Cheating Craft 13 (1/2)

Bonus novel illustration in this chapter! I’ll add Bai Jiu to the Character Introductions page soon. (Edit: Done.)

Translated by: Taffy

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Quiz 13: Library Goddess (1/2)

The Three Missing One Quartet had never lost in mahjong before. All the people that had played with them before knew that they worked together to win thousands of victories. Meng Ming had long since anticipated this situation, and so he sat in front of the mahjong table and played with them. Meng Ming gave up the first two rounds so that he could see through their cheating techniques. Once he had completely analyzed their skills, he won the following games one after another! The last two rounds were especially overwhelming, scaring the Three Missing One Quartet off their seats as they collapsed unmovingly onto the ground.

Meng Ming slowly stood up from his seat, picked up his homework book, and said, “Then, I’ll go hand in my homework?” He had seized an overwhelming victory, and was intending to leave now.

Meng Ming had managed to win over the Three Missing One Quartet’s combination cheating, which was claimed to be undefeatable. That meant Meng Ming had used a Cheating Technique 100x more powerful.

But since the moment he won, the Three Missing One Quartet had this nagging feeling of discomfort. They knew the Meng Ming had definitely cheated, but they couldn’t catch it. Their own combinations had been completely seen through by him, leaving a distasteful feeling in their hearts.

“Hey, wait, wait up!” Boss Ma Que shouted. He angrily stood up and said, “You, just now, you actually cheated, didn’t you!”

“Ah?” Meng Ming feigned confusion, “What cheating?”

Seeing that Meng Ming refused to confess, Boss Ma Que’s hands tightly clenched into fists as he seemed to have some type of internal battle over something.

Aside from him, no other member of the quartet spoke. They simply stared at the tiles on the mahjong table, as they thought that playing such tiles was completely impossible! Boss Ma Que finally began to show his power. His expression became taut as he slammed a fist on the table, messing up the mahjong game.

“Hmph…no one from Lin Xian has ever defeated our quartet before! He walked up to Meng Ming with his brows furrowed, his eyes shut.

Meng Ming bitterly smiled, and couldn’t help but retreat 2 steps

It’s been a while since I trained…if he suddenly fights me, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to beat them.

But to his surprise, Boss Ma Que lowered his head and knelt down on one knee. He said to Meng Ming:

“I beg of you! Please take us as your disciples!”

The other three brothers followed their boss and did the same actions.



“Master, if you don’t take us in, we won’t let the matter drop!”

The four of them raised their heads, only to see that Meng Ming had long since slipped out.

“Master! Where’s Master?” They grew anxious, immediately getting up to look for him. They suddenly discovered Meng Ming’s escaping figure outside the window. The Three Missing One Quartet quickly chased after him, shouting for Meng Ming to take them as his disciples.

As if I’d want to! Completely ignoring these people, Meng Ming grasped his homework book tightly as he ran towards the library.

“Master! You must accept us as your disciples today!”

“Teach us a few moves!”

They seemed like rabbits as they chased after Meng Ming, reluctant to give up on their hot pursuit.

“You guys go play among yourselves! Even if I accepted disciples, I wouldn’t take people like you!” Meng Ming scowled.

The sky had already gotten dark. There weren’t really any people on campus anymore. Meng Ming’s running sounds were extremely audible, making it impossible for him to hide from the four chasing after him. He ran until he turned into a dark corner, when a brilliant idea popped up in his mind. This is the only way….Zhuge Cheating Technique─He ripped out the last few blank pages of his homework bookWater Splitting Blade Draw!

He used Water Splitting Blade Draw multiple times and used the Zhuge Style’s secretly passed down folding technique. In an instant, he was able to create an extremely large piece of paper!

He stopped and leaned against a wall, using the paper to cover himself up. He watched as the Three Missing One Quartet sped past him, shouting for “Master”.

Meng Ming let out the breath he had been holding. Even such a crude method was able to trick that group of idiots…when he heard Three Missing One Quartet’s footsteps run further off into the distance, Meng Ming threw off the piece of paper. He surveyed the path to check if the coast was clear, and silently headed towards the library.

Not a sound could be heard in Lin Xian Central High at night. The lights in the classrooms had gone out ages ago. At this time, students were typically at home, writing their homework and self-studying. Only the library still had lights on.

