares on him, making him feel the urge to do something special.

Meng Ming thought about it, then decided: Alright, I’ll just put on a show. He lightly lifted the pencil, pinching one end between three of his fingers, with the other end left lying on the table…

Zhuge Style Cheating Technique─Igniting Flames!

Meng Ming moved extremely quickly─like he was striking a match, he used the pencil as a matchstick, and the table as the matchbox, and quickly swiped the pencil across the surface. The originally normal pencil instantly ignited! Meng Ming held the pencil in his hand and slowly adjusted the flame’s strength. Soon after, the flame was extinguished, exposing a beautiful pencil tip!

Many examinees were stunned.

“The student over there, please don’t smoke!” A mistaken proctor said.

Laughs could be heard throughout the exam room, and Meng Ming felt slightly embarrassed. However, following his actions, the students in the corner became amazed─

So amazing, he’s surely a frightening opponent…! It’s best if I don’t provoke him.

He can’t be a beginning student, he has such powerful skills.

It seems like it’s best if I just properly take my own exam…


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