Cheating Craft 7 (2/2)

Translated by: Taffy

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Quiz 7: The First Exam (2/2)

There was one minute left until the exam papers would be handed out. Meng Ming stared at the blank scantron in front of him.

So this is a scantron. This was his first time seeing one.

On the upper right corner, there was a box for the exam number. There was a total of 9 columns, and each row had the numbers 0-9. This exam only required one to write down the rightmost 3 numbers.

1-0-2. Meng Ming used his pencil to fill in his exam number.

There was a space below for answers with a total of 140 answer spaces, but it was possible that the exam wouldn’t need all of them. There were 4 columns, each column had 35 problems, and each row had 4 blank choices. For the sake of decreasing the frequency of copying, these scantrons were different from previous ones. Each question was equally spaced from each other, and the spaces were the same size as those between the numbers from the exam number box in the upper right corner.

The rows on the scantron…are so densely packed together. If anyone wants to copy the answers, it’ll be quite difficult to match the correct question numbers. Meng Ming quickly discovered the ingenuity of the scantron’s design.

Just then, a bell rang out. The first exam had officially started!

It was just an entrance exam, and Meng Ming’s imposing display just now had already scared off some people. The C-type students naturally didn’t dare to have any malicious intent. However, one still needed to guard against enemies….

The test papers had already been distributed. There was a total of 80 questions. Zhuge Meng Ming skimmed the black and white exam paper.

As expected, I don’t understand what the questions are saying at all…

The questions written on the exam paper were all based on academic knowledge.

However, in regards to the points distribution of the exam questions, Huang Qiao Yi had already taught Meng Ming the method of calculation.There were a total of 80 questions on this exam. The first 60 were single-answer questions, and were each worth 1 point. The last 20 had an indeterminate number of answers, and were each worth 2 points, giving a total of 100 points.

In other words, the last 20 questions are a bit more valuable. Meng Ming thought to himself. These things were pretty much all Meng Ming could tell in terms of the exam’s content. Meng Ming didn’t bother doing anything else, and just leaned back in his chair, simply waiting for the big guy to show the answers to him.

The sun continued to rise as time passed minute by minute, second by second. The rumble of the streets could be heard from the window of the bright room. The two proctors didn’t show the slightest signs of being tired, and kept a sharp watch over the exam room. Many students were the same. Huang Qiao Yi also completely ignored any outside disturbances, and had long since concentrated on moving her pencil. Only the big guy sitting behind her, Meng Ming sitting behind the big guy, and a few others, had yet to move their hands…

I can tell that the headband girl and the two guys behind her are working together. The guy that used fire to burn his pencil is particularly worth watching out for. ─In some random corner, the boy wearing pocket-covered clothes that had been seen previously outside the school entrance was also not immersed in writing down answers. Instead, he continuously analyzed his surroundings. They foolishly revealed themselves in the beginning. I really wonder if they’re beginner students or C-type experts. Disregarding how strong they are, if they’re an LC combo, the L-type student must have some type of defense.

The pockets guy subtly reached his hand into one of his many pockets and murmured, “No matter how formidable that guy is, I just need to use an attack that can deter the L-type student…”

Special mosquitoes that had gone through training could not only understand its master’s commands, but were also particularly nimble. It was said that there was no way these mosquitoes would be caught by a person’s palms. Go, the target is that girl. He waved his hand, releasing a small mosquito to go disturb the vanguard first.

Nobody sensed the single mosquito flying around. It circled Huang Qiao Yi, incessantly using its wings to make buzzing sounds next to her ears. Occasionally, it’d stop on Huang Qiao Yi’s body and tickle her body.

The pockets guy thought: The typical person would feel agitated and impatient with this type of disturbance. Let’s see how she reacts…

Three minutes later, Huang Qiao Yi was still completely concentrated on writing down the answers despite the mosquito’s harassment, as if nothing was going on at all.

What, is this girl thick-skinned?! Seeing the situation, the pockets guy’s lips curled up. In that case….how about this!

He fished out all the mosquitoes he had brought from his pockets. There were still six left in his hands. Even if they all surrounded a single person, they still wouldn’t alert the other students or the teachers. He thought: Originally, I was going to attack 7 different people, but I haven’t yet seen any other rivals in this exam room…so I’ll just deal with you first!

He instructed the other 6 mosquitoes to charge at Huang Qiao Yi.

The mosquitoes’ fierce attacks finally distracted Huang Qiao Yi. The annoying buzzing sound forced her to stop her pencil, and intentionally or otherwise, she slapped at some of the mosquitoes.