Meng Ming arrived at the library entrance, and saw a sliver of light coming from the door. He found it quite strange that the physics teacher hadn’t gone home yet.

This was the first time in his life that Meng Ming had ever gone to the library. However, even he knew that the school library was a place where students and teachers borrowed books to read.

It was still open even this late. This made Meng Ming feel a bit more admiration for China’s attitude towards studying.

Meng Ming pushed the door open. The room was entirely quiet. He quietly walked in to look around.

This was the first time he’d ever seen so many books. Numerous bookshelves stood in the room, with all the books neatly organized on them. It was extremely orderly and tidy. However, all the seats were empty; any figures of students or teachers had long since disappeared. But when he listened closely, he seemed to be able to hear the sound of pages being flipped from somewhere.

Meng Ming found it. A girl wearing the Lin Xian Central High’s girl’s uniform sat at one of the reading tables. She was currently pressing a book down as she flipped through it, writing something down at the same time.

Only one person? Meng Ming looked closer. He seemed to have seen this girl’s face not very long ago!

She is…?!

Sensing that someone had entered, the girl raised her head.

She also jumped in shock from seeing Meng Ming.

The two stared at each other for a long time without saying a word.

“Please, please enter!” She suddenly said in a rushed tone.

Meng Ming walked up to her, and thought: It’s her, it’s really her! This classmate is from my class…her name is Bai Jiu…! When he saw that there was nobody else in the reading room, he walked over nervously and asked, “Um, where is the physics teacher? I came to hand in my homework…”

Bai Jiu seemed to be even more nervous than he was. She lowered her head and quietly said in an embarrassed voice, “Actually, truth be told…I…the physics teacher said, if classmate Zhuge Meng Ming and classmate Huang Qiao Yi came to hand in their homework, I am supposed to help check them…”

She inwardly sighed in relief: As expected, he came to hand in the homework. That means…classmate Zhuge Meng Ming actually, really didn’t copy the homework…

“Does that mean you recognize me?” Meng Ming asked.

“Yes…that’s right!” Bai Jiu then said with some difficulty, “….I’ve always extremely admired your grades!”

Her attitude and actions made Meng Ming’s heart race uncontrollably. Meng Ming hurriedly passed the homework book to Bai Jiu, thinking that he had to make her believe that he hadn’t copied! Even more importantly, she couldn’t find out that he was a C-type!

Bai Jiu flipped open Meng Ming’s homework book and began to examine it closely.

The answers that Meng Ming had copied were the correct answers, so he was relaxed as he silently waited for her to finish.

Not long after, Bai Jiu returned the book with a nod, saying that it was correct. Although he had planned for this result, Meng Ming still sighed in relief.

The “misunderstanding” was cleared.



Bai Jiu unexpectedly asked him, “But, classmate Zhuge Meng Ming, what happened to the last few pages of the homework book…”

Meng Ming thought back to his hiding from the Three Missing One Quartet’s hot pursuit just now, and how he had ripped the pages out. “I, used them…”

Bai Jiu asked in confusion, “Even if you use them, you should still keep them in the book…”

“Eh, it doesn’t matter, right?”

“No…” Bai Jiu lowered her head and caressed the book as she earnestly said to Meng Ming, “Books are a student’s friends. They definitely cannot be ripped apart…”

She then picked up the teaching materials and the library books, as well as her own books. Each one was neat, and well-protected, to the point where they still looked brand new.

“Classmate Bai Jiu, you…” Meng Ming stared at the large pile of books in shock, “You like reading that much?!”

Bai Jiu hurriedly shook her head and explained, “No, no, I’m sure I can’t compare to classmate Zhuge Meng Ming…! Your grades are so excellent…I’m sure you’ve read many more books than I have. The teacher asking me to look over your homework is really overpraising me….”

However, Meng Ming had never read any books…he came to the conclusion: It turns out that L-types’ grades are somewhat related to how many books they read…?

Bai Jiu suddenly asked, “Classmate Zhuge Meng Ming, what books do you typically enjoy reading?”

This question was like a sudden thunderclap in a clear sky.

“Eh, I, I…” Meng Ming was suddenly speechless.

He obviously hadn’t read any books before. However, if Meng Ming admitted this, wouldn’t that just be exposing his own secret?!

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