CCM 219

Happy Chinese New Year~~~~ 新年快乐!Third CNY chapter 🙂

Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Comfortabull

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Chapter 219 – The Soldiers’ Arrival at the City Walls Pt.1

After respectfully greeting Suo Jia, one of the Wind Dragon Knights said, “Viscount Suo Jia, Duke Wen Sha wanted us to pass on this message: If you need it, he is willing to provide assistance at any time, whether it’s money, weapons, or military power, none of it is a problem. Duke Wen Sha also said that if you needed it, he could dispatch an army and pincer attack from behind!”

“That…” Suo Jia was obviously moved by this. However, he also knew that nothing was that cheap in this world. Once he agreed to this, it’d be equivalent to boarding Wen Sha’s ship, like two ants stuck on the same string of fate. In addition, Dawn’s future matters would be controlled by him, making it impossible for Suo Jia to initiate anything. This was something that Suo Jia refused to see happen.

In addition, Suo Jia had already placed his stakes on the Emperor; he couldn’t possibly place them on another person. Suo Jia knew that Duke Wen Sha was on the Fourth Prince’s side, and he was Wen Ya’s husband! Even if Suo Jia wanted to plead for help, he’d ask the old man Emperor. A single sentence would be enough for the Emperor to lend him 10,000 men, why would he need Wen Sha’s help?

This battle was just training to Suo Jia. His objective hadn’t ever changed; it was still the Greater Trade Routes. That’s why…no matter what battle he had to face, he definitely wouldn’t shrink back. Furthermore, he wouldn’t ever use another person for his own ends. Even if someone else wanted to take partake in this amazing chance to train, it would depend on whether he was willing to let them or not.

Suo Jia tactfully rejected Duke Wen Sha’s good will. Hearing this, the two Knights didn’t speak any further. After respectfully bidding him farewell, they jumped onto the backs of their Wind Dragons. With a flash of golden light, the two Wind Dragons flew up into the air and quickly flew towards Holy Light.

As he watched the Wind Dragon Knights slowly disappear into the horizon, Suo Jia had a nagging feeling that something was off, as if he had forgotten something. But even after thinking about it for a long time, he still couldn’t recall it. Thus, he could only helplessly shake his head; if he couldn’t remember it, he wouldn’t try to ponder it any further for now.

Aimi and Aila walked up to Suo Jia in high spirits. Each of them grabbed one of his hands, and they intimately pulled him around. It had been ages since they had last seen him. They had really missed him to the point of feeling misery. Throughout their lives, Suo Jia was the one that had known them for the longest time, and had the most mutual feelings with them. They hadn’t realized this when they were together, but once they had separated, they had suddenly realized that they missed Suo Jia very much. Even looking at him, or following behind him, made them feel happy and satisfied.

When Suo Jia looked left and right at the two girls hugging him, a bang resounded in his mind as he suddenly realized why he had felt the previous situation strange, as if he had forgotten something. It was…the fact that these two girls were still here, but the Wind Dragon Knights had already left! They were supposed to have gone back with the Knights!

Suo Jia opened his mouth in preparation to chide them. However, he begrudgingly closed his mouth in the end. When he saw the happy expressions on their faces, he couldn’t bear to scold them. For some reason, the older he got, the more difficult it became to criticize the beautiful girls. This was especially true when they weren’t really wrong in the first place.

Suo Jia helplessly shook his head. He knew that with these girls’ levels of strength, staying behind wouldn’t prove to be that dangerous anyways. At the very least, if they were under the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes’ protection, they could rush out and definitely stay alive without a problem.

They weren’t really afraid of enemies…although they weren’t wearing Epic ranked equipments, their completely linked Legendary ranked equipments weren’t any inferior to an Epic ranked equipment set.

Although they weren’t as overwhelmingly powerful as the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes were, to the point where they could completely ignore enemy attacks, their fully linked Legendary ranked equipment sets made them fearless of attacks. As long as the attacks they faced weren’t too powerful, there was no chance the enemy could instantly break through their defenses.

Suo Jia nodded. Actually, it was right for them to have come. This was a great training opportunity. The real pity would be if this opportunity was missed. Aimi’s Freezing Rain and Aila’s Endless Ice Arrows were all deadly AOE attacks. However…these two great magics were products of their equipments, not actually from their own strengths. This was the overwhelming power of Legendary ranked equipments.

