Cheating Craft 12

Translated by: Taffy

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Quiz 12: VS Three Missing One Quartet

Zhuge Meng Ming sat at the middle-most office desk. The current troublesome situation was that he’d have to think of a way to finish his homework under the close watches of the four people present!

He took out a pencil from the pen holder on the table and flipped the homework book open, pretending to do work.

Meng Ming obviously didn’t know how to write the homework. However, he definitely couldn’t allow, nor would he allow, the Three Missing One Quartet to know this.

The Three Missing One Quartet sat in different corners, also pretending to write their homework. In reality, the four of them had their eyes completely locked onto Meng Ming, as they continued to chant to themselves:

One point, one point, one point, one point…

This group of people…do they really want to catch me cheating on the homework that badly? They’re clearly bad students, so why is one point so important?! Meng Ming felt extremely uncomfortable under the four stares. He quickly organized his thoughtshow would he complete this homework?

The physics teacher’s desk was the frontmost one. There was a large pile of the students’ homework books on top of it. Because school had just started 2 days ago, the whole class had only submitted one day’s worth of homework. Taking this into consideration, that set of homework books had to contain the answers that Meng Ming wanted!

Moreover, these homework books have all been corrected by the teacher. He must’ve marked whether or not the answers are correct. As long as I see their contents…I can copy a completely correct homework! Meng Ming analyzed.

That desk was 5, 6 meters away from Meng Ming.

Meng Ming began to think: How would he be able to safely retrieve those homework books and copy the homework without the four people noticing?

I remember that those 4 second years are C-types…well there isn’t anyone else here anyways, so I might as well just ask. Meng Ming pretend to write homework as he casually asked them, “You guys are C-types?”

When the four heard this, they jumped up in unison and shouted, “You don’t recognize us?!”

“We are people that all students in Lin Xian Central High know!”

Hah? Meng Ming hadn’t expected their reaction to be so great. They must be the school’s four famous nutjobs…

“You’re a new student, right? Then watch closely!”

The four of them performed for Meng Ming the act they had shown the new teacher once more.

“We are the embodiment of Mahjong!”

“I’m Ma Que!” Boss Ma Que did some footwork, and seemingly danced as he pointed to himself.

“I’m Huang Que!” Everyone had their own unique movements.

“Bai Que!”

“Jinsi Que!”

“We are the terrifying C-type students! We are the universally righteous Three Missing One Quartet that will definitely get into a top college together! We are known by everyone and everything in Lin Xian Central High! We’ve never once lost in mahjong!”

Meng Ming lowered his head and simply looked engrossed in writing homework, “I have to finish this homework earlier and hand it to the teacher…”

“Boss Ma Que, he, he, he didn’t look at us!” Huang Que said.

“He’s got quite a bit of nerve for a first year brat!” Boss Ma Que angrily shouted. Just as they surrounded Meng Ming, he suddenly realized that beating him up wasn’t a good idea!

They almost forgot the homework in their own hands, and they began to exchange glances with each other.

“Boss Ma Que! Let’s just wait until he cheats, capture him, and take a picture of it.” [Jinsi Que]

“That’s right. That way, we can each get an extra point. In addition, we can teach him a lesson.” [Bai Que]

“Yea. We’ll concentrate our attentions on him. He’s bound to show his intentions.” [Boss Ma Que]

“Hey, hey, brothers, think a bit further…” Huang Que suddenly reminded them, “What if we don’t catch him?”

Meng Ming’s acting was quite realistic. His pencil had been writing in the homework book this whole time. Actually, he’d already thought of an idea, a method to grab the homework books in front of him! As expected, those four guys are idiots. As long as they realize the “truth” that I have created, I can properly use them to my advantage.


“Huang Que, what do you mean?” Boss Ma Que asked, “Are our eyesights not enough?”

“With the combination of all eight eyes together, we’ll definitely see it!”

Huang Que said, “In any case…we have to consider another possibility. That isif he’s an L-type!”

The four of them suddenly came to a realization after Huang Que’s reminder.

Meng Ming saw their faces change color and he thought to himself: They finally noticed. He was still immersed in writing, and his act was extremely believable.

Three Missing One Quartet all concentrated their stares on Meng Ming; Meng Ming was also on guard against the Three Missing One Quartet.

Regardless of using Cheating Techniques or just cheating, the first battle was a mental one! Meng Ming remained calm and collected; in this respect, he was already much stronger than these people.

The quartet that was currently staring at at Meng Ming had already begun to sweat profusely.

“Boss Ma Que, he, he, is he really an L-type?”

“It looks like it, he’s been writing this whole time…”

“Crap! If he’s an L-type, then doesn’t that mean we won’t get our extra point?!”

The four people were terrified.

That was a point! To a student, it was an extremely important point.

Meng Ming was still diligently writing. He thought that as long as the four continued to wildly guess, he’d be able to easily obtain the homework books!

The Three Missing One Quartet grew more and more anxious. They were trying to think of waysno matter what, they had to catch this first year cheating on his homework!

“Since he’s an L-type, then we’ll do this!” Huang Que said.

He shot a meaningful glance at the others to indicate that they would counterattack. The final decision was that the four people would use their flawlessly combined skills!

The Three Missing One Quartet began to smile darkly.