She began to feel vexed, but the mosquitoes were extremely quick, and there was no way she could strike them down.

How could these mosquitoes, which have gone through special training, be so easily hit by you? The pockets guy sneered to himself.

Huang Qiao Yi was already no longer able to answer the questions.

The big guy sitting behind her had been smoothly copying her answers. However, he suddenly realized that Huang Qiao Yi had stopped writing, and he was momentarily at a loss on what to do.

As for Zhuge Meng Ming, his line of vision was currently being blocked by the big guy, so he couldn’t see what what going on with Huang Qiao Yi at all.

As soon as they started the exam, they had already encountered some danger?!

Hehe, just keep struggling like this until the end of the exam…while I start writing my answers. The pockets guy picked up his pencil.

The situation was quite troublesome, and the big guy could do nothing about it. He wriggled his body, allowing Meng Ming to see part of his test.

When he saw the big guy’s movements, Meng Ming knew the answers. In the situation where the proctor had no way to noticing him, he immediately locked his gaze onto the exam paper in front of him. If it’s just copying the exam while hiding from the professor’s eyes, it’s a piece of cake!…. But what confused Meng Ming was that aside from the answers, the big guy had also written a striking note indicating for help on top of his paper!

Because the big guy had noticed that the situation was dire, and was personally unable to help, he had immediately written on the paper to notify Meng Ming that something had happened. He was looking at Meng Ming for any possible countermeasures.

That….isn’t that asking for help?! What happened in the front? Meng Ming thought to himself.

The big guy only slightly shifted his body, so Meng Ming couldn’t completely see Huang Qiao Yi; all he could see some of her movements. Weird, Little Qiao isn’t actually doing the exam! Meng Ming straightened his back, and grew more alert.

He suddenly discovered that there were some black bugs circling Huang Qiao Yi at high speeds.

Hm? What’s with those bugs? Are they disturbing her?

Meng Ming thought deeply. Among the Cheating Techniques, there was a type of move that was used especially to disturb opponents, making it impossible for the opposite party to concentrate and unsettle them. For example, for interfering with one’s vision, you could use some extremely vibrant colors to dazzle the opponent’s vision; to interfere with one’s hearing, you could use an ear-piercing sound to cause a commotion; there was also interference with temperature, etc…Of course, interference with touch was also possible by using things like mosquitoes. In addition, bugs generated buzzing sounds that made people extremely impatient and uneasy.

5, 6….7 of them. There’s a total of 7! Although there was someone obstructing his vision, and Meng Ming couldn’t fully see Huang Qiao Yi’s seat, he was able to judge the number of mosquitoes based on their flight patterns.

Alright, let’s get rid of them.

He took the small blade on the desk, and used the plastic on the back of the blade to break up the blade into 7-8 pieces.

Picking up one of the pieces with two of his fingers, he timed it perfectly so that just as the mosquito flew by, he strongly flicked his fingers and sent the piece spinning out through the air! The blade piece circled around the big guy’s body, dancing around along a curved path, instantly lodging itself into Huang Qiao Yi’s desk. At the same time, one of the speedy mosquitoes was sliced into halves in midair!

Six times. Six blade pieces flew out from various angles, striking down all of the other mosquitoes. The blade pieces then neatly landed in a line along Huang Qiao Yi’s desk; the floor now had 14 pieces of mosquito bodies stuck to it!

No, no, no, that’s impossible… The pockets guy’s mouth shook as it dropped open at the scene. What is that guy…?!

Brother Meng Ming…? Huang Qiao Yi touched the blade pieces on her desk, then immediately picked up her pencil to continue writing. As expected, it was Brother Meng Ming that saved me.

The big guy was covered in sweat from the seven pieces of blade that had barely brushed his body as they had flown past. He thought to himself: The fingers of the student behind me are really amazing; I definitely cannot ignore him. However….he probably hasn’t seen through my scheme…


A girl in the back row raised her hand, and tried to speak in a tone that didn’t disturb others, “There’s not enough draft paper. Can you give me a few more sheets?”

This was the girl that wore light makeup. If one said she was a senior high schooler, people would probably think she was a third year.

Heh, that boy is quite interesting… She had already noticed Zhuge Meng Ming.

Hearing her call, one of the teachers walked over with a few sheets. However, the instant the teacher handed her the paper…

An electricity-like wave flashed between two people as they exchanged glances.

Sorry, Teacher, aside from draft paper, please let me borrow your mind to use as well!

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