In terms of dominance, both the Freezing Rain and the Endless Ice Arrows were absolutely not inferior to Suo Jia’s Ice Roar. However, their magic activations were reliant on their equipments, while Suo Jia’s magic was personally activated. This was the greatest difference between them, as well as the gap between Legendary ranked and Epic ranked equipments.

On another side, the Velociraptor Knights group had finally reached Dwarf Canyon. When they saw the stooped, thatched cottages within the valley, General Harvey was just about to dispatch people to go and send a message. But just then, a dwarf with a huge beard rushed out from the village and walked over, shouting loudly, “You guys came so quickly! I just got Young Master Suo Jia’s letter this morning, and you managed to arrive that same afternoon. Haha…come in, come in!”

Harvey couldn’t help but shake his head in admiration. The Young Master was indeed efficient in taking care of major matters. Even though Dawn was so busy at the moment, Suo Jia had still arranged everything clearly and orderly, without a single thing missing. How could such an ability appear inside a 13 year old child?

General Harvey led his 5000 Velociraptor Knights to quickly enter the Dwarf Canyon. During the next few days, dozens of dwarf forging masters were constantly surrounding the Velociraptors to measure and calculate something or another. When one looked over, they’d see that these old fellows were all holding some kind of notebook in their hands, recording every single detail. This kind of serious attitude really made the Knights feel deep veneration for the dwarves!

Master Han Sa crossed his arms and looked at General Harvey, “At the moment, we’ve already completed all measurements. According to Young Master Suo Jia’s orders, we’ll have to familiarize ourselves with the Velociraptors’ individual traits. We should be able to deliver the goods in three months!”

“Ah! So fast!” General Harvey cried out in astonishment.

“Hehe…” Han Sa laughed in embarrassment, “Of course. This is a task from Young Master Suo Jia, after all. How could we possibly dare to tarry? Ever since last time when he bought all our stock of refined iron arrows that we had accumulated the past hundred years in one go, he had already become the most welcomed customer here among the dwarves. We will always put satisfying any of his requests as our priority; everyone else is pushed back!”

Han Sa paused for a moment before continuing, “During the next 3 months, all of us dwarves will try our best to keep forging. In a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 3 months, the 5000 Velociraptor armors will definitely be completed!”

“But…” General Harvey furrowed his brows and said in concern, “Such a short amount of time wouldn’t be enough to even design the armors. How could you possibly produce excellent armors? Isn’t it too rushed?”

“Haha…” Master Han Sa shook his head, then proudly patted his chest and said, “Don’t worry about that. This is our profession, there’s no way we’d go wrong!”

Seeing that General Harvey still had an unconvinced expression on his face, Han Sa begrudgingly added, “I admit that we can’t possibly create the perfect armor in only 3 months. Just forging them all will already be quite difficult. However, all products created by us dwarves have guaranteed quality. This is something that we will never let go.”

“But…” General Harvey frowned with worry, “If you can’t create the best and most suitable armors, aren’t we wasting our money?”

“Wrong!” Firmly locking eyes with Harvey, Han Sa replied, “We dwarves have never accepted money with guilty consciences. What you guys need now are armors that you can quickly use, then familiarize yourselves with the armors’ traits. We are thus handling this request just as you have asked it.”

Han Sa continued, “With a thickness of 10 centimeters, defensive power isn’t a problem. This is basically just a lump of metal. As long as the materials are appropriate, nobody can possibly break through these armors. Even Saint Warriors wouldn’t be able to do it. The only thing that needs to be taken note of is that rationality of the composition.”

“Mm…” General Harvey nodded furiously, “It’s exactly as you say. An armor 10 centimeters thick is definitely sturdy enough; as long as the materials are sufficiently strong, nobody can break through. But…the armors’ compositions are too important. Carelessly putting them together will definitely lead to some flaws.”

Han Sa patted General Harvey on the shoulder and smiled, “Don’t worry. We won’t just take this money in exchange for nothing. If you want to create a perfect armor, you’d have to give us at least a year’s time. Asking us to create an unprecedented, perfect armor for another creature to use would require you to give us 3 years of time. But do you guys have that long?”

“That…” Harvey remained silent. He knew that they indeed didn’t have that kind of time; three years from now, it’d be way too late.

Seeing Harvey go silent, Han Sa firmly stated, “That’s why, we will follow your circumstances to modify the armors for as long as necessary to make them complete. Just relax, we won’t stop until these armors reach their states of completion. This is a responsibility that we dwarves have to maintain our reputations!”

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