The plan would start now. At this moment, Bai Que walked up to the physics teacher’s desk, and took a first year’s physics homework book. He then ran back to Meng Ming’s desk.

As expected, it came! Meng Ming laughed to himself, prepared to respond at any moment.

On the other side, the other three had gathered together, preparing a camera. They wanted to wait for the moment Bai Que opened the book used as evidence of crime and placed it on Meng Ming’s desk. Then they’d immediately snap a picture of the scene!

It turned out that the Three Missing One Quartet wanted to frame Meng Ming!

They’re a hundred years too early to try to trick me. Meng Ming had long since anticipated their plans. This was actually one of Meng Ming’s acts! That simple plan of theirs has already pretty much been used by me.

Just as Bai Que was about to open the incriminating homework book, Meng Ming beat him by a step!

Zhuge Style Cheating TechniqueSecret Exchange.

In that moment, the homework book in Bai Que’s hand disappeared!

With a katcha, the camera snapped a shot. However, the picture hadn’t captured Meng Ming copying homework, nor had it even captured the incriminating book.

Bai Que stood there, stunned, as he said that the book in his hand had vanished.

“Bai Que, what are you doing?!” Boss Ma Que angrily asked.

“But I….” Bai Que innocently said, “I was clearly just….”

“It’s too late for you guys!” Meng Ming immediately used his next move, “Zhuge Style Cheating TechniqueBrilliant Blossom!”

In a flash, the incriminating homework book appeared in Meng Ming’s hand, and he placed it open on the table! Meng Ming picked up his pen.

“He’s going to copy now?!” Seeing this, Bai Que immediately raised his head and said to his companions, “Oi, hurry up and take a picture!”

“Unfortunately for you guys, I didn’t let you bring me the homework books to copy them.” Meng Ming held up the large pile of books on the desk, and before the Three Missing One Quartet had pressed the shutter of the camera, he tossed the books at them. Rustling sounds filled the air as the books fell through the air, obstructing their view of the table! Meng Ming made it so they couldn’t clearly see this area, and wouldn’t be able to take the picture!

When the books all fell to the ground, Three Missing One Quartet saw that there was a figure at the desk, currently holding a pen and with an open homework book in front of him!

Boss Ma Que loudly commanded, “Hurry up and take a picture!”

There was another katcha as the shutter was pressed.

“Oi! Don’t take a picture!” Bai Que shouted.

The one sitting at the desk was Bai Que. Just now, he alone had been pulled into a copying homework pose by Meng Ming, who had hid off to one side!

Three Missing One Quartet was extremely shocked. At that moment, the photo had already developed. Just as they were going to destroy it, Meng Ming charged out of from the darkness, and used the Secret Exchange skill to obtain the photo!

“The evidence is in my hands.” Meng Ming said. He looked at the photo, and even “generously” showed it to the quartet.

It was clearly incriminating evidence of Bai Que “copying homework”.

Meng Ming had used some of his skills in succession, and in two moves, had easily dealt with them.

“Hey, hurry up and give that back.” Boss Ma Que shouted.

“If you want it, come and get it.” Meng Ming laughed, waving the evidence in his hand.

Boss Ma Que walked over, “You dare to oppose us, the Three Missing One Quartet! Do you wish to be kicked out from Lin Xian?!”

He reached his hand out, wanting to grab the photo. However, the photo disappeared from Meng Ming’s hand once more.

Meng Ming thought to himself: These fellows are too weak, aren’t they….could they really become C-types? I wonder how in the world they’ve gotten this far… He widened his eyes innocently and said, “If you continue to be so aggressive, I’ll go give this photo to the teacher~”

“Despicable.” Boss Ma Que grew mad, “Everyone, charge at him together and get that photo back!”

The four people surrounded Meng Ming.

“Aiya, do you really want that photo…” Meng Ming made a begrudging expression, and fished out the photo. He flashed it in front of them, “Here.”

Boss Ma Que had just stretched out his hand.

Zhuge Style Cheating TechniqueWater Splitting Blade Draw!

With a shua, Boss Ma Que grabbed the photo. At the same time, Meng Ming steadily walked back to the desk to pick up the two homework books, and started to copy the homework. The four people gathered together to look at the photoand discovered that it was the white bottom layer of the photo!

The layer with the image had been ripped apart by Meng Ming, and was still in his hand.

The Three Missing One Quartet had been completely made fools of.

They glared at Meng Ming, their moods growing worse.

The “one point” was probably impossible to gain anymore. Instead, Meng Ming held incriminating evidence of them.

After some careful discussion, Boss Ma Que stood in front with the other three behind him, and they began to walk towards Meng Ming.

“We don’t want to act in the office,” Ma Que said, “Let’s duel later.”

He challenged Meng Ming.

Firstly, he requested Meng Ming to not hand over the picture to the teacher. As exchange, Three Missing One Quartet would let Meng Ming finish copying the homework. Meng Ming agreed to this point.

Afterwards, Boss Ma Que suggested the true issue, the duel. Meng Ming was surprised and lifted his head to ask, “Duel?”

“That’s right, a duel! A standard duel!” Boss Ma Que said. “We have a secret mahjong room on the first floor of the school. After we finish copying homework, all of us should play mahjong! You must put down stakes!”

Play mahjong?

“Alright…” It looked like this suggestion had gotten Meng Ming to play right into their hands.

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