CCM 223

Happy Chinese New Year~~~~ 新年快乐!Seventh CNY chapter 🙂

Translated by: Taffy

Edited by: Comfortabull

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Chapter 223 – First Sign of a Conspiracy Pt.1

Naifa Lian’s whole body shook as she stared in disbelief at Suo Jia’s imposing figure. Even though she had witnessed the scene with her own eyes, she still didn’t dare to believe that this was reality.

Suo Jia was really too powerful on the battlefield. His body gracefully leapt up, and after winding through the air a few times, he quickly landed where the enemy was most concentrated. As he used the Water God’s Shield to block a few incoming blades, Diamond Charge dispersed from Suo Jia, instantly destroying all the enemies within a 10 meter range!

Following immediately afterwards, he waved his hand and activated an Ice Roar. Blades of ice combined to form a spiraling storm that viciously spun outwards. This damaged everything within that same 10 meter range; however, this didn’t include just people, but the sturdy shields as well. Both shield and human were constantly hacked at by the ice blades, resulting in everything being slashed into pieces which were then scattered by the wind.

How could he even be called a human, he was clearly a death god reaping souls. The speed at which he slaughtered the enemy was beyond frightening. Normally, a person would kill a group of people one by one, but Suo Jia would kill them in groups, harvesting batches of souls repeatedly. He’d randomly activate a magic, and at least 20-30 people would fall.

To Suo Jia, the swordsmen’s attacks weren’t threatening at all. The Water God’s Shield completely guaranteed Suo Jia’s safety. In combination with Diamond Charge, Suo Jia seemed like an undefeatable Mage Deity to the swordsmen!

Of course, Suo Jia was basically bullying them. Firstly, he was taking advantage of the swordsmen’s weakness. If it were Dawn City’s elite lance users, he wouldn’t dare do the same brazen style attack. It would be stranger if the lance users didn’t stab him to death; those guys were very proficient in battle qi.

Secondly, these swordsmen all used close ranged attacks. They also put priority on their defense, so their attacks weren’t that powerful. Most importantly, they didn’t have any long ranged attacks at all. Because of this, Suo Jia was completely unafraid of them. He would use the Water God’s Shield to block all the attacks, activate Diamond Charge to push away the enemy to their deaths, then use Ice Roar. Everything was amazingly simple and easy. Suo Jia was displaying a mage’s might brilliantly.

Of course, although Suo Jia was powerful, it was only due to the fact that there were no experts nearby. This wasn’t by chance; Suo Jia had purposely planned this outcome. Not everyone could fly; out of the entire battlefield, only 37 people could fly. One of them was Suo Jia, and the remaining 36 were obviously the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes.

In general, Suo Jia had given the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes the responsibility of unyieldingly attacking, while he was in charge of massacre. After all… no matter how powerful the the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes were, their slaughter rate couldn’t ever possibly hold a candle to a mage’s.

While Suo Jia was happily slaughtering his way through, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes weren’t just idling around. Their objective wasn’t just killing off the swordsmen, but more importantly, to find the enemy’s corporals, sergeants, and lieutenants….and eliminate them!

“Chi…” A fierce whistle pierced the air as Duo Mei swung the purple crystal in her hand with all her strength. Thousand Feathers instantly activated, blasting out at the sergeant as fast as lightning. Although he tried to use weapons to block, he was still thrown backwards from the explosion. At the same time, Duo Mei suddenly emitted her wind elemental battle qi, and the powerful impetus pushed the attack towards the opposite party.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!” Duo Mei sent three slashes in succession at her opponent, who frantically tried to evade. The last attack sent the enemy further and further backwards in a struggling state.

Duo Mei’s strength actually wasn’t superior to the other party’s, in fact the opponent’s strength was far greater than hers. However, the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes all had this trait: their attacks were extremely explosive, their speeds super fast. With the addition of the unrivaled armors and weapons they possessed, as well as their plentiful experience and battle skills, plus the amazingly mighty Thousand Feathers, anyone encountering them would be faced with a headache.

The sergeant struggled to stand in place, blankly looking at Duo Mei, who was rapidly getting further and further from him. He didn’t understand, why hadn’t she immediately defeated him? Instead, she had happily turned around and left. Could it be that…she was letting him go?

At that moment, an ear-splitting shriek came from behind him; it was a Thousand Feathers attack. With the current circumstances, he was completely unable to avoid it. In that instant, the attack blasted into his back, and after a fierce explosion, the sergeant suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood into the air. He staggered forward a few steps, but before he could stabilize himself, a dazzling war blade had already whizzed past his neck. A sizable head fell to the ground, just like that.

The instant before he died, the sergeant had suddenly realized; in actuality…it wasn’t that the other party wasn’t killing him, but…with the close relationship and mutual understanding with the rest of her companions, she had understood that there was no longer any need for her to act further. Naturally, someone else would smoothly send him to his death.

The moment that sergeant closed his eyes in regret, the lieutenant on the other side gave a miserable, sharp cry. At the same time, 6 Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes shot out from around him. In that instant, the pitiful lieutenant was hit with 6 attacks simultaneously. He was first met with their wild and explosive charges from their spears, and then he was deeply cut by their war blades.

Bleeding to death, the lieutenant also unwillingly collapsed on the ground. In the fight just now, he had slashed at his opponents at least 20-30 times. However, his attacks had been completely ineffective. When the opposite party was sent flying from the attacks, they had quickly tossed some red-colored thing in their mouth, then immediately charged back in the air, as if the ones that had just been attacked previously wasn’t them.

Then, when he was caught unawares, he had been abruptly assaulted with the collective attacks of all six of them. Against such an assault, even people that were two times stronger than him wouldn’t have been able to block it all, let alone him. The spears from six different directions instantly destroyed his battle qi protective shield. Then….after he had struggled to block three blades, the remaining three blades had instantly cut through his body, ending his life!

Although he was unwilling to resign to such a situation, the battlefield was just like that. A person’s power always seemed insignificant. Although his strength had far surpassed the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes’, the end result was still his loss. This was a battlefield! No righteousness and justice existed here.

Although, there was only a total of 37 people including Suo Jia, this entire 20,000 man group had been completely thrown into disarray. Seeing a large majority of their companions slaughtered, the swordsmen all began to panic. When death was right next to them, they obviously didn’t take any other dangers into account. Just as Suo Jia and the 36 Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes had planned to do, the entire group had fallen into chaos.

Seeing the disorderly scene, as well as the quickly dying soldiers, Karuda finally realized that wanting to safely recall the swordsmen would most likely be impossible. He had to dispatch experts to the front to save them instead.

After a string of commands, 200 figures quickly leapt out, rushing towards the city walls at full speed. Their task was to obstruct Suo Jia and the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes, giving the swordsmen the chance to successfully retreat.

Suo Jia darkly smiled when he saw the quickly nearing enemy. The instant the rescue team arrived, Suo Jia suddenly gave a shrill whistle towards the sky. Following this, Suo Jia and the 36 Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes all rose into the air. Seeing them leap up so high, the swordsmen and the 200 member rescue team rushing over raised their heads in bewilderment. They didn’t understand, why were these guys jumping so high for no reason?

“Twang! Twang! Twang…” While everyone was wondering what was going on, the sound of bowstrings rang out from the top of the walls. A glittering rain of arrows filled the sky and came pouring down. At the same time, Suo Jia and the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes flew across the air, momentarily leaving the range the shower of arrows covered.

After seeing this, everyone suddenly realized what had happened. Originally…they had thought that with Suo Jia and the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes present, the Dawn defenders definitely wouldn’t dare to release arrows. However, they hadn’t imagined that these guys could actually fly so high at such rapid speeds. Although they weren’t as fast as the arrows, they had enough time to leave the area before the sharp arrows came raining down.

“Twang! Twang! Twang!…” The archers on the city walls were relentless, shooting out volley after volley of arrows. The storm of attacks poured down in torrents. In the blink of an eye, the entire line of swordsmen had collapsed. Even if they were able to defend against the first wave, they couldn’t possibly block the second.

With the disturbance caused by Suo Jia and the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes, the swordsmen group had already been completely routed. Thus, they weren’t even able to tell where the arrows were coming from for a moment, let alone what kind of defenses to put up. After 10 waves of arrow showers, the corpses of the swordsmen group had completely covered the ground. Even the 200 experts of the rescue team that had rushed over had been unable to avoid this fate, and all had succumbed to violent deaths.

Loftily standing before the line of corpses, Suo Jia and the Angelic Six-Winged Phoenixes stuck up their thumbs in the direction of the distant 300,000 men enemy troops. Everyone watched as their thumbs ups all simultaneously flipped downwards to point at the ground. It was clear from their expressions that they were looking down on the enemy, making the enemy so angry that they almost had convulsions.

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  1. midoriha says:

    thank you very much!
    oh cool,yes, destrustion—-! the plan for the phoenixes to attack the higher-ranking people are great! also, woah, avoiding the range of the arrows….great job! woo—-! ahaha, that last scene of them giving a thumbs down is really cool!

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  2. Forg says:

    … I don’t fully comprehend why I am still reading this story? I mean It has a great concept and at the beginning it was amazing (mainly the reason I never stopped reading is because im bing reading it), but regardless the last fight were it was 100,000 v 100,000 and they didn’t lose a single ^#$@ing man yet pretty much slaughtered their entire army? Yea the one thing they got right when they looked back on that is that, that has never happened before and for a good reason it’s simple illogical to the point of it being funny the only plausible way would be through if it was 100,000 peasants v 100,000 dragon knights yea that’s possible but enough of the past I decided to grit through to that point in the story i decided maybe the author really just sucks as making large scale battle scenarios and would stop at that, but no he continues and continues to do it horrendously why do I say that? Because one the author is so #!%@ing biased towards his own mc he never lets anything bad happen to his precious mc and when things actually do happen they get instantly solved now on to why im even saying this fight is horrendous is because what dumbass gathers I dont even know what the size of the enemy army is at first it was 300,000 then it became 1m but 300,000 elites? I dont know but a rather large army that is atleast triple the size of the defending army is gathered, they start the seige of ages and… they send 20,000 some odd soldiers and say you got dis bruh CHARGEEEEE… wut? …… WUT Did they put a 10 yr old in charge its almost as bad as the MC he’s 12 tho got 2 years on this commander I’ll give him that and im not even going to mention how ridiculous this is that the story has progressed to this point and the mc still isnt even a teenager


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