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Translated by: Taffy

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Chapter 207 – The Three Great Generals Pt. 1

All the slave soldiers were dumbstruck as they watched Suo Jia and Roger walk up to the platform with their arms slung over each other’s backs. What exactly was going on? Could it be that those two were old acquaintances? Why were they so close?

Putting aside what the slave soldiers were thinking, Suo Jia was currently tightly gripping Roger’s neck and he said in a low voice, “Damn, aren’t you making me lose too much face? What are you doing….how am I supposed to go offstage in front of so many people?”

Hearing Suo Jia rebuking him, Roger made an odd expression. He looked at Suo Jia and inwardly thought, “What is this? Do we know each other? If I recall correctly, this is the first time we’ve met.”

Suo Jia continued, “Oh please, we’re both aristocrats, so we have to support each other’s reputations. You can’t just go and tear down my stage. Let’s agree now that if we have any words to each other, we can say them in private. You have to leave me some face in front of so many people, OK?”

“Aristocrat?” Roger started and stared in Suo Jia in shock as he said in a wavering voice “Viscount Suo Jia must be joking. How could Roger be some kind of aristocrat? I’m merely a minor slave soldier that isn’t even worth mentioning.”

“No, no, no…” Suo Jia shook his head at Roger’s self-mockery, “Although you don’t have the emblem of an aristocrat, that doesn’t change your identity. The aristocrat’s emblem isn’t their only symbol. Actually, there are many people out there that wear the aristocrat’s emblem who I wouldn’t recognize as true aristocrats. On the other hand, there are people that don’t wear the emblem, but are aristocrats all the same!”

Roger couldn’t help but look at Suo Jia with an expression of gratitude. In reality, he had always considered himself as an aristocrat. Even after falling to a slave soldier, his mindset had never changed.

However, while he could go around saying this, he understood better than anyone else that he was no longer a true aristocrat. The current him had already been branded as a slave, and would never become an aristocrat again.

Actually, he didn’t seek much, just respect. He had already lost all of his pride. Now, only the slightest bit of dignity remained as mental support. If he lost even this pretense of respect, he would rather die.

After arriving at the platform, Suo Jia finally disentangled his arms and surveyed Roger. Suo Jia then said enviously, “Damn, standing together with you doesn’t seem very wise. A guy like you really looks too attractive!”

“Hahaha…” Roger couldn’t help but sincerely laugh. With a shake of his head, he cordially replied, “You’re praising me too much. Actually, Viscount Suo Jia isn’t inferior to me, your age is just a bit young. Once you’re older, I’m sure that you’ll be even more amazing than me.”

Suo Jia smiled. That’s right…who was Suo Jia? If he could help others beautify their appearances, how would his own be any lacking? Before giving the others the treatment, he had to have first tested it on his own body.

Suo Jia was certain that in the future, he’d definitely be the best-looking man in the world. He’d fix any places that were ugly. If anyone else wanted to get the treatment, they had to at least give up an Epic ranked equipment, but all Suo Jia had to do was raise a hand.

Suo Jia surveyed Roger. Even now, he couldn’t understand why Roger was so loved and respected by everyone, nor did he understand why everyone called him Red-footed Roger!

Suo Jia suspiciously looked at the black leather shoes that Roger wearing. He then knit his brows together and said, “Hey! I heard everyone call you Red-footed Roger just now, so why are you wearing black leather shoes? This seems to be inconsistent with your name!”

Roger couldn’t help but darkly chuckle as he said coldly, “Although my shoes right now are indeed not red, you will understand why I’m called Red-footed Roger once you see me fight.”

Suo Jia looked at Roger in curiosity, and soon realized something. As Suo Jia was guessing to himself, Roger continued, “Please don’t suspect my name just because of my shoes. Actually, the reason I’m called Red-footed Roger is just because enemies’ blood always dyed my shoes red, and not because I wear red shoes. Heavens…I’m a man you know!”

Suo Jia fell silent for a bit before bursting out with laughter. He strongly clapped his hand on Roger’s shoulder and praised, “You little…you’re not only handsome, but cool as well. I like it!”

Hearing Suo Jia’s praise, Roger couldn’t help but look down at the hand on his shoulder with a forced smile. Why was this Suo Jia acting so familiar with him from the start? He was trying to get intimate with him so quickly. However, Roger had to admit that he really liked Suo Jia’s attitude towards treating people and handling affairs. Roger felt quite pleased when he interacted with Suo Jia; it gave him a very comfortable feeling. Actually, it had even let him completely forget his status as a slave soldier!

“Roger! Let’s talk secretly for a bit. Come over and help me. As long as you sincerely assist me, I’ll help you get rid of your status as a slave soldier and restore your aristocrat’s emblem. If you perform enough outstanding military service, I can guarantee you that I will make you a Holy Light aristocrat once more!” Suo Jia whispered in Roger’s ear.

“What!” Roger couldn’t help but be shocked at Suo Jia’s words. He asked Suo Jia incredulously, “How is that possible? A slave is a slave. I’ve never heard of a slave being able to politically rehabilitate back into society. Once a person is branded as a slave, that is what they are for the rest of their life!”

The corners of Suo Jia’s mouth lifted as he chuckled, “Hmph, you shouldn’t doubt me. If I said that I can do it, then I will absolutely carry it out. Even if I wanted to trick you, I wouldn’t try to use such a matter to do so!”

Suo Jia laughed and firmly declared, “Tonight, I’ll help you get rid of your slave brand. Then, as long as you make some outstanding military achievements, I can confer you a native noble rank. I will then request for the Emperor to restore your status as an aristocrat. Don’t worry, I’m very close to the old man Emperor. He wouldn’t have any reason to refuse a matter as minor as this!”

Roger narrowed his eyes and said seriously, “Are you really speaking the truth?”

“Pa pa!” Suo Jia strongly patted his own chest and confidently said, “I’ve already told you, I will definitely do anything that I say I will. There’s no need to doubt my words.”

Roger sharply inhaled in excitement. After hesitating for a moment, he replied, “Since Viscount Suo Jia is so generous, then I won’t hold back. I’ll just say this directly…”

Roger seemed to throw all caution into the wind as he pressed on, “If, you can help me save my family, then I, Roger, will sell my life to you. How about it?”

“Your family?” Suo Jia muttered in confusion.

“Yes…” Roger nodded strongly and solemnly said, “That’s right. Excluding the young ones, my family had their statuses as aristocrats stripped because of people trying to frame me. My family members were thus all reduced to slaves that were sold freely at the slave market.”

Suo Jia frowned at Roger’s words. Although he made it sound simple, Suo Jia knew that there had to be a really complicated story behind this matter. There was no way it was something minor. If he messed up while dealing with it, he’d be wrapped into vortex of power struggles that would be hard to escape.

Seeing Suo Jia’s grave expression, Roger couldn’t help but tightly bite his bottom lip. He also knew that this request was too difficult. Putting aside the fact that his family members had already been sold to various locations that included even foreign countries, the spiral of conflicts between powers within the country was already something no ordinary person would be willing to get involved with.

After some consideration, Suo Jia said, “Can you tell me how many people are in your family total? Where are all of them located, and how do I rescue them?”

“That…” After stuttering for a bit, Roger replied, “There are over 100 people in my family. However, only 30 or so remain. As for where they are, I don’t know either. Some are in Holy Light Empire, and some are in other countries!”

“Mmm…” After pondering for a long time, Suo Jia firmly replied, “Alright. Regardless of whether or not I can complete this request it, I’ll agree to carry it through to as far as I possibly can! In addition, I’ll immediately initiate a search and rescue process. Soon…you’ll be able to meet your family again!”

“Ok!” Roger took a deep breath and resolutely declared, “As long as Viscount Suo Jia is really willing to help me, I, Roger, will receive your intentions, regardless of how many family members you manage to save. No matter what command you give me, I’ll do it, even if it’s to commit an offense and conspire against higher powers!”